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James Grayson asked her to come with him, and she couldn't refuse.

Psychology is the science of behavior and mind. It includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feelings and thoughts of a person to judge a person's mind.

This seemed very useful for ordinary people.

However, some people's moods and thoughts are deeply hidden, and they don't reveal their real thoughts. Even their expressions are well controlled, making people unable to see the hidden reality.

James Grayson was such a person.

Three years ago, he, perhaps had the impulse of an irrational and young man. But in this time he has become more mature, more introverted, reserved than in the past, more overbearing, and strong.

Now, he has become a real king.

Bella followed James Grayson to the study on the first floor.

"Close the door." James Grayson said, sat down on the sofa. He wrote down a text message on his mobile phone and sent it out. After that, he put his cell phone on the tea table.

Bella was under a lot of pressure.

She sat down on the opposite side of him and looked at James Grayson, whose dark eyes were already fixed on her.

James Grayson was examining her.

They looked at each other silently.

Silence was better than sound.

He didn't speak, didn't show any expression, nor even flinched. At this time, the one who would have taken back his eyes first would have proved guilty.

Unexpectedly, it took more than ten minutes.

It was very quiet around. One can hear other's breathing.

James Grayson raised the corner of his mouth. "Does officer Bella have nothing to say?"

"Chief Grayson is a very calm person. You know yourself well. I have no direct interest in you. You're not under the investigation area of my case.

If I analyze you, the analysis can be wrong, you will feel that I have a false name, and your heart will despise me.

If my analysis will be correct, and I spoke out the secret that you hid in your heart, you will feel uncomfortable, alert, and maybe you feel dangerous. I may be killed due to my words. So, I think it's better for me to stay silent. What about chief Grayson?" Bella asked.

"I am listening carefully. No matter what you say, I will forgive you for your innocence and will not pursue you." James Grayson said in a deep voice, leaning on the sofa, with a lazy posture.

In this position, it can be seen that he was very relaxed, just chatting with her, which was really harmless. He seemed harmless, but it didn't mean that she can say everything she wanted to.

Bella smiled and said, "Is the chief not busy today? Why do you want to do something useless?"

James Grayson's eyes flashed a sharp edge, and his posture was straight. He locked her sharply, and there was no joking element on his face.

"Now tell me and if you said anything wrong, I will use your words against you that you have just uttered without thinking as to slander my uncle and aunt, and you gave psychological pressure to my cousin. Just by this, you will be locked in prison and will never be able to come out." James Grayson's tone was overbearing, and he commanded.

There was no room for refusal.

Face changed, faster than turning a book page.

Bella realized that what he said can be true. Her face was solemn, and she did not dare to neglect it. She said, "There is a dark place in your heart."

James Grayson chuckled and looked indefensible, which made people confused about his thinking.

"Go on!" James Grayson said.

"You have a memory loss." Bella drooped her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered the window of her heart. She didn't want to see others and didn't want to let others see her heart.

"You are confused about this memory. In the past few years, you have been searching for answers and found that someone is preventing you from searching for answers, and it is your relatives who are preventing you from searching for answers. So, you didn't fear injuries, and when the injuries will become more serious, it will make you numb." Bella continued.

"Do you know why I asked you to analyze me?" James Grayson looked at her with eyes burning.

A bad premonition flashed in Bella's mind.

He wanted her to give him treatment? She looked at James Grayson in shock.

James Grayson smiled. "I have heard that you are a genius in the psychological world and the best in hypnotism. I saw you today. You really have the ability. You guessed it right. I need you to treat me. I want to get back the memory of the past."

Bella's eyes were red for a few minutes, and she said, "I refuse."

James Grayson got up, held her tightly in his hands. His cold eyes stared at her, and the distance between them was only 20 cm. His aura was so strong that it seemed that his temperament will nearly penetrate her.

"I'm afraid that you can't afford to refuse." James Grayson was domineering.

There was a bit of confusion in Bella's eyes.

Now, James Grayson seemed to be quite different from the previous reserved and enthusiastic James Grayson. Now he has become really cold, and even his breath was cold.

"Why I can't refuse?" Bella asked.

James Grayson raised her chin and approached, "If you don't trust me, you can try."

Bella knew it. He was a popular presidential candidate. With his current power, in a word, she can die quietly.

Why should she hit the stone with an egg?

"I'll try, but I want to remind the chief that the one who really doesn't want you to regain your past memory is your parents. I'm afraid that if they want to stop it, even I can't help it."

"I'll ask someone to pick you up every week, and there won't be any apparent contact with you, they won't know." James Grayson promised, stood up and looked down on her. "I'll drop you."

"No, my colleague will take me back." Bella refused.

"They have left for a long time. It's raining so hard outside. No taxi can come to this place. Do you want to live here?" James Grayson asked.

Bella also stood up, respectfully nodded to James Grayson. "Thank you very much, chief."

Outside, the city was still raining.

Bella has been looking out of the window, seemingly calm, in fact, the heart was more like the rain, restless and upset.

The driver stopped the car.

"What's the matter?" James Grayson asked.

"Chief, there's a traffic jam ahead. Many cars are turning around. Maybe the water level is too high." Reported by Lieutenant Colonel Walker.

"Go to the blue-sky garden and find someone to solve the problem immediately." James Grayson ordered.


Bella twisted her eyebrows. "Well, chief, please drop me here. I'll go and get a taxi."

"It is such a heavy rain. The front is flooded again. There can't be a taxi here. According to the traffic jam, the car can't pass." James Grayson didn't look at her and said in a deep voice.

Bella was a little annoyed.

She didn't like people making decisions for her very much, "I can walk back."

"You are not afraid of being washed away by water?" James Grayson said coldly.

"I'm not so weak."

James Grayson swept at her. "You talk a lot. I am saying to go to the blue-sky garden, and I will not eat you, why are you so afraid? When the road will be cleared, I will ask someone to take you back."

Bella was speechless.

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