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A careless word may reveal much to an attentive listener. This sentence reminds Tim.

She's right. Since there is no breakthrough from Rex, they can still intervene his family. Rex might doesn't care about his reputation, but what about his family?

They certainly will not allow him defend a divorced woman.

A cunning smile appears on Tim's face. He sits beside Jade and hugs her delicate waist, "Jade, you are really smart, how come I didn't think of this?! Well, since Rex hasn't fear, we might as well make it more serious. Let someone naturally come out to stop it!"

When Rex's family in on a big fight, will he still be able to manage Lily?

As if realizing a big secret, his eyes are full of urgency. Jade, who is hugged by him, feels a little weird for the first time... repelled his approach.

But thinking of Lily in Rex's arms, she couldn't stop the jealousy that overflowed.

Tim is a greedy person. In the past few days, he has been busying to make a conflict with Rex. He doesn't even have a time to entertain himself. At this point, all of the desire in his body comes out.

He eagerly kisses Jade's lips. Without any tenderness, he pries open her mouth and went in. As if it isn't a beautiful thing to do, yet only an infinite urgency and venting.

Even though Jade is reluctant, she still doesn't push him away and even cooperate with him as well. After all, all of her life depends on his family now.

Feeling the man's big hand is reaching for her pants, she raises her brows and gasps, "Tim..."

"Jade, you're very nice!"

Jade listens to his thick moan voice, not only she doesn't move, but also embarrasses and passively cooperate with him, "Tim..."

The two did in the office openly, without any cover. The secretary, whose room is only across the door, listens to the sound of lasciviousness through the door panel and turns away in disgust.

Tim does it more than once in the office. As his subordinate, they are really awkward. In their impression, besides a leader, Tim is also a very vulgar person.

One of his secretaries, Anna, had been harassed by him before. However, because of her high salary, she hardly endures it, only she knows how hard it was.

Now that Buy U have received several of negative news and the company's condition is also not stable. Anna finally unable to endure it anymore, she tells her best colleagues besides her, "I'm going to resign."

"What? Why so sudden?"

Anna looks at the door of the office with a contemptuous look, "No really, I've endured it for quite some time now."

The other colleagues can only sigh. Well, who can endure it? It is really unlucky to have such a boss. If not for money, who will work with Tim?

Inside the office, Tim, who is having a sex with Jade, has no idea what his employee is thinking. He only does as he like and immerses himself in the fantasy of ruining Rex and Lily.


On the first day of their relationship after being exposed, Lily finally went through all of those sight and gets off work successfully.

The praiseworthy is that a lot of people who said bad things about her are no longer as arrogant as before. No matter what they are thinking, at least with the exposure of her relationship with Rex, they dare not to show any face.

In the afternoon, when she went to copy some document, she encounters Mary and also Stella, who deliberately hit her in the cafe before. The two of them looks at her with a strange expression, a little nervous and embarrass but still pretend to be arrogant.

Lily doesn't have any intention to communicate with them. She barely walks over to the printer and puts the document in for copying.

Both of them stand still and exchange their glance, and then Mary speaks first, "Lily, I know what you are thinking. Now that you can held your head high, you will definitely let us go. Don't think that being with Rex will let you... why are you pinching me?"

Stella basically wanted to remind her not to say anything, but Mary has said it directly, which make Rene looks at Lily in an embarrassment. Her eyes are a little scared.

By watching it, Lily is a little sullen at first, but suddenly become more cheerful. In fact, everyone wants to stand out when they work in a company. Every woman always talks about either fashion or gossips. Her previous reputation is indeed not good, she might has made a wrong conclusion, but now that there is Mary, she is no better than her.

Compared with Mary, she seems much better.

Lily lowers her eyes and collects the copied document, "I didn't plan to do anything. As long as you don't trouble me anymore, I won't say anything."

She barely explains it, but in Mary's ears, it is a show off, as if she is giving her a way to have a new life.

"Lily, don't act like you're so generous, we all know who you are...."

"Who am I?" Lily interrupts and looks up to Mary. Those gentle eyes are sharp yet somewhat resembling Rex's, "We are not a friend and also doesn't usually contact each other, do you know me? Understand me? You are just irresponsible to defame me. if I wanted to revenge, do you think you still can work in here till now?"

Her words are loud and clear, making Mary's refutation face helpless. Because this is the fact.

Stella suddenly lowers her head, thinking of what she has done before. There is an embarrassment on her face, "Sorry...."

Although her voice is very small, she can still heard it clearly. Marry looks at her in disbelief, "What are you talking about!" "Mary, stop it, it's really bad!" Rene persuades her.

Mary can't accept it, she feels betrayed and doesn't think of reflecting her fault. The next second, she lets her hand off and says, "You...you are just a parasite!"

After speaking, she turns and leaves with a resentful appearance, still thinking that Lily has bullied her.

There is only two people left in the printing room. Stella remains in the same position as before.

After a moment of an awkward silence, Lily finally refrains her bad emotion and pats her shoulder with her hand. After all, with her bad attitude before, she couldn't say anything nice but only a faint sentence, "It's fine."

Stella looks at her sharply in disbelief, "You, you don't blame me?"

Lily smiles, "It's all in the past, besides you hate me because of the person you like."

Her words happen to be the point that Stella is thinking. The pale face turns into an embarrassment in an instant. She opens her mouth but doesn't speak, thus Lily cuts her off, "Relax, I won't say anything. Fight for it if you like, slandering other won't make you look bad."

Stella bites her lip. Although Lily doesn't mind her manner, she still feels very embarrassed.

As watching Lily's leaving shadow, she suddenly understands why Rex and Carlos treat her well. It is because she is a very special person, very warm, positive and has the rarest personalities in the society.

She is basically two different people from them. She might looks weak, but actually, she is extremely powerful inside.

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