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Qin Yue holds Jane's head and looks at her quietly. She is so ashamed that she quickly closes her eyes. Her face is red, as if waiting for him to pick.

Qin Yue couldn't help but laugh. She put her thin lips on her, kissed her tenderly, and tasted her unique taste.

A kiss, lingering, tender, intoxicating

It took a long time for Qin Yue to let Jane go, lick her lips again, and call out her name in a low voice: "Jane --"


"Promise me nothing, just leave it to me."

Is he a roundworm in her stomach?

When she just wants to do something by herself, he timely asks her to ignore it.

But those things are her own experience, she has been so unforgettable hurt, not to mention forget can forget.

Qin Yue said, "if you want to participate in it, can you say it, let's discuss it and do what you want to do together?"

Jian ran: "Qin Yue..."

Qin Yue said: "Jane ran, OK?"

His voice is low and sexy, still as good as before, but there are some heartache and helplessness, Jane can't help but feel heartache, leaning on his arms and nodding gently.

He didn't say it without reason.

She doesn't have any power of her own. If she goes to fight with old master Qin, it's her own who will suffer in the end. Wen. 2.5.8zw. C a m

she suffered a loss and was injured. Qin Yue will feel sorry for her.

She doesn't want to hurt him.

Jane said: "I promise you, no matter what you do, I will discuss with you and will not make decisions without permission."

"Don't lie to me."


"Then go to dinner."

"Well, good."

At the dinner table, Qin Yue, who used to eat without speaking, has changed.

He took a sip of the bowl of soup that Jane had served him, and nodded his head forcefully: "I haven't drunk your soup for so long, it seems that it's getting better and better."

"I'll make soup for you every day."


Jian ran took Qin Yue's dish again, blinked and asked playfully, "I heard that you have a habit of cleanliness. Would you like to eat the dish I gave you?"

"I've eaten all your saliva," Qin Yue asked solemnly, "what's in the dish?"


How can this man become so bad? How could it be so slick? Where did Qin Yue, who used to be so cold that he didn't eat fireworks among people, go?

"I'm also the father of the child. I've had a lot of experience."

I don't know if I saw what she thought. Qin Yue added another sentence, and her face was even redder. 2.5.8zw. C a m

How can she say he is good?

One word is bad, two words are bad, three words are bad!

She took a look at him and reached out to pinch him, but he grabbed her hand and pinched it in the palm of his hand.

"Jian ran --"

his voice was deep and dumb, and he stared at her with burning eyes, as if she had become the prey in his eyes.

"Qinyue, eat first."

At first glance, I know what the man is thinking. Now he is still eating. He starts to think again.

But thinking of what he said last time for three years, Jane was very distressed.

For more than three years, how much endurance a man needs to endure.

As soon as Jane's voice fell, Qin Yue picked her up. He held her straight to the bathroom and said, "I'll eat when I have a rest."

"Qin Yue, what do you want to do?"

"You don't know what I'm going to do?"

Unfortunately, Jane was reduced to the "delicacy" of Qin and Yue.

She felt like a delicious and beautiful snack in his eyes.

He didn't eat the dessert at all. Instead, he first enjoyed the beauty of the dessert, then smelled its fragrance, and finally ate it.

Jane wants to hit people. This man is really different from the outside. It seems that he is a noble and cold president, but he is a beast when he takes off his clothes.

She stopped talking and didn't want to talk about him. She agreed to let her go for dinner once, and finally she was eaten twice as a snack by him.

"Be simple --"

simply ignore him, that is, ignore him.

"Don't you want me to come here with you for the convenience of us..."

Jane put out her hand to cover Qin Yue's mouth and glared at him viciously: "Mr. Qin, are you a spermatozoon recently?"

Qin Yue is slightly stunned, then nods: "when I see you, it seems that it's just like you said that."

Jane ran: "..."

She decided not to tell the man about her memory recovery, or she would not know how he would upset her.

"Don't make any noise. I'm tired and I'll get up later for dinner." Qin Yue holds Jane in her arms and lightly touches the scar on her abdomen with one hand.

His hand touched the scar on her abdomen, which was a little itchy, and she could not help but shrink her neck: "this scar is so ugly, do you feel sick?"

"Fool, how can I feel sick." He will only be distressed.

Every time I see the scar that is almost half the length of the ordinary pregnant woman's caesarean section, I will see his heartache once and think of his heartache once.

"I used to think it was ugly, but when I knew it was because of Xiao ran, I didn't think it was ugly." Jane leaned in his arms and said with great pride.

Originally thought that she was single, in the limited memory has not been in love once, she is unable to experience a mother's mood.

But when she saw Xiaoran at the first sight, she liked her very much. She wanted to take Xiaoran home and raise her own.

When she learned that xiaoranran was her child, she was not shocked at that moment, she only had joy, as if her dream had finally come true.

Qin Yue didn't answer, but put Jianran closer together. Hearing Jianran, she said, "in the past three years or more, I felt like a walking corpse, and there was almost no emotion in my life. When working, I will devote myself to the design work. "

She always thought that the feeling was to be aloof from the rest of the world, as if she had seen the prosperity of the world. She was used to seeing the spring and autumn, winter and summer. She thought that she was interested in design and that she was a person who had no desire or desire in life.

In fact, it wasn't, but she was instinctively on guard against Jane Zhengtian. Even then, she only knew that Jane Zhengtian was her only relative, but she didn't want to tell him a lot of things.

All the ups and downs, she is used to eating alone, never mentioned to Jane Zhengtian.

After meeting Qin Yue, her mind, do not need her to tell him, he is much clearer than her.

Jane said the experience and feelings of these three years in detail. Qin Yue hugged her and listened quietly.

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