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It turned out that the Mind Caster, co-founder of the Death Sail League, had controlled the mind of one of the seat-seekers' lackeys by hypnotizing him. The boy who had been slapped in the face was really frightened when he became aware of the strong power of "mind casting". And the rest of the students in the lecture hall were all whispering about the Death Sail League, which they had no knowledge about.

As the Mind Caster declared that he would establish turf, almost instantaneously, around eighty novices stood up and stared gloomily at the slapped boy and his men.

It seemed that the Death Sail League was massive already.

Threatened by a prospect of a good beating, the boy's voice softened as he wondered why such a formidable league already existed among the new novices since it had been merely three days since the term began.

"Hey. I'm Thomas. I didn't mean to wrestle the seats off your men. But I am sorry," he said as he trotted up to the Mind Caster.

At the time, Nina noticed the fierce expression on Lafite's face and she was afraid that Lafite might go overboard cruelly as she did back on the ship. So, she reminded Lafite:

"Lafite, it would be better not to kill him, or you might not be able to get away with it. The LET would look into it if someone die in a public place."

The warning was uttered in a quite low voice but it clearly had been caught by Thomas who, as a result, gravitated from the Mind Caster to Lafite and implored her to condone his rogueries.

"I am not intending to do that," said Lafite to Nina reassuringly.

In no time, Thomas displayed to Lafite his gratitude for not being killed by bending his body and keeping his head deeply down. He assumed the best piety that a man could present for fear of Lafite retracting her words, while he was abusing the Death Sail League in his mind:

"Humph, even I don't have the privilege to kill yet, let alone a huddle of useless and witless pariahs. How dare you threaten me?" Thomas continued as he lowered his head further. "And the sh*t sail league of theirs will perish in no time."

Alastair, the Sword Caster, who had been with the Mind Caster, responded to Lafite by shaking his head and curled his lips:

"He will not be spared," Alastair snarled. "The Death Sail League is setting its turf and this is a good time to scare off those that stand in the way. Besides he picked on us."

"Then I will do it," the Mind Caster said lightly and then continued. "And I hope the Jinxing Division guys of the League will be ready soon."

Before Thomas could predict what would befall him, he had been punted into the air and slumped into the seats two rows back, with his face hitting hard on the desktop. He then cowered on the desk board as his face blanched with complete fear.

"This is just a warning. If you wanna go the hard way, then we will."

It turned out that Glenn had acted before the Mind Caster and did the punching, because he thought that the Mind Caster was crueler than him and an excessive punishment on Thomas might lead to some severe consequences from the LET.

As the fighting scene drew to an end, the girl who was pursued by Thomas requested remotely to Alastair, who was standing opposite to her, for permission to move to the other column of rows in the hall, after throwing a look of contempt at Thomas as if his life or death did not concern her at all.

Alastair started surveying the girl who had made the request at the most improper moment, and in a second, the murderous look on his face vanished, and he said in a manner of a gentleman's:

"Of course you may, my Lady!"

The dust settled and everyone returned to their seats, awaiting the first class of the Black Isotta School of Sorcerers.

A staccato beat that belonged exclusively to high heel shoes was echoing off of marble floors and granite walls, seconds after the class bell rang. A moment later, a female dressed in white strode into the lecture hall. She had bare shoulders as white as snow, amber-colored captivating eyes and a nice body - the picture of a mature and sexy woman in her early 30s.

"I am Elaine, teacher of Fundamental Sorcery. Together, we will have the seven free lessons," the woman introduced herself in a posh voice.

Glenn was pleased. His anxiety of becoming a strange-looking man, which was produced on seeing the groom-flying wrinkle-faced sorcerer, was dispelled, because a more than normally-shaped sorcerer now stood before him. And the other novices in the hall were marvelling at her beautiful appearance, too.

The teacher perceived the unusual attention from the students on her face and explained briskly:

"Haha, the withered-face sorcerer has scared you that much, huh? But there is no need to worry. You will not become like that if you don't practice the Hematology Sorcery. It's a strong kind of sorcery which spikes up your power within a very short span of time, but with a side effect - it erodes your mind and deforms your face a little bit."

The whole class was relieved that a disfiguration was not an incidental cost of all sorceries.

Out of nowhere, the teacher had had a black centipede between her fingers and put it into her mouth.

"Ewww!" Sounds of retching erupted sparsely as the teacher munched the centipede.

"Don't make a fuss! This is my Symbiotic Insect. Don't think light of it. The Symbiotic Insects are a must-have if you do not desire to be jinxed or cursed to death. Besides, the Symbiotic Insects are not as gross as you think. They are a symbol in the endless world and a part of the ecosystem," the teacher expounded elaborately.

"Enough on the Symbiotic Insect. Now let's talk about what a real sorcerer is or what distinguishes a sorcerer." She continued enthusiastically.

"With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world![1] This was said by Antonio Berner, one of the forefathers of this school. And I will show you what that fulcrum is."

"Look, here are three identical magical stones, and they contain same amount of basic energy - that's seven degrees."

The teacher then chanted something in a low voice and the crystal ball began to levitate into the air.

Elaine then stroked one of the stones on the desk before her, which was covered by something like a halo after the stroke. She then flung the stone towards the crystal ball, and it exploded the moment it hit the ball.

But all the broken shards of the stone were then enclosed by a container.

"Don't make a fuss. This is the Enclosure. It appears itself to wrap up the shards of the shattered stone when it explodes."

A few words appeared on the frontal surface of the crystal ball.

"The ball will measure the energy the stone has now," said Elaine. "Three degrees! It received an attack with only three degrees of energy. Conclusion: poor handling, less energy!"

"Now, have a look at this."

Elaine then picked up another stone and haloed it. Strangely, the halo flew into her through her mouth slowly. As the flow completed, she chanted something in the same low voice and the stone turned into a fireball and started burning in her hand. She then tossed the fireball onto the crystal ball and it exploded, producing a much louder sound and a rampant fire. The broken pieces were again confined by the Enclosure.

"Forty degrees! Yes!" Elaine exclaimed. "This time the energy in the stone is magnified over 13 times by changing it into a flame."

Elaine also experimented with the third stone where the same fire ball emerged, but it then transformed into a bird of fire and produced 66 degrees of energy.

"See? This is what a fulcrum means. A stone that has seven degrees of basic energy is levered to 66 with the right fulcrum. This is power!"

During the whole process, the class was very engaged. Although many of them were just marveling at the levitation, the transformation and all, regarding them as sorts of chemical experiments, but Glenn was truly thinking.

"With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world!"



[1]: Giving someone the proper tools and opportunities to use his knowledge can make a person become someone amazing and unleash hisher potential and change the world.

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