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Sometimes the person that Mingming loves is right in front of him. Mingming wants to hold her in his arms and love her well, but because of some things, he has to restrain himself. The fastest update

doesn't matter what, whether the war family is the last or not, whether Jiangbei military region, but in the past Take Qin Xiaobao with you, go to a place where no one knows them and live their lives.

Zhan Nianbei has had such an idea more than once. He wants to leave everything and take Qin Xiaobao with him.

However, he is still too rational. Maybe Qin Xiaobao is not as important in his mind as he thinks.

Every time he has this idea, Zhan Nianbei uses his reason to suppress his emotions.

Xu Wai stood outside the door and confirmed that Qin Xiaobao would not cause trouble again after venting. Zhan Nianbei turned around and left.

Just out of the station area, Qin Yue's call came in, and he answered and heard Qin Yue say, "let's go for a drink."

Hearing Qin Yue's voice, Zhan Nianbei looked up and saw Qin Yue's brilliant car parked on the side of the road.

Zhan Nian walked to Beida, sat down in the vice driver's seat, and said: "I remember you never drink. How do you think of inviting me to drink today? And still at night, you don't go home with your wife and children? "

Qin Yue started the car and said, "I haven't asked my uncle to drink wine since I'm so big. I'll accompany you once today."

Zhan Nianbei said, "OK. Then let's not get drunk

Qin Yue nodded without speaking.

He doesn't like drinking places, so the place to drink is also a quiet place, a small bar near the sea.

There are many people in this kind of place, but most of them come here for dating. They drink small wine one by one and talk about love. No one is shouting.

As soon as the two men with excellent appearance and powerful bearing appeared, they immediately attracted a lot of attention. The waiter's eyes fell on them, and the customers around them also couldn't move away.

Zhan Nian said with a smile, "come out with President Qin Da, it's just a light. Walking outside, the rate of turning back is higher. "

Qin Yue didn't say a word. It was so cold that he was not close to others.

Qin Yue and Zhan Nianbei chose the elegant room on the second floor near the window, where they could see the pedestrians walking outside and the night view of the happy coast not far away.

The sea breeze is slow, the colorful neon lights are flashing, and the breeze is beautiful. This city corridor by the sea is indeed a good place for many couples to walk.

Qin Yue still remembers that she asked Jane to eat out for the first time. After dinner, she said she would go here for a walk, and he accompanied her.

That day she drank a little wine and was a little drunk. She told him a lot and pointed to the Bay and said she wanted to build a sea paradise there.

The sea paradise, Qin Yue listened, firmly remembered in the heart.

After sitting down, zhannian ordered wine in the north, but Qinyue ordered tea

Zhan Nianbei took a look at him and said with dissatisfaction, "invite me to drink, but you drink tea. Do you want to disgust me?"

"My family, Jianran and Xiaoran, don't like the smell of wine." In fact, Jianran didn't say that he hated the smell of alcohol. Qin Yue still remembers that Jianran used to be able to drink, but he didn't want to go home with a smell of alcohol to see his wife and children.

"I couldn't see before that you, a workaholic, could value your wife and children so much." In all the memories of zhannianbei, Qinyue has always been a man with a life rule and an appalling behavior.

He always thought that even if Qin Yue got married and had children, it was just a continuation of the incense for the Qin family, and he would never mind focusing on the family.

He has always been very accurate in looking at people. Unexpectedly, he mistook Qin and Yue. His emphasis on family impressed Zhan Nianbei.

"Work is work. It's natural for them to work hard and make money so that they can live the life they want. But behavioral care is also necessary, otherwise, no matter how good their economic life is, they will not feel happy. " Before he got married, Qin Yue thought that if he didn't get married, he would not get married. After getting married, he would naturally treat his wife well.

It is precisely because he has always had such an idea that he has been slow to find his feelings for Jane. He has always thought that he is good to her, only because she is his wife.

Zhan Nianbei: "..."

In fact, he understood Qin Yue's idea. He didn't want to marry Qin Xiaobao's girl home. He hurt her well. Don't let her make trouble outside again.

But he can't, and he's not qualified

Drinks and snacks will be delivered soon. Zhan Nianbei is a soldier. He is straightforward and doesn't need a glass of wine. He drinks directly with a bottle.

Qin and Yue did not move the tea in front of them and looked at Zhan Nianbei thoughtfully.

Zhan Nianbei finished drinking a bottle of wine, put the bottle on, and said, "Mozhi, it's impossible to get me drunk and get me to talk."

Qin and Yue are silent.

Zhan Nianbei picked up chopsticks to eat snacks and said: "I have told you before that you have the people you want to protect and I have the people I want to protect. Let's do our own things well."

Qin Yue said: "little uncle, I just invite you to drink wine, don't think too much."

"It's just as simple as inviting me to drink?" Qin Yue didn't have time to invite him to drink, so Zhan Nianbei certainly didn't believe that he just invited him to drink.

Qin Yue took a sip of tea, moistened his lips, and said, "I don't think I need to say that you already know the identity of Pei, the man who has an affair with Xiaobao."

"Yes, I do." As early as when Pei, surnamed Pei, stared at Qin Xiaobao, Zhan Nianbei had sent people to check Pei's identity.

Qin Yue said: "his appearance helped me to solve the secret that I have been unable to solve."

Hearing Qin and Yue's words, Zhan Nianbei's drinking action gave a slight pause and said, "do you know?"

Qin Yue nodded: "Pei xuanzhi, the real name of Pei, is from a country. He once made a baby marriage with the daughter of the princess of a country. But twenty years ago, the princess family of country a disappeared. It's gone. No one knows where they went. "

Zhan Nianbei: "what do you want to do?"

Qin Yue continued: "it wasn't that simple. Maybe the truth wasn't what we saw on the surface. I want you to work with me and we'll find out what happened in those days. "

Zhan Nianbei: "Why are you looking for me? If you want to check it, you can find it. "

Qin Yue: "little uncle, you have been checking for several years, but still haven't found a clue. I think there's a certain distance between the people under my hand and your intelligence personnel. "

Zhan Nianbei: "we want this thing to sink forever, not to surface."

Qin Yue suddenly sneered: "you all know that paper can't contain fire. Instead of trying to sink things in this way, it's better to find out and have an account with everyone. "

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