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Few minutes later, Lily is awakened by him. When she opens her eyes vaguely, she sees a handsome face right in front of her. Subconsciously, she shrinks her neck back, but before she has a chance, she is pulled by the man.

"...." The warm touch on her lip reminds her what is happening. Did he treat her like a candy? He is never sick of it.

As we known, Rex indeed treat her as a candy, he is never enough of it.

The man stares at her in a scorching manner. Those pair of good-looking black eyes is about to burn a hole in hers, she then clears her throat to remind him, "I'm still on my period."

He buries his head to her neck and sighs deeply, "Woman is troublesome." "It's you who.... annoyed easily."

As the words fell, Lily's waist is twisted, which make her hum a sound, then shuts her mouth. No longer excite him.

After he recovers from the heat in his body, Rex takes a coat from the hanger. It is a long dark coat, covers all the way under the knee. Inside it, he wears a formal suit, picturing a tall president image.

It is a pleasing look for Lily and suddenly, her vision is interrupted. The man wraps a dark gray scarf on her neck, which is not very skillful. He blocks half of her face.

Rex looks at her two big round eyes and raises his hand to mess her hair, "Stupid." "...."

Well, for his dearest expression, Lily won't make any response.

Both of them went downstairs by the elevator and hop in the car. He doesn't mention where to go, nor did Lily ask. With the winter scenery outside the road, their heart yet feels warm.

Her nose smells a dry sense on his scarf, which give her an extra peaceful mind.

The car drives to a classy western restaurant in the city. Lily follows him to the private room and observes the decoration all the way in, like a curious baby looking around.

After ordering, Rex passes her a cup of warm water, "You like it?" Lily is still busy enjoying it, "Yeah, it's good."

It doesn't take a long time for the meal to be served. The two have a different request for the beef steak, Lily asks for medium well, while Rex asks for medium rare. By looking at his bright red meat in his plate, Lily is a little envied.

Rex notices it and cuts a piece for her.

The atmosphere is really good. He picks a bottle of wine and the bright red liquid flowed down the bottle of the glass. Seeing him handing it to her, Lily is a little surprised, "Do you wanted to drink badly?"

Rex usually opposes her drinking. After all, on drinking aspect, she indeed has some bad records.

Under the soft light, the food is glowing with delicious luster. His face also lacked a sharp edge. Unlike the usual Rex, Lily sees the gentleness deep in his bones.

"It is to celebrate out first day." His voice is like a grandfather clock, when it rang, it would stir up layers of sound waves, which keeps ringing on her ears.

Lily freezes for a while and the uneasy feelings for the day also disappear. She thinks he would be anxious of the news, but little did she know that he has a good mood to celebrate it.

No wonder he booked such a good restaurant, it turns out to be premeditated. Lily toasts with him and drinks it up in a shot.

However, Rex also acknowledge about her wine tolerance. After pouring her three glasses, he stops giving her, afraid that she would be drunk and suffers hangover on the next day.

After dinner, Rex doesn't take her to the car, but walks along the roadside. Lily follows him and looks at the car nearby, "Aren't we going home?" "Let's take a walk."

Lily is startled and stares at him for a while. Under the street light, his handsome complexion is very gentle. His scarf is tied to her.

As she keeps on looking at him, her corners of the mouth draws out a beautiful smile, and then courageously tucks her hands into his coat's pocket.

Feeling his fingers curled up, Lily tickles his palm using her index finger and squints with a smirk, "Amazed and surprised?"

The next second, the little hand is gripped, a warm big palm wraps at hers, "Watch out."

In fact, Rex feels a bit unnatural, owing to the fact that her girlfriend is eighty years younger than him. However, he doesn't show it, pretending to have a faint look, but deep inside his heart, it is uneasy.

They obviously have done every intimate thing, but this time, they are just holding hands and it is more throbbing than ever.

After stepping a layer of white snow on her feet, Lily turns back to look at the two strings of her footprints left. This night, her heart could no longer be withdrawn.


At the same time, Tim is still trying to strip on them.

After listening to jade's words, he directly asks a private detective to find the location of Rex's grandparents' house. He is a single-parent family, which make him doesn't close with his parents, but only close to his grandparents.

Moreover, old people thinking is more biased to stereotypes, it is also easier to manipulate.

However, after knowing the location, Tim couldn't find any reason. He couldn't find any black history from Lily, besides being a widow woman. He needs to burden all the divorce faults on Lily's shoulder.

After thinking about it, he decides to take the risk. He finds a very powerful photo editor in the city and sent Lily's photo to that person. He needs to offer a high price to the other party before they finally accept it.

Two days later, the photo is sent back. Jade happens to be in Tim's study room and happens to sees the photo.

The first photo is an entangle body between a man and woman with their white body. It has various postures but without any beauty, only lewd.

And the woman turns out to be Lily.

Jade looks at Tim in disbelief, "This, this is...."

"How was it, realistic?" Tim hands the photo to her proudly, "I'm going to send this photo to Rex's family, and I believe they can't just ignore it."

For the reason that these photo are too influencing, just one of it is disgusting enough. Tim is indeed unbelievable.

Jade is secretly worried, "But this is fake, will Rex sue you?"

"Sue?" Tim doesn't seem to care, "it's nothing but only an infringement of the right of portrait. I as well didn't have any benefit from it. Even if he had the ability, money will solve it. Besides, if he makes a big fuss, everybody will get to see this photo and at that time, the news will be flood with this photo. Although it's fake, Lily still has a pride. Will he let those indifferent netizen to obsess over Lily's body?"

Jade is stunned by his words. Although she hates Lily, Tim's action still gives her a goose bumps. What if she leave Tim one day, will it be worse....

Tim doesn't notice Jade's emotion at all. He is immersed in his own word. Well, what about the fake photos, even if his family knows it, they will feel uncomfortable. It won't be a problem whether it's fake or real. The most important is they will oppose the relationship of Rex and Lily.

Tim flips out the location of Rex' house and puts the photo in an envelope......

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