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Jane Zhengtian doesn't want to believe the fact that Jane has recovered her memory, but she has to believe it. If she does not restore her memory and has a little doubt in her heart, she will not be so indifferent to him.

At this time, Jane Zhengtian has deeply understood that Jane can't use this chess piece without making good use of it.

I spent three years to play a good father, take care of her food and living, take care of her everything, for what?

The purpose is not to let her firmly remember his good, let her believe that he is her only family, let her listen to him.

In the past three years, what she has shown is also a good obedient daughter. She has done what he said and almost never refuted his opinion.

Experiments with that drug also showed that people who did not recover within three years were unlikely to do so again.

So he boldly took Jane back to Jiangbei, and boldly gave her the chance to meet Qin Yue. He thought that all the development was under his control.

I didn't expect that in a short period of one or two months, Jane not only found that she had been taking drugs, but also recovered her previous memory.

Is the medicine of a * * prescription not as powerful as it is said? Or he underestimated what Jane did to Qin and Yue Feelings?

It doesn't matter, either. His plan has failed. The more she thinks about it, the more angry Jane Zhengtian is, and the more she wants to swallow Jane alive. It seems that only in this way can he get rid of his hatred.

Jian Zhengtian looks at Jianran again, and stands up with fierce eyes. He rushes to Jianran like crazy. He wants to seize Jianran and tear her alive.

But when he pounced, his simple action was faster than that of him, which made him grasp the empty space.

Without catching Jianran, jianzhengtian's anger rose rapidly. I wish I could catch Jianran and tear him.

But because he didn't go out for a long time, and because of all kinds of worries in recent times, Jane Zhengtian's psychology has already crossed, and he doesn't even have the strength to deal with Jane.

He fell back to his chair feebly, gasping for breath.

In this period of time, Jianran followed Qinyue to exercise every day and practiced Taekwondo with Xiaoran. Her physical fitness improved a lot and her physical strength naturally kept up with her. She had been fighting with JianZheng for such a long time, but her face was not red and she could not breathe.

Seeing Jane Zhengtian sitting back in her chair, unable to struggle, she took a deep breath and cleared her throat and said, "Jane Zhengtian, you just want to live and restore the fame and status of the Jane family. Now that you are suffering from enemies from both sides, what choice do you have except to cooperate with me? "

Hearing Jane's words, the crazy Jane Zhengtian regained a little sense of reason. He asked, "do you want to cooperate with me?"

She nodded and said, "you know your situation very well. Someone is trying to get rid of it. It's the secret you know that keeps you safe for the time being. You also know very well that as long as Qin Yue checks it out, he will soon find out the secret. At that time, you will not be dead. "

"How do you want to help me?" said Jane

"You tell us the secret you know. We guarantee your safety. Where do you want to go

Jane Zhengtian: "how can I trust you?"

Jane ran: "you don't believe me. Do you want to believe in the old master of the Qin family?"

Jane Zhengtian is watching Jane grow up. He knows more or less about Jane's temper and character. She said she can help him, so she will never cheat him.

And the Qin family old man has been looking for the way he wants to disclose the secret. Once they find it, it's his time to die.

After thinking about it, Jane Zhengtian decides to cooperate with Jane ran. No matter how to survive first, only to survive can we accomplish what we want to accomplish.

Jane Zhengtian asked, "what do you want to know?"

Jane ran said, "I want to know why the old master of the Qin family has to kill me? I didn't know him before. Why does he hate me so much? "

"I can tell you, but..." Jian Zhengtian looked behind her, and after a long silence, he continued, "I want 50 million."

"Fifty million?" Jane smiled and said, "all the money I've earned these years is from you. You know better than me how much money I have."

"What is your little money?" Jian Zhengtian sneered and said, "the 50 million I want is naturally asked by Qin Yue. As long as you open your mouth, let alone 50 million, it will be one billion, and he will not hesitate to take it out."

Cunning as Jian Zhengtian, he is very clear that if he doesn't say it, Qin Yue will let him die. If he tells a secret, the old man will never let him die.

Qin Yue just wanted to know the secret from his mouth. When he said the secret, it would have no use value, and Qin Yue would not protect him.

When he said it in secret, the Qin family's old man would surely kill him to vent his anger. At that time, if he was still in Jiangbei, he didn't know how to die.

Jane took a look at Jane Zhengtian and said, "you are willing to say that Qinyue will help you to reach any city you want to go to. You don't want to say that, then you can only wait for death in Jiangbei. You should know that you can't get out of Jiangbei now. "

It's only more efficient to cooperate with jianzhengtian. She doesn't want Qinyue to waste any more human, material and financial resources. Who knows that jianzhengtian needs 50 million yuan as soon as she opens her mouth.

Fifty million, what a high price figure that is. Although this money is nothing to Qinyue, but Jianran still loves it for Qinyue.

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