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After thinking about it again, Xiao Qinghe nodded and said, "after all, Qinyue is also the Qin family. If you don't believe him, it can be said."

"I didn't believe him." She denied it immediately and said with some emotion, "after all, that man is his grandfather, and I don't want him between us. If he helps us to bring old Qin to justice, then others will scold him. "

Without even thinking about it, Jane said that Qin Yue would help her to bring the old man of Qin family to justice. She subconsciously believed that Qin Yue would be on her side.

Revenge, simple to repay, must repay.

But this revenge must be avenged by her, not by Qin Yue. She doesn't want Qin Yue to be called unfilial.

I don't want others to say that Qin Yue is for women, not her own grandpa.

Xiaoqinghe clapped Jianran's hand and comforted him, saying: "it's OK. Without Qinyue, you and me, I will do this. It is said that the husband and wife are united, and their benefits break the gold. Our brothers and sisters can also break the gold if they are united. "

"Brother, you promise me that you can't tell Qin Yue." These two people are classmates and good friends. I'm not sure that her brother would tell Qin Yue about it as soon as he turned around.

Xiaoqinghe said: "girl, don't worry. Your brother still has that. I won't say what I promised you. "

With a mischievous smile, Jane said, "are you sure you do? You've been eaten by dogs for a long time? "

"Don't think that if you have Qin Yue's support, I won't dare to clean you up." Xiao Qinghe pretends to be very vicious, but she simply doesn't like him at all.

Their brother and sister will certainly revenge their father's revenge, but they still have to live a happy life. They still have to be happy when they are happy.

It's a day to frown, it's a day to smile, and it's the same day. Why do you have to be happy?


When the love affair of Polaris was exposed, the whole entertainment circle became a sensation for a while.

The reason for the sensation is that the news has appeared for most of the day, and the news on the Internet is still on the rise, with billions of clicks and billions of clicks.

Before, any news about Polaris would be cleaned up within a few minutes, leaving no clues for netizens.

The photos circulated on the Internet, Polaris and men face-to-face talk, it seems to be intimate, the parties did not come out to clarify, it seems to be to sit on this relationship.

Many netizens on the Internet say that their goddess is in love, and that they are also lovelorn at this moment. Everyone talks about this issue when they meet for a while.

Qin Xiaobao, one of the parties, naturally saw the news. This scandal was not fired by her, but the effect was much better than her own. One of the photos looks like she's kissing Mr. Pei.

This kind of effect is what Qin Xiaobao wants. She didn't make this scandal specially, and it has been spread on the Internet for so long. Qin Xiaobao should have a good look to see if Zhan Nianbei's different looking man can still live.

If he is still as if nothing happened, then don't blame her for using her last move to him. She's prepared for a long time.

Qin Xiaobao counted again and again with his fingers on his hands. In fifteen days, there was no news about Zhan Nianbei. The man didn't answer her phone. He didn't know where he died.

During this period, when she went to Jiangbei military region, it was a long way away, so she was stopped by others, saying that no one should rush into any important military area.

Put their bull** on her. She didn't stop her when she broke in before. Now, it's too late to stop her.

However, no matter how noisy she was, she could not see the shadow of Zhan Nianbei at last. Let alone his shadow, she can't be within a few kilometers of him.

Can power bully people like this?

After waiting for her to be their commander's wife, I can see that she doesn't come back one by one.

At this time, Qin Xiaobao is lying on the sofa without any image, holding a mobile phone in his hand, constantly checking the gossip about her.

The click is still going up, and there are more and more posts to discuss. It's really exciting. It's almost amazing to think about it.

Turning it over, she saw a hot message, and the speed of likes and forwarding was also growing rapidly.

The message said that Polaris had lived with Mr. PEI as early as half a month ago, and they walked in and out of a high-end community hand in hand.

as like as two peas in a picture, the picture of the woman in a peaked cap is exactly the same as her. Even Qin Xiao Bao himself thinks that he is himself, not to mention other netizens.

"Cool and crooked!" Qin Xiaobao was so excited that he jumped up like a child on the sofa.

That Mr. Pei is looking for someone to pretend to be her and then release such news to destroy her reputation. I don't know that he has helped her a lot.

The scandal she made by herself, brother wood is so fast that Zhan Nianbei has disappeared without seeing it. This time, it's so big that I don't believe Zhan Nianbei can't see it.

What will Zhan Nianbei look like after seeing this scandal?

Would you be jealous of her?

Qin Xiaobao is very confident. Zhan Nianbei will be jealous of her.

She really wants to see him jealous of her. She must be very handsome and charming.

Look, look, she was thinking. Zhan Nianbei's phone call came in.

Although she wanted to answer his phone and listen to his voice, she had to hold back. She had to let him worry about her, but she didn't explain to him and let him understand how important she was in his mind.

Qin Xiaobao not only didn't answer Zhan Nianbei's phone, but also cut off the phone. He said proudly, "Zhan Nianbei Europa, keep on calling. If you make two more calls, I will take your call."

After hanging up the phone, Qin Xiaobao waited, thinking that the second call would be made right away.

However, she waited for several minutes, and her cell phone was almost seen through. Zhan Nianbei's phone hasn't been called yet.


This bastard!

She just hung up on him once. Should he be angry and ignore her.

Think about it before, he hung up her phone less?

Although she scolds him, she never gets angry with him!

Well, he doesn't, so she does.

Qin Xiaobao bit her teeth and quickly called back. As soon as she got through, she roared, "Zhan Nianbei, you son of a bitch, why don't you continue to call me? Do you have to let me call you?"

After she roared, a stammering voice came from her cell phone: "Miss Qin, I'm sorry, I just took the commander's phone and dialed the wrong number accidentally."

"You, you **ing have to say it again." Shit, how could it be that Zhan Nianbei didn't call her. It's totally impossible!

To kill Qin Xiaobao, she should not believe that it was Zhan Nianbei's assistant who had just made a mistake.

[PS: it's even more over today.

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