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"I have a fiancee." James Grayson said in a deep voice. His facial expression was inexplicable to understand.

Bella's heart thumped for a while. Unexpectedly, it still hurt.

James Grayson and Anna Wilson have been engaged for more than three years, but they haven't got married yet. Is he still missing Scarlett Evan?

Bella lowered her eyes and sat down on the sofa.

He told her directly about his engagement, it showed that he wanted to keep a distance with her. She also didn't let her guilty conscience expressed her hidden emotions.

"I have made a judgment based on the facts. Please forgive me patiently if I say anything wrong." Bella said calmly.

"Come on, say it." Theo Walker was more impulsive. His handsome face looked worried, his eyebrows were screwed up and his eyes were fixed on Bella's face.

"Your mother seems to be careless on the surface, not paying attention to details and being casual. But actually, her mind is sensitive, she just used her lively behavior to cover up things with optimism. She is very kind, with a girl's heart, gentle and considerate." Bella judged.

"That's right. Go on." Theo Walker urged.

"On the surface, your father is elegant, dignified, gentle and self-restraint. He is from a famous family. His family education and cultivation everything is excellent. He is talented. He pays attention to details. He has a caring heart. He pursues perfection.

In reality, he is very harsh, very good in the face, but he is fierce. Same like a person who has two faces, he also tried such things to hide his unknown side." Bella said.

Theo Walker pursed her lips and got angry. "The first half is right. The second half is lame, how do you judge it? I think you're talking nonsense."

"Your father has prepared shoe covers at the porch. The box of shoe covers is placed in the most obvious position. Facing the door, he doesn't like other people coming to his home. However, he is self-restraint, and he doesn't go extreme. What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.

People who don't like other people's visits and don't like visiting others. They may be open-minded, but they are absolutely defensive against people. This kind of person is more selfish. This fact also contradicts with your father's cultivation. So he suppressed it in his heart.

On the contrary, your mother is easy-going, enthusiastic, kind and generous to others and likes to communicate with others. It made your father feel harder to endure. He had to suppress these things more, which can be seen from your father's paintings.

The thoughts and the imagination of the painting scene of your father are boundless, as high as the fantasy stories of Arabian Nights. But there are some depressing things in his paintings, which made the whole picture looked not so harmonious.

One of them is a landscape painting. The landscape is like a fairyland in the clouds but he drew several people in the lower-left corner of the picture.

Although there were just a few strokes, it can be seen what he wants to express. A young man went to seek immortality, and he faced obstacles. The painting reflects his mood." Bella analyzed.

"Don't tell me. You think the killer is my father. My father is not at home at all. He was receiving the US special envoy at this time." Theo Walker said displeasingly.

Bella smiled. "Your father and your mother haven't lived together for at least five years, maybe longer, maybe more than ten years."

Theo Walker was very young he was embarrassed to hear it, "Their relationship was very good."

James Grayson looked at Bella. His eyes were too dark. It seemed like a vortex that can swallow everything.

Bella deliberately ignored his eyes and said, "Your father, when he was young, fell in love with your mother, because of her beauty and lively nature. Your mother was very beautiful when she was young.

However, after having a baby, she loses shape and changed a little. Your father is a perfectionist, and with the trivia of life, familiarity, and your mother's growing body, he started to get annoyed. In the end, your father was totally disgusted with living with an obese mahjong loving aunt.

As can be seen from his paintings and inscriptions, he normally came back two or three days a week. He came back only because of his responsibility and his nature of perfectionism.

Your mother's mind was sensitive. She found out that your father dislikes her and wants her to lose weight. She started losing weight. She did everything diet, exercise, but due to her age, appetite and average physical fitness, she gave up.

Soon she found out that your father had a woman outside. The woman is perfect, thin waist like willow, a lady of great family, elegant in speech, knowledgeable, fond of history, and good at painting and calligraphy.

Your mother was very sad, but she told no one. She pretended to be happy in front of everyone and stayed sad alone. She loved her husband so much that she was ready to tolerate everything and never wanted to influence his career.

She started exercises, running, swimming, she decided to change herself in silence.

Because of her bad mood, fitness, and lack of appetite, she lost weight quickly. In nearly a year, she attracted a man. This man was much younger than your mother. However, they have a relationship.

Your father comes to know about your mother's relationship because of her foot injury. Your father wanted to come back, but your mother couldn't.

Hurt, betray, favor, love, made her took a decision to divorce.

So there are the following possibilities for you to find a murderer, her husband, her husband's subordinates, her husband's second woman, her brother, and maybe her own self. Go and check her account. You should be able to find her boyfriend. Maybe you can find some clues." Bella finished talking.

Theo Walker stood up indefinitely, "Are you making up a story? Do you write novels? Such a fabulous story should be made up of movies and novels, not for human life. You cannot play with the lives of normal humans."

"These can be judged from the difference between your mother's cosmetics, accessories, and a recent dressing style. In addition, the above is just my psychological judgment. If you want to know the truth, ask your father, or wait for the investigation results." Bella stood up.

"If it is just nonsense, I promise, you will suffer." Theo Walker warned fiercely.

Bella looked at Theo Walker, not angrily but smiled, "your relationship with your mother is very good. You once had a relationship that didn't come to an end because of your father's interference. So, you love your father and also hate your father."

Theo Walker looked at Bella in surprise. "Have you investigated me?"

"You are wearing a necklace. A simple beautiful character on the necklace should have been sent by your girlfriend in the past. You like her very much.

When I talked about your mother, you have sadness, heartache, and anger in your eyes but when I talked about Robert Walker, your eyes had hatred and a feeling to despise him. In fact a feeling of disgust and to sneer at." Bella explained.

Theo Walker zipped his mouth and stopped talking.

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