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"Who is the most important person?"

He who asks questions is still a simple man.

She hoped that it was a misunderstanding and that Jane Zheng Tian was lying to them, but she understood that Jane Zheng Tian didn't need to lie at the moment.

Jane Zheng Tian shook her head, sighed a long time, and said: "as for who is it, my good son-in-law must have a direction. As long as he finds the right direction and asks people to continue to check, he will soon know who it is. "

With that, Jane closed her eyes and was reluctant to say another word.

Jane still wanted to ask, but Qin Yue pulled her off the plane.

On the way back, Jane was silent all the time. She was confused and confused.

It is said that the gratitude and resentment of the upper generation have nothing to do with the lower generation, but can they really have nothing to do with it?

Is there anything between her and Qin Yue that hasn't happened?

She doesn't know!

"Jianran -" Qin Yue called her name, her voice was low and deep, there was a kind of helplessness and heartache that could not be said.


"Remember what I said to you?"

"Remember," she said softly, nodding

"Do you really remember?"

"What do you want to say?"

"I believe I can handle it."

"Qin Yue, but I don't want to. I don't want to rely on you for everything. I want to solve my own affairs by myself. That person is your grandfather. You are between us. How can you deal with yourself? "

One is his wife, the other is his close grandfather. Now there is a deep blood feud between them.

She can try her best to bring the old master of the Qin family to justice, but will that hurt Qin and Yue? That man is his grandfather.

She was shocked and doubted to get the truth from Jane Zhengtian's mouth, but she would not be hurt, but what about Qin Yue?

He looks light on the surface, as if nothing has happened, but she believes that his heart will never be as easy as what she sees on the surface.

He may also be worried, or afraid, that even he blames Qin's father after she determines that he is the murderer of his own father.

Qin Yue said, "that's my business. Don't worry."

"That's your business?" she asked

Qin Yue: "..."

"My business is your business, your business is your business," she added? So you can only help me, not let me take care of you, right? "

"Jian ran --"

"Qin Yue, I'm really useless in your mind?"


"What is that?"

"I am your husband and you are my wife. Shouldn't I do something for you?" Qin Yue's voice is a little excited. It's hard to see his mood fluctuate so much. The fastest update of Chinese is

"..." This time, the reason for the simple silence is that Qin Yue's reason is too full.

But did he ever think that because he was her husband, she would want to make a contribution and not let him carry everything.

He won't feel tired or bitter, but she will love him.

She is so angry, not angry with him, but angry that she can't do anything for him. She can't share his worries and solve his difficulties without saying, but also make trouble for him.

"Jianran -" when Qin Yue held her in her arms, her chin pressed on her head and rubbed lightly, "do you know that as long as you are with me, it is the greatest encouragement and comfort for me."

He may not understand, will not know how he did not live through her days?

For more than three years, he was like a man born in purgatory. Every day was so hard.

Now she's back, like a gift from heaven to him.

Every day when I wake up and see her lying beside me, no one can give him that happiness except her.

"But I......" I'm afraid, I'm afraid that when I wake up, you're not around me, I can't find you anymore, and I don't know who I am

"Believe me!" He is still so short words, but still as always with a strong power.

Qin Yue is worried about Qin Yue, and Jian Ran is worried about it.

They all want to share their worries for each other, but they don't know how to make each other feel more for themselves.


The plane flew for several hours and was positioned above the Atlantic Ocean.

Jane, who was resting with her eyes closed, suddenly felt a violent shaking of the plane. He opened his eyes and saw a thick smoke coming from the other side of the cab.

"What happened?" He shouted.

"Mr. Jane, the old man asked us to give you a last ride. I hope you'll go well." A cold male voice came from the opposite side of the smoke.

Then Jane heard the sound of the cabin opening, and then someone said, "No. 1 is ready to jump. Ready for two, jump. Ready for three, jump. Get ready for four, jump. "

There were four crew members. After the No. 4 jump, the plane swung even more.

Jian Zhengtian wants to rush to see what's going on, but because of the smoke barrier and the shaking of the fuselage, he can't move at all.

He held the seat tightly, and didn't let himself roll with the swing of the fuselage.

"Help! Help

Jane Zhengtian made a cry for help in terror, one of which was as miserable as if he was being killed by a fierce ghost at the moment.

But there was no other sound except the wind and the roar of the machines, and he could not hear the voice of the people he was looking forward to.

"I am wrong! I'm really wrong! Please let me go! Qin Yue, please let me go. I'll tell you what you want to know. I don't want any money from you. Let me go. "

Jane was shouting hysterically, her voice was hoarse, and no one replied to him.

And his last scream was extinguished by the sound of the plane explosion, and his body was also blown to pieces together with the plane, turning into meat foam and scum in this half air.

At the last moment of his life, he regretted what he had done before. He regretted that he threatened Qin and Yue. He regretted that there was nothing he could do to make the Jane family prosperous.

But no one heard his remorse, no one gave him a chance to change his mind and continue to be a man.


A passenger plane from Jiangbei to the capital of a country in Africa crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. There were five passengers and crew on board. All the crew members were rescued. Only the passenger's whereabouts are unknown. He may have died in the Atlantic Ocean.

After the explosion of the plane, the debris fell into the sea. Without any accident, Jane Zheng Tian, who had not been able to jump out of the sky, was blown to pieces. He would not have a complete body.

In the evening, the bombing news occupied the front page of the major news.

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