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"The key is in the greenroom of 'Acting Supremacy', Chris also said that Jessica was her girlfriend. Alex also had a relationship with Jessica...Now it can be confirmed that Jessica's private life must be very messy!"

What the last person said was supported by most people. And a lot of people said, judging by Jessica's appearance, they could know that she was a dissolute woman.

In a word, the adjectives they used were very disgusting.

Jessica hated being talked about for her looks, so on impulse she got right into the middle of the throng who were talking.

"Can you stop judging me by my look? Is it up to me to decide what I look like?"

She really wanted to sue these people who spread rumors directly, just like Tina had sued the Internet trolls for her! But they were colleagues, so she didn't want to cause a bad influence. After all, they were in a circle!

They didn't know Jessica was beside them. When she yelled at them like this, everyone froze and then looked embarrassed.

Clara whistled in excitement as a looker-on.

Jessica glared at her, took a deep breath, and explained to these people in a kindly manner. "The bully... Chris and I are just friends. Last time he said I was his girlfriend, it was just a joke."

"As for Mr. Howard, we are... we are good friends and we absolutely don't have a skeleton in our closet. If there is anything you don't know, please come and ask me at any time. Don't misrepresent it."

The group of people smiled embarrassedly and made excuses to leave, not knowing whether they believed her or not.

Jessica felt a pang of gloom. She sauntered back with Clara. "Do you think they believe it or not?"

"No." Clara said decisively.

"How do you know?"

"Look at this!"

Clara was very prescient and had bought a colleague's social networking account and infiltrated into the enemy.

"I don't believe her. If she doesn't have an affair with Mr. Howard, why did she stammered guiltily when she said they were good friend?"

That was her brother, and that was why she stammered!

"I don't believe it either. She is a newcomer. If it had not been for Mr. Howard to buy her hot search, would she have had four in a row yesterday? And Tina is a famous agent FC entertainment, belonging to the Howard group!"

Damn it...

She flipped through a few more sentences, unable to complain of them. She made up her mind to invite everyone to dinner the next day, and then clarified her identity seriously.

After all, the title of mistress really made her feel unpleasant!

The next day, when Jessica arrived at the set, the gossip was rife.

If they had not mentioned her name when they gossiped, she did not know that her brother, Mr. Johnson, the bully and the producer Mr. Thompson had affairs with her.

She unwillingly spent a large sum of money to treat the crew members to a luxury lunch. And she took this opportunity to announce to everyone solemnly.

"Excuse my interrupting you. I want to tell you something."

"Since yesterday, there has been a lot of gossip about me, which has had a certain impact on me. In case there is any misunderstanding, let me clear it up."

"I am not Mr. Howard's lover. He is my brother, biological brother."

Jessica stressed that he was her biological brother solemnly, mainly because there were too many nominal parents in the circle. If she didn't say that, the others may misunderstand.

They were enjoying the food happily. Everyone was stunned when they heard her words and even someone squirted the rice on the other person.

There was a silence.

The embarrassment was extreme.

Jessica, "..."

How could this be different from what she thought?

Wasn't everyone supposed to take a tumble and feel guilty for spreading rumors about her?

"Jessica, you can joke with me in private, but lying in front of everyone now is not fun. After all, Mr. Howard is my boyfriend. Why didn't I hear that he had a sister?"

Amy stood up and looked at Jessica from several seats away, whose face was full of sarcasm.

All eyes were on Jessica. The discussion was in succession. Most of them were questioning and mocking.

"If you still don't believe me, I can make a video call to my brother!" Jessica was really tired of the rumors about her relationship with Ryan, so today she was determined to prove her identity.

She took out her cell phone and dialed her brother's number.

The others, seeing her move so fast, were skeptical, all staring at the phone in her hand.


Thirty seconds.

One minute.

There was no answer.

Jessica didn't expect that he didn't answer the phone. For a moment, the situation was awkward.

Her face was getting hot under the different gaze. "My.. My brother might be busy, so he is not convenient to answer the phone. My mom, you know what she looks like, right? I will make..."

"Stop it!" The director interrupted her. "What are you messing around instead of hastening to eat and then shoot? You, come here, and sit down to have the dinner!"


Jessica intoned, elongating the word. She put away his phone, and sat down to eat.

Obviously they were sitting and eating in an open place, but she felt as if she had been thrown into a pool of cement, and the hardening cement gradually took the air away from her.

Amy's sneering voice came from not far away. "Ask for an insult."

It wasn't loud, but it was just right for Jessica to hear it. She clearly meant it.

Jessica had thought that today she could clarify the gossip, but she didn't expect she would make the matter a lot worse. Now, when she heard Amy's words, she would like to pick up the plate the front of her, and paste it on Amy's face!

Jessica was stuffing her mouth with the rice gloomily, and took the food on the plate as Amy and wanted to poke them into pieces.

"Excuse me, please." Then a male voice came from the side.

Jessica looked up and saw that the speaker was Alex.

They didn't have a specific place for eating, so they were crowding around on the leeward side of the rockery. She was sitting on the small stool, and Alex was on her left, trying to pass.

Why did the man have to pass her when there was such a wide way to go?

Jessica was annoyed, but Alex looked like 'You're a stranger, so I don't want to talk to you.' She didn't want to talk to him either, so she drew back her legs to make it easier for him to pass.

"Thank you." After Alex broke up with Jessica, he thought she looked more and more beautiful. But now it was not the time to look, so he forced himself to look away and went straight on.

According to Jessica's look, it was clear that she was worried because he had given her up completely. Soon she would be tempted to beg him to get back together!

Jessica didn't know what he was thinking about at all. The sound of the wind, mixed with other people's comments and jeers, made her even more agitated.

Obviously those were unfounded rumors. How could they be so sure? It was like they were listening under the bed when she and Ryan were having sex! They bored her to death!

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