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Although Mary is very annoying, Stella's attitude makes Lily feels much better. She doesn't expect that the news have a good impact too.

As the matter of fact, it is still reasonable. Her unclear relationship with Rex is indeed easily criticized anyway. And now that she has been admitted, she has nothing to say.

Lily goes directly to the president's office after work. Inside, Rex is preparing for the meeting. Lily then sits in the sofa boringly and thinks of Joe and asks, "How old is Joe?"

The latter doesn't raise his head, "Twenty-seven." Crystal is twenty-five, they suits.

Lily nods and asks again, "Which school did he graduate from, does he only work for you?"

Rex pauses and says faithfully, "MIT, beside my secretary, he also has shares in the company."

Sure enough, Lily make a huge reaction, "Wow, he is also a shareholders. I thought he is barely an ordinary employee and only twenty-seven years old, impressive."

The more she thinks, the more she feels good and mutters on the sofa. Rex only frowns and says nothing.

"Oh right. He doesn't have any girlfriend, right?" This is the most important question to ask, in order to avoid any awkward situation.

His eyes narrows, he basically wanted to keep ignoring her to continue to 'stay cool', which is obviously failed. He puts down the pen on the table and locks his dark eyes with hers, then says in unpleasant tone, "What do you mean?"

His own woman asks everything about his own assistant, which is fine, but asking about his girlfriend?

His face is bitter and adds in another sentence, "About his girlfriend, you also have no more chance, you're not his type."

Lily is almost stunned by his word, doesn't know what he is thinking, did he just.....

Lily suddenly understands and wanted to laugh but hold it back. Seeing his bitter face, she starts to tease him, "Oh, I'm not his type, what am I like?"

Seeing that she is still play along his game, he also plays bluntly, "Flat chest and flat butt, short, unqualified for him."


Anger suddenly surges in. Lily takes a deep breath, and repeats it again, but still couldn't endure it.

She gets up to walk to the desk and slams both hands on the tables, then stares at him in a boiling rage, "Flat chest, flat butt and short?!"

His expression hardly changes, very calm.

At this time, such calmness is particularly annoying.

Lily feels like she is about to explode, "Although my boobs is not big, it is not flat okay? Flat butt... let's talk about it later. Is one-meter six counts as short?"

"You are one-meter six tall?" Rex raises her eyebrows in disbelief. Every time she stands in front of him, she looks like a little radish, very light and easy to hug.

"You think I'm short, because you are tall, but I'm still normal, okay?"

He leans back to the chair, not arguing with her, "So you are arguing with me because I said that Joe doesn't like a woman like you?"

Lily is not going to provoke him any longer, "I want to introduce him to my colleagues!" After hearing it, his eyes cross a smile, and soon back to normal, "Which one?"

"Crystal, you met her just now." Lily replies him angrily, still mad about his comment from just now.

Although she doesn't cause the downfall of cities and countries, she is also being chased by a lot of people since she was young. From junior high school until college, she received a lot of love letter in her drawer, but she blindly liked Tim.

Rex observes her sulking face, aware that she is really mad, then withdrew the chair backwards then pats his tight, "Come here."

"Why should I? Flat chest, flat butt and short, aren't you afraid of staining your eyes?"

"Are you serious?" Rex teases her with a mocking grin, "Do you think I have no idea about your chest?"

Lily is still unhappy, "You have said it several times, do you think I'm ugly?" "When did I say it?"

"Several times before, you said I'm ugly and this time, you said I was in bad shape." In fact, Lily usually is quite confident, however, her dominance doesn't seem obvious for the man in front of her.

He is so perfect which make her feeling a sense of crisis.

Now Rex finally knows what it's like to lift a rock and drop it on his own toes. He has made her unhappy and still has to sweet-talk her.

By looking at the watch on his wrist, there is still ten minutes before the meeting, thus he gets up and walks over to hook her sharp chin, "Why didn't you remember when I praised you."

"Have you ever praised me?"

Rex thinks for a while before answering, "More often in the bed." "...."Lily pushes him away, "Get lost!"

"Get lost?" Instead of getting lost, he squeezes her chin harder and says in a heavy tone, "Say it again."

Lily peeks at him, counseled. "Are you still going to swear?" "That doesn't count."

Rex smiles, "Your courage has growth."

Lily suddenly blushes and pushes his hand away. Her chin is a little red, which make Rex couldn't help caressing it. Her skin is extremely delicate, as if just a little strength could make it red.

"I want to introduce your secretary to Crystal."

"Do whatever you like." It doesn't matter who is, as long as the people isn't her. Lily's eye brightens, "Then let's make a time to catch up."

"Okay, but only this time, no more next time." He lets go his hand and tucks inside the pocket, "About a relationship in the company, I won't forbid nor tolerate."

Lily nods obediently, "Got it."

As soon as she finishes, Joe comes in to inform Rex about the meeting. Before leaving, Rex tells her, "I've booked a restaurant tonight, wait for me."

There is a thumped in her heart and she waves her hands, "I know, go now."

After straighten up his shirt, he walks out steadily with an awe inspiring appearance and also a gentleman-liked.

Lily is very bored in the office alone. She then goes to the bookshelves to get a book that has nothing to do with the law. With the tranquil situation in the office, she soon falls asleep on the sofa.

Although he has make it quick, the meeting still last for one hour. After coming out of the meeting room, he goes directly to his office. When he opens the door, he sees his girl on the sofa.

He hooks his lip and turns to block Joe, who is about to enter, "No need to summarize, sort the information and sent to the mailbox."

"Okay." Joe guesses about it and immediately returns to his office while holding the document.

Rex closes the door while passing it and left the document on the desk, then walks towards the person on the sofa with his long straight legs. The little woman on the sofa sleep so deep that she make a curved shape in the corner of her mouth, which make him wonder what she dream of.

As he looking at it, he couldn't help but leans over to her lip and kisses it gently, patiently and tenderly.

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