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However, Ryan was determined to listen to her. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. Then he pinched her chin and made her look up at him.

"Tell me!" He lowered his voice, with a hint of anger.

Jessica drew back her neck when she met his gloomy eyes, and could only confess, "Well...do you remember when I was in school, I appeared in a teen drama, and then I quit?"

Ryan's face clouded over with anger. "Yes."

"An investor saw my good looks, wanted to keep me, and said he could make me the leading lady. He became angry with me after I refused him. So he told the cast that I seduced him and I had wrong intentions, and then kicked me out of the cast."

Talking about this, Jessica felt kind of annoyed.

She was clearly one of those conservative people in her feelings, but because the beauty of her features made her seemed to be kind of flirtatious, she always attracted some bad romance.

For example, when she was taking an elective course in her sophomore year, a man who looked like a loser sat next to her and kept talking to her. At the end of the class, he still followed her, saying that he wanted to have sex with her, and he could give her money. But he was driven away by her scolding.

Ryan frowned, his eyes looked cold, and his voice became cold. "When I asked you, why did you lie to me?"

"I don't want to lie." Jessica looked at him, and said carefully with some ingratiation and grievance, "But I always had some bad romance. I was afraid that if I told you, you'd think there was something wrong with my private life."

She had asked her brother for help. But it happened so many times, she didn't dare to tell him every time when it happened... She was afraid that he, like some people, thought it took two to make a quarrel, and there was something wrong with her.

Jessica thought Ryan would understand this explanation, but he frowned tighter. Her heart missed a beat. Did Ryan really think there was something wrong with her?

"Lots of bad romance?" Ryan squinted and was wreathed in anger.

Jessica hastened to explain, "Yeah, but it's not my fault! You can only blame my blood parents for making me like this!"

It??s not her fault to be such charming.

Seeing that her eyes were red with anxiety, Ryan's face softened a bit, but his voice was still indifferent. "You are my sister. Can I misunderstand you?

Jessica lowered her head, whose eyelashes fluttered. "I am also grandmother's granddaughter, but she is still afraid that you and I have some..."

How could someone else's grandmother suspect her granddaughter of having an illicit relationship with her grandson?

Her voice was too low, so Ryan did not hear clearly. He asked, frowning. "What did you say?"

"Nothing!" Jessica looked up at him with a grin and curved eyes. "I just wanna know why you came to visit see me today?"

Instead of answering the question, Ryan asked, "Who are those people about bad romances?"

There was no expression on his face, like the calm before the storm.

The Howard family was a large family which had many friends and enemies. There were too many people who wanted to find their fault staring at them. She didn't want Ryan to get into any trouble for helping her vent her anger.

"It's been so long. I don't remember who they are. There is no need to be angry. Anyway, I either scolded them or beat them, so I didn't lose anything!"

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ryan just nodded and didn't continue. She thought it was over.

Until half a year later, she went to a reunion and heard that those men who had offended her were somehow unlucky.

She became suspicious. When she looked into the situation of the men, including the investors of the teen drama, she found that they were more or less unlucky.

Especially the rich businessman, who wanted to keep her, broke up with his wife. His company went bankrupt. He came to a particularly bad end. And all these things were done by Ryan.

Of course, this was part of a story to be recounted later.

Ryan called his assistant and presented her with a bouquet of flowers and a gift.

She struggled to hold the large bouquet of flowers, stuttering, "Ry??Ryan, why do you give me flowers?"

Apart from the house, he seldom gave her anything, let alone flowers.

"It comes with the gift." Ryan averted his eyes from hers with an unnatural look, and he motioned to her to unwrap the gift. "Do you like it?"

Jessica's attention was successfully diverted. She put the flowers aside on the porch, and then unwrapped the gift. "Wow, Rayan, it's not a festival today. Why do you give me such a valuable gift?"

A diamond necklace! The sparkle was blinding her!

"Do you like it?" Ryan didn't answer her question but asked.

Because of the well-off family condition, Jessica had seen a lot of fine jewelry, but she still loved this necklace so much. "Yes!"

The fondness in his eyes was fleeting. His face was still as cold as ice. "You got four hot searches in a row last night. This is your reward."

In fact, the diamond necklace had been prepared for a long time. He was just afraid that she would misunderstand, so he found a reason to give it to her.

Jessica looked up, smiling, "Then thank..."

"Mr. Howard!!" A delighted female voice interrupted her.

Amy was scolded badly by the director, so she just wanted to find a quiet place to read the script. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Ryan accidentally.

With a happy face, she trotted over and found Jessica standing behind Ryan when she got closer.

"You..." Amy said with a sullen face. Thinking of Ryan's presence, she forced a smile. "Miss Rosen is here, too."

She stared at the gift box in Jessica's hand and the red rose on the corridor seat beside them with a pang of envy.

Mr. Howard hadn't given her anything yet!

And it was such an expensive gift!

"Well." Jessica noticed her sights, so she put the box with the necklace directly into the pocket of her coat, said to Ryan "I have to go.??

After all, Amy was Ryan's girlfriend now. She couldn't play gooseberry here.

Jessica held back the subtle envy in her heart, said goodbye to Ryan, and was ready to leave with the rose.

Ryan had managed to spare some time to see her here, and now when he saw that she was going to leave, he frowned. "Did I let you go?"

If he hadn't been afraid that Jessie would avoid him, but also needed Amy as a shield, he would not allow Amy to talk here?

Jessica also wanted to talk to him more. But she glanced at Amy, who was clearly not pleased, and hesitated. "But..."

"When Mr. Howard asks you to stay, you stay. Don't be so fussy!" Her hesitation seemed to be a naked provocation in Amy's eyes.

Jessica was very angry, but in front of Ryan, she couldn't have a fit of anger and could only make a mental note of it.

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