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The assistant's voice reached Qin Xiaobao's ear again: "Miss Qin, you asked me to say it a hundred times, so did I."

Qin Xiaobao didn't want to hear his nonsense and interrupted, "let Zhan Nianbei answer the phone."

After a pause, the assistant stammered, "the commander is not here."

Qin Xiaobao: "please tell him for me that I'm going to get married. I'm going to invite him to have a wedding party. Please invite him to attend."

After shouting loudly, Qin Xiaobao quickly hung up the phone and jumped around the room in anger.

What does Zhan Nianbei want to do?

Well, he doesn't care about her, does he?

Then she will play with him to the end.

Qin Xiaobao finds the call records of the previous days, finds the strange number and dials it out quickly.

This time, the person she is looking for is Mr. Pei, who has been beaten to be a pig head by her. He is having an affair with her and is looking for Mr. Pei to help her.

After beating someone, I'm glad to ask for help. Except for Qin Xiaobao's thick skin, I don't think we can find a second person.

After the call was made, the phone was answered quickly, and then Mr. Pei's pleasant voice came: "Polaris, the gift I gave you, do you like it?"

"I like it so much." Qin Xiaobao is a smart man. He naturally understands that the "gift" that Mr. Pei said is the scandal. Mr. Pei said, "since I like it, should I thank you?"

Qin Xiaobao: "I'm calling to thank you. What else would I call you for? "

Mr. Pei: "just a thank you, I don't accept it."

Qin Xiaobao: "Pei Shao, if it's convenient, I'll treat you to dinner."

Mr. Pei: "OK. I'll pick you up in my car. "

After the end of the call, it wasn't long before Mr. Pei arrived, which was as fast as if he had been waiting nearby.

But at this time, Qin Xiaobao has been dizzy by zhannian Beiqi. He only thinks about how to make zhannian Beiqi have real feelings. He can't think of anything else.

She only knew that at this time, she asked Mr. Pei to have dinner together, and then let people take pictures. The heat of the scandal must be rising in a straight line.

As long as she plays with Pei a little bit more, and is reported exaggeratively by entertainment records, then the heat can last at least two or three days.

Zhan Nianbei's stinky man, dare to treat her like this, must know that she has eaten her to death, and she will jump out to play, see if the stinky man can really sit down?

Qin Xiaobao is not only cheeky, but also very brave. After hitting Mr. Pei, she can still get on Mr. Pei's car like a person who is free. Even Zhong Kun didn't take it with her. Mr. Pei's car is a luxury sports car worth millions of dollars. There are not many people who can afford it.

Qin Xiaobao sat in the vice driver's seat and said, "your father is just a mayor of Jiangbei City. You don't have a proper career. How can you afford to drive such a luxury car?"

Mr. Pei started the car and sped up slowly. Looking back at Qin Xiaobao, he said, "who says my father is the mayor of Jiangbei?"

"You said that." Qin Xiaobao still remembers that night when he was drugged, people under him said it himself.

"You misunderstood me," Mr. Pei explained. My family name is Pei. People I know call me Pei Shao. The mayor of Jiangbei is also called Pei Shao, but that's not me. They have nothing to do with me. "

Qin Xiaobao: "..."

She thought about the situation that day. Those people said that Pei Shao, the mayor's son, was the third most annoying person in Jiangbei City. By the way, they also called the man "Pei Shao" in front of her. No one pointed to him and said that he was the mayor's son.

But no matter what his identity is, as long as he is willing to help himself stir up the scandal, other things have nothing to do with her.

It's said that it's Qin Xiaobao's treat. Mr. Pei is not polite. He took Qin Xiaobao to a very famous and expensive private chef.

After getting out of the car, Qin Xiaobao took the initiative to hold Mr. Pei's arm, looked at him with a smile, and allowed the paparazzi hiding in the dark to take photos.

Mr. Pei also knows. Instead of refusing, he cooperates with Qin Xiaobao. He puts his hand around her waist, buries his head in her ear and whispers, "Polaris, I'm going to get the reward for you

Qin Xiaobao blinked beautiful Danfeng's eyes and smiled: "Pei Shao, don't you want to borrow me to fry gossip? How to become me again... "

Before Qin Xiaobao finished speaking, he was hugged by Mr. Pei.

Qin Xiaobao reached out to his chest and exclaimed, "Pei, what do you want to do?"

"So many paparazzi are taking photos, so we will create some explosive pictures for them to take photos," said Mr. Pei with a smile

Yes, she wanted to make explosive news with him. It's also appropriate for them to have some ambiguous behaviors.

When Qin Xiaobao hesitated, Mr. Pei clasped her waist with one hand and the back of her head with the other, pushed her to himself, bent slightly and kissed her severely.

Suddenly kissed by this man, strange lips, strange temperature, strange breath, everything is strange

Qin Xiaobao stared at his magnified face and forgot that his heart refused to push him away.

She used to kiss and recite the north, and then she was pushed away. She never enjoyed the atmosphere of the north.

Don't say, at the moment, this man's kissing skill is very good, which makes her feel good

Zhan Nianbei, you hide from Miss Ben. You don't let Miss Ben approach you. You don't eat the bed that Miss Ben sent you. Then I'll listen to you and try to find another man to love you.

If Miss Ben looks up to others and doesn't want you, you must not cry at that time.

"It seems that my charm is not enough to attract you."

Mr. Pei's voice came from the top of his head, which made Qin Xiaobao return to his mind. I don't know when Mr. Pei has let her go.

Qin Xiaobao subconsciously raised his hand and wiped his lips. I don't know if he wants to erase the breath that Mr. Pei left on her lips.

"When I kiss you, you think of other men in your heart, which strikes me so much," said Mr. Pei

Qin Xiaobao shrugged: "I can't help it. I like that mean man."

She herself is more humble than Zhan Nianbei. He hides her so much, but she still pursues him, and pesters him shamelessly.

As soon as Mr. Pei grabbed her shoulder, he said, "the picture we just kissed will soon be spread out and spread on the Internet. Then your Zhan Nianbei will see it."

"My goal is to let him see it," said Qin Xiaobao proudly

Mr. Pei reached out and rubbed Qin Xiaobao's head, saying, "it's time to test Zhan Nianbei's heart to see if there is you."

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