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"Just don't worry, I'm everything." Qin Yue put the trembling Jane in her arms and whispered to her in a voice that only she could hear.

Jane was originally afraid. When she was afraid, Qin Yue came. He squeezed her into his warm arms and gave her strength and comfort.

"Good son-in-law, here you are." Jian Zhengtian smiled and called Qin Yue affectionately, as if the two people standing in front of her were his good daughter and son-in-law.

Qin Yue kneaded Jian ran in his arms and looked up at Jian Zhengtian. His eyes were as sharp as an arrow. He said, "Jian Zhengtian, what else do you have? Just say it."

"Give me a new identity, send me away from Jiangbei, as far as possible, so that the old thing in your family will never find me." With money, Jane Zhengtian will have to spend his life. As for the fame of Jane's family, as long as he keeps his life, one day his wish will come true.

"Good." Qin and Yue agreed with each other without hesitation or consideration.

"Qin Yue -" what did Jane want to say? Just when she opened her mouth, she was pressed by Qin Yue with her fingers.

He smiled at her tenderly and said, "if you don't want to listen to me, you should be obedient. Don't interrupt. I'll take care of everything."

Jane ran: "..."

Qin Yue: "obedient, obedient!"

"What to do?" Jane Zheng Tian sighed, made a very difficult expression, and said, "I can't bear to tell the real reason when I see you two so close. Qin Yue ignored Jian Zhengtian, took out his phone and called Liu Yong. He quickly said, "go and get a new identity for Jian Zhengtian, the sooner the better."

"Good son-in-law, how can a brand-new identity be enough? I need to prepare a special plane to send me to a place that your Qin family's industry does not involve. Even if your Qin family knows where I am, they can't help me. "

Jane Zhengtian understood the influence of the Qin family and how vicious the means of the old master of the Qin family were.

A simple man who had nothing to do with that year's event could be poisoned even if he didn't die, let alone deal with such a person who knew all the things of that year.

Qin Yue squints slightly and looks at Jane Zhengtian coldly. He continues to convey her request to Liu Yong to deal with it.

Liu Yong has been with Qin Yue for many years, and his ability of handling affairs is naturally no less than words. Before long, Qin Yue will receive the news from Liu Yong. Everything has been done. Jian Zhengtian can start with his new identity at any time.

Qin Yue hangs up the phone, rubs Jianran's head, gives her a reassuring look, looks at jianzhengtian again, and says: "jianzhengtian, everything you want has been arranged. Jane Zhengtian is a man who has experienced many storms. He has helped some people do bad things behind their backs for decades. How can he easily believe others? He is not really safe. How can he talk about things.

He added: "you take me to the airport in person, I board safely, and I'll tell you what you want to know a few minutes before the plane takes off."

"The car is ready. We'll take you to the airport." Qin Yue had expected that jianzhengtian would not say it easily, and that jianzhengtian would do it, so he even had his car ready.

Jianzhengtian thinks that if he can eat him to death, he will let jianzhengtian know what it means to really eat people without spitting bones.

Looking at Qin Yue's courage to deal with things, Jane had to admit that she was not a little behind him.

No matter what kind of problems, Qin and Yue always make decisions in the first time, and there has never been a loophole.

And these abilities of him, can't come out in a day and a night absolutely, are all his so many years of honing come out.

The more capable Qin Yue is, the more seemingly indifferent Qin Yue is, the more her heart aches for him.

Jianzhengtian asked Qinyue to take the same car with him, and Qinyue agreed. Jianzhengtian was afraid, which was also expected by him.

In more than half an hour, they arrived at Jiangbei International Airport together with a group of luxury cars. Qin Yue led Jane to the boarding gate of the special plane from the special channel.

In order to protect his life, Jian Zhengtian did everything carefully. It was not enough for Qin Yue to send him to the gate. He asked Qin Yue to send him to the gate.

Every time Jian Zhengtian put forward a request, Qin and Yue followed suit. There was no objection, and they were as meek as a younger generation to a respected elder.

After boarding, Jane was a little relieved, but still didn't relax her vigilance.

He added: "good son-in-law, good daughter, I still don't trust to tell you the truth of the matter, what do you say should be done?"

Jane was so angry that she really wanted to hit people, but Qin Yue grabbed her. Qin Yue said to Jian Zhengtian, "let's open up whatever you want."

"I know my granddaughter is very cute, cute and sensible, which is very painful," said Jane Zhengtian

"You can't think of a small idea." Jane can't bear it any longer. I don't know why Qin Yue, who has always been superior, can meet all kinds of unreasonable demands put forward by Jane Zhengtian.

"In fact, I just don't feel at ease. I'm afraid that as soon as I tell you the secret, you'll turn your face and disown people." With a long sigh, Jane said, "take your daughter and make a poisonous oath. If after I tell you the truth, you will turn your face against people, then your daughter Qin lelan will not live to be four years old. "

"Jane Zhengtian, you've had enough **ing!" Jane Ran has been tolerating, before Jane Zhengtian put forward the conditions she can bear to bite.

But this beast, he even began to curse their little ran.

"As long as you keep your promise, your daughter will be fine." Jian Zhengtian looked at Qin Yue and Jian ran and said, "would you wait for me to tell you the secret? Would you like to fight me?"

"I take this oath." Qin Yue looked at Jian Zhengtian and said with a smile, "if I turn my face against you and don't recognize people, then my daughter won't live to be four years old."

The three-year-old is Qin Yue's and Jane Ran's sweetheart. No matter whether the oath is true or false, Jane Zhengtian believes that Qin Yue will not take the child.

Qin Yue dare to talk about the child, which proves that Qin Yue really didn't want to deal with him.

After thinking about it, Jian Zhengtian was relieved. He said: "the car accident of Xiao Yuanfeng was caused by the Qin family. He arranged the whole process. I was worried that he would get rid of me afterwards and leave evidence in advance. I sent the evidence to Xiao Yuanfeng. As for why the Qin family killed Xiao Yuanfeng, it's because Xiao Yuanfeng killed a very important person. "

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