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When did you become so articulate?

Suddenly heard Jane say so, Qin Yue heart a joy, her words once again proved that she had thought of the past. Although she didn't tell him how to restore his memory, Qin Yue could feel it, especially her conversation with Jane Zhengtian.

If Jane just talks to Jane Zhengtian according to the formula they have agreed in advance, she will not be so excited if she hasn't thought of the past.

The reason why she was so excited must be that she brought personal feelings. If only listen to his past, how can she enter the feelings.

Qin Yue knew that Jane ran had recovered her memory. She was very excited, but she still pretended not to know it on the surface.

Since she didn't want to tell him, he would wait until the day she was willing to say it, and he believed it would not be long.

Qin Yue sits next to Jianran and kisses her forehead with a low head. "Jianran, you can't escape in this life. You are my Jianran in this life."

"I'm not yours." Jane's face turned red again unconsciously, and she put out her hand and pinched it on his waist.

"Not mine, whose do you think it is?" Qin Yue gave a bad smile, suddenly closed her lips, and gently pursed, "tell me, have other men ever kissed you like this?"

He knew that he didn't want to tease Jane, but he heard Jane say, "yes. It's worse than your kiss. "

"Which son of a bitch!" Qin Yue's face turned black in an instant. He thought that his wife had been kissed by others, and he wanted to kill her.

Jian ran chuckled: "it's a coincidence that he's also Qin. He looks good. He's even better in stature, but he doesn't have so much as you."

This wench is clearly praising him. Thinking that he is so excellent in her eyes, Qin Yue is very happy. She leans to Jane's ear and whispers, "little villain, you are bad."

His warm breath was sprayed on Jane's ears. She scratched her neck and whispered, "only you can get bad, can't I change too?"

"Of course, it can be as bad as you want. If I don't know how to get bad, I can be your teacher and teach you how to get bad. " Qin and Yue are like that again. In a serious tone, they are not serious.

Listening to Qin Yue's words, Jane couldn't help laughing.

He is the Qin Yue she is familiar with. There are very few words in front of strangers, but he becomes more gentle in front of their mother and daughter. He has learned to say some flesh and blood love words that he would not have said before killing him.

"Little Ran is over three years old. It's time for her to learn how to sleep alone. She can't always be our light bulb. " Qin Yue suddenly changed the subject. "I will sleep where I am when I am sleeping," she said

She just knew her daughter. She wanted to rub her daughter back into her stomach and take it with her every day. She was willing to let Xiao Ranran sleep alone.

If you don't like your daughter, you have to bear the hardships.

Poor Mr. Qin, he can only live in his arms at night, but he will be forced to be a monk.

Jian ran grabbed Qin Yue's big palm, which swam in her abdomen, and raised his hand: "Qin Yue, do you think this ring doesn't look good on your hand?"

She had to find a way to get the ring back and study it carefully to see if the things that the Qin master wanted would be hidden in the ring.

"No." How could he not feel the things she gave him.

"I see you wear it all the time," she said. If you don't, I'll take it out tomorrow and have it washed and polished. It should look better. "

"It's OK. Then you can do such an important thing. My Mrs. Qin. " Qin Yue does not doubt it. He takes off the ring and gives it to Jianran.

Jane Zhengtian's business is temporarily on the line. She has been in a hurry recently. She is busy with something, and she won't think about it.


Summer is really a changeable season.

It was still sunny before she changed clothes. Now she was ready to go out. It was thunder and rain.

However, no matter how heavy the wind and rain can not stop her trying to find out the truth about her father's car accident. She is going to see Xiao Qinghe, her brother.

Xiao Qinghe should know more about her father's affairs than she did, so she asked him to meet her, and their brothers and sisters worked together to find clues.

As long as we find clues to prove that the Qin family's old man is the real murderer of his father, she will bring him to justice by any means.

About Xiaoqinghe meeting place is his residence in Jiangbei, a high-end community under Shengtian real estate.

The house didn't cost a cent. It was given to him by Qin Yue. Xiao Qinghe was a real man. Qin Yue said he would give it away, and he accepted it generously.

Knowing that Jane is coming, Xiao Qinghe hurried to find an hour man to help clean up the mess of the house. He must make a good impression on his sister.

After cleaning up, he went to the gate of the community to wait for Jane.

Seeing that their car arrived, Xiao Qinghe greeted them and opened the door for Jane. He said with a smile, "should I call you miss jane or Mrs Qin now?"

Jane glared at him: "only two of us are here. Don't pretend."

Xiao Qinghe put Jane in his arms and hugged her, saying, "my dear sister, welcome back."

"Well. Thank you for looking for me. " Jane sniffed and said, "thank you, brother!"

"I know I'm your brother, and I'm so polite." Xiao Qinghe drags Jane away. How can there be so many polite words, brother and sister.

Xiaoqinghe leads Jianran home and excitedly says, "Jianran, this is my home in Jiangbei, and naturally your mother's home. Remember, if Qin Yue makes you feel wronged later, run to elder brother and let him clean up. Look at the room over there. It's specially for you. "

Then Jane gave him another look and said, "whoever does this like you, he is looking forward to a disagreement between his sister and his brother-in-law."

"You girl." Xiao Qinghe was wronged. He didn't expect his younger sister to be bad. He wanted to tell her that her brother could rely on her behind her.

"I know you are good for me. I'm kidding you." Jane took Xiao Qinghe's arm and smiled at him. "You are my brother. Naturally you want to let me have some."

"My brother loves to hear this. I'll let you have some later." At the same time, Xiao Qinghe helped Jane pour a glass of water and said, "do you want to have a good visit to my home, or just tell me the business?"

Sooner or later, the family can visit, but the old man of the Qin family is so pressed that she knows that she doesn't have much time, so she says, "let's talk about business first."

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