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"Oh." Bella chuckled, "What if I don't want to hear?"

Paul Watson was stunned.

Bella smiled more brightly, nodded and glanced at the elevator. "I'm joking. I promised to work for you for five years, why do I renege from my own words?"

"You seem to have become naughty. I'm glad to see you like this." Paul Watson said softly.

Bella didn't speak. She pressed the elevator's button to go down.

"I was worried before. I heard that the school wanted you to join as a professor, and the FBI also proposed handsome offers to you. The cases you uncovered in the United States were very sensational. I thought you would not come back." Paul Watson exclaimed.

"I cannot back out, but I also want to discuss something with you. It's like, I will work for you. You can give me a task, while I am not on duty. But I also want to open my own clinic, is it okay?" Bella's tone was not domineering.

"Of course, I didn't have much money to support you at the beginning. I didn't expect you would be so excellent. I'm satisfied and grateful that you came back to help me." Paul Watson said.

"Thank you. Now let's talk about your business. Let me see what I can do." Bella asked.

"It was designed for a senior official, so the police station asked for my resources. If this case can't be solved, it will be more troublesome." Paul Watson was very serious.

"Tell me more. I have time from now on to evening. Let me invite you to a meal today." Bella said calmly.

Paul Watson found that Bella has changed a lot from three years ago.

Three years ago, she was gloomy, decadent, dull and helpless. But now, she was full of charm like an intelligent woman. She can talk and laugh moderately, which made her even more charming than three years ago.

He sent Bella to stay in the city's international hotel, and they went to the hotel's restaurant for lunch.

"Do you want the company to accommodate you?" Paul Watson asked.

"No, I'll buy a house when I get some time. Tell me something about your matter." Bella took out her notebook and pen from her bag, took a sip of lemonade and waited for him to say.

"The name of the dead is Julia Patrick. She was 53 years old. Her younger brother is Liam Patrick, a high-ranking officer in the Ministry of national defense, with a prominent position. Her husband is Robert Walker, and he is 54 years old. He is a vice-minister in the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China.

On the day of the incident, several people were playing mahjong at her home.

The people present at the time of the incident was, Jessica Lewis, Jessica Lewis's brother-in-law George Wilson who is deputy director of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Jessica Lewis's son David Wilson who is the boss of a large group of company with a strong political background a man whom no one dare to provoke.

At that time, Jessica Lewis was sitting in the east position, and Julia Patrick was sitting in her favorite position.

In the south seat, there was Stella Ainsworth, the wife of the governor of State Abrinam City.

In the north position, there was Mia Scott, the daughter of Julia Patrick's classmate, who was currently working as an officer in the Ministry of finance. Julia Patrick's introduced Mia to her younger brother's son, that is to say, Mia will be the future daughter in law of the Minister of defense." Paul Watson narrated the whole scene carefully.

Bella wrote down the identity and positions of these people, as well as their seats, without giving any expression. Unexpectedly, she hasn't seen them for more than three years. But she had to meet them this way.

"Besides these mahjong players, who else were in the room? How did Julia Patrick die?" Bella asked.

"There were also two nannies, a housekeeper, and two bodyguards. Sierra Walker, Robert Walker's sister was also there."

Bella was stunned for a while, "Robert Walker is Sierra Walker's younger brother?" Bella was surprised, she didn't know about James Grayson's family relationship.

"Yes, Sierra Walker's husband is Oscar Grayson, vice president of the Military Commission, and her son is James Grayson. The youngest general and the hottest presidential candidate. These people have great backgrounds.

This morning, Julia Patrick's elder brother, Mr. Gabriel Patrick gave the order to the police station to found the culprit within a week.

I studied this case. It was very important. I didn't dare to start it. I came to my mentor to discuss it. But he refused to take it." Paul Watson explained.

"When it involves the wealthy and respectable people, even a little mistake can lead to disaster. You should not take this case." Bella's rational judgment.

Paul Watson sighed helplessly, "I'm the dean of the Research Institute. The orders came directly from the police station. I can't refuse it. My mentor can refuse it. Because it was a personal invitation for him from my side but the research institute can't ignore official orders."

"Well, I will do it because I promised to work for you, but maybe some people don't want me to pick it up. You have to be ready psychologically." Bella reminded him.

"Why?" Paul Watson didn't understand her reason for saying this.

When he asked the reason, Bella realized that he knew nothing about her.

"Jessica Lewis is my ex-husband's mother. Stella Ainsworth is my stepmother. With Sierra Walker, I have some unpleasant experiences. Do you think they will cooperate with me? I can only say that I will try my best, but I cannot assure you results."

Paul Watson, "...." he was stunned for a second. "You are David Wilson's ex-wife? People say that David Wilson has a woman who has changed his life. For that woman, he has changed his previous lifestyle. Before he never refused to women but now, he is a man who doesn't touch women. It means you are the woman he loves the most?" Paul Watson was shocked.

Bella thought of what David Wilson said three years ago-- No matter three years, ten years or thirty years, I will wait for you.

Her eyes sank. "Time is a good thing. It weakens feelings, but it can't heal the wound. If I have fallen once due to a man, I won't fall twice."

"You deserve better." Paul Watson said with a smile.

At the start, he had some thoughts for Bella, especially when Bella came to him later. He always imagined that some romantic things would happen between him and Bella. After all, he was handsome, has status, looks and knowledge.

However, now he just had sincere appreciation and admiration for Bella, and he didn't dare to think anything wrong for her.

Paul Watson spoke again, "Let's continue to talk about the case. There are several special points in this case.

At half-past ten in the evening, there was a power cut.

The housekeeper took one of the nannies to pick up the candles, and one of the security guards went to find out the cause of the power failure. Jessica Lewis pulled out the mobile phone, to turn on the light from her bag, and Julia Patrick fell down."

"How long is the interval between power failure and lighting? What is the cause of death?" Bella interrupted Paul Watson.

"That's what I want to say, suspense and mystery. There was just a gap of about ten seconds between the blackout and Jessica Lewis taking out her mobile phone's lighting. Julia Patrick died due to a silver needle dipped in the poison being inserted into her temple.

The main thing is how someone found out the temple so accurately in the dark?

It is worth mentioning that all people were sitting in their own positions and no one moved. The reason for the blackout is that the fuse was broken. Everything seemed natural!" Paul Watson couldn't figure out the reason.

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