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Rex knows that Tim would be a cornered beast who will do something desperate and use his last effort to harm Lily and him. Hence, he has made a preparation in advance, which is ordering Smith to summarize all of his doing during the time.

Inside the meeting room, Smith hands him the documents, "Rex, this files are enough for Tim to pay the price."

Rex takes over and briefs at him. Indeed, as Smith said, adding all of them together will be enough for the end of Tim. This is also one of the reasons for him to postpone his revenge.

He has never planned to adjudge him little by little, but plans to make him lose everything at once.

Letting him fall from the clouds to the abyss, he won't be able to climb for sure.

Especially when he recalls the memory of what he had done to Lily, there is no more kindness left.

"Prepare for it. let's take it to the court."

Smith breathes a sigh of relief. This case has been with him for so long, it has been a burden for him. At this time, there is finally a progress which makes him feels a lot easier, "Okay."

However, Rex doesn't expect that Tim would reach out to his family.

When he receives a call from the two elderly, he is preparing to go home with Lily in the car. Only half of their words, he suddenly stops the car and gets off, wearing only a thin shirt in the snowy ground.

Lily is distressed by looking it and takes his coat off to hand it to him. However, when her hand just touches the doorknob, the car suddenly locked.


She looks up at the man beside the car. He doesn't look at her, but only holding his phone while taking two steps away.

Lily's hands tighten on the coat, her eyebrows presses together.


"Rex, tell me what is going on. Someone sent a bunch of photo to us today. Only by mentioning it could make us mad. We have no idea who it is that sent us a bunch of naked photo. The recipient writes your name."

Rex freezes instantly, "What does the woman look like in the picture?"

"Black medium long, her face is not big... huft, your grandpa and I didn't take a closer look, it was too...." The elderly stops and doesn't continue to say it, it is kind of hard to speak out.

Although it is merely a simple description, Rex could almost confirm that the person in the photo is definitely Lily.

He pushes his tongue against the inner wall of his mouth and crooks his neck. His face rises a fierce emotion, "Keep the photo, I'll take it later."

"Okay." The old man is still unease, "Who is this person? Do you recognize them?" Rex's black pupils are bottomless and cold, "I'll tell you later."


After hanging up the call and hopping in the car, Rex says nothing and restarts the car.

Lily, who notices his unstable and apparently low mood, frowns more tightly, "What's wrong, does anything happened?"

"Nothing?" Rex replies quickly, as if he is not interested to talk.

By looking at his mood, Lily doesn't ask further. They keep silent along the way till home.

The car parks in front of the Villa and is unlocked. The man helps her unfasten her seat belt, "I still have something to do, I won't be late, and you get in first."

Seeing that he doesn't move, Lily couldn't bear it any longer, "What the hell is going on?"

"It's none of your business." Rex is upset and doesn't want to let her know. As the result, he speaks a little aggressive, which he quickly regrets it, and also doesn't know how to explain it.

Lily doesn't give him any chance to explain and pulls the door to get off stiffly.

As watching her shadow disappearing into the night, Rex's eyes ignites a flame, an anger rushes over his chest, which make him keep driving to his old mansion in a breath.

The Villa and his old mansion are in two opposite directions. Even if he pressed the throttle all the way, it still nearly need one hour.

With a 'squekk' sharp noise, the car stops in front of the old mansion and Rex gets off hurriedly to walk inside.

The light is in the living room is still open, and the two elderly are sitting on the mahogany sofa with a cup of tea on hand. They are too old to stay up late, thus, a cup of tea may freshen them up.

When he comes in, the old man puts the tea down and hands him the leather envelope, "It's so urgent, take a look at it..."

Rex accepts it. When he opens it, his face changes dramatically. The fingers that are holding the photo kept tightening until it is completely wrinkled and unclear.

In his extreme indignant point, he suddenly smiles, thinking of the way he humiliate Rex and Lily, Tim must be desperately trying to jumped the wall regardless of the risk.

"Rex, your grandpa and I are familiar with this photo. After thinking about it, isn't she is the one that is being exposed with you in the news recently...."

Rex couldn't hide it, to be precise he doesn't how to hide it. He says nothing and tacitly approves it.

The two elderly look at each other, both shocked, "Is it really true...."

Halfway through of his speech, the old man pauses at the end of conversation and become serious, "Although we didn't have any standard, and also doesn't ask you for a perfect girl, this is still not a good idea. I've read on the news that she has an ex-husband. How can you be with a divorced woman, I'm not going to allow it!"

As Tim expected, the old people's thought are still conservative. He definitely couldn't accept his excellent grandson to be with a woman who has a dark past.

Moreover, this photo is too.....

"This is fake, she is not like what you think, she's a good girl," Apart from these sentence, Rex doesn't know what else to say.

Hearing that he is still debating, the old man is even more irritated, "Even if it's fake, she has been married before, your grandma and I won't allow you to be together!"

Rex purses his thin lips and says again, "We are already together."

"You!" the old man slams the table, "Then break up, since you guys haven't married, it's not too late. We didn't approve your relationship!"

After that, it might because of roaring too hard that make him panting hard and coughed.

All of Rex's word is sealed in his mouth, afraid that his words will have a bad impact for his body. After taking the photo, he says, "I'll get going."

The two old one couldn't stop him. They could only watch him leaving. But deep inside their heart, they are afraid that Rex is really with the woman on the photo.

"Hmm, he's more than thirty years old. It's useless for us to say him...." The old man sneers, "Even so, I still have to stop him."


It's late enough when Rex returns to the Villa. He sits and smokes a few cigarettes before getting off. He leaves the photo on the dashboard of the car, without bringing it in.

The lamp in the bedroom on the second floor is still open. Lily hasn't slept yet, and when he walks inside, her body shakes, "You're back."

The man barely hums a sound and walks into the cloakroom to take off his clothes, then takes his pajamas to the bathroom.

With the sound of whirling water on the background, Lily looks at the blurred figure on the frosted glass. When he came back again, her mood has cooled down. But he doesn't say anything. Did he treat her as a child?

Lily feels upset and her vision fell upon his phone on the table. Her eyes seem to stick to it and couldn't look away.

There are two villains fighting in her head. She crawls to it and hesitates for a while before pick up the phone and unlocks it.

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