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After the entire person entered the office, Alice also poked out her small head and looked around, making sure that no one saw her entering the chief's office, and then closed the door gently, breathing a long breath.

Benjamin had long put down his work, his white fingers were intertwined, his elbows were propped up on the desk, and a pair of deep eyes stared patiently at her every move.

When Alice turned around and faced him, she was startled. Why did he stare at her like this?

Alice gestured with her hand and said, "Everyone is going to lunch, aren't you going now?"

Benjamin retracted his chilling eyes, hands around his chest, and leaned against the leather executive chair behind her, looking at Alice coldly, and answered, "My secretary didn't tell you not to come to my office? Don't come in, and knock on the door before entering it. I don't need to teach you this basic etiquette. "

Alice stood opposite to him without saying a word.

Alice was so speechless by his arrogance. As a result, the man said again, "Why are you still standing there? Get out."

If she was angry, she will definitely leave the door now, but she did not want to be angry with him.

When he was still angry, if she was angry with him, the two would be in the cold war, and she didn't want to.

Striding forward, standing in front of him, taking the deterrent words she just heard as nothing and rolling her eyes, "Why did you say so much nonsense, I'm asking you, are you hungry? What do you want for lunch? ? "

Sitting in the executive chair, he looked up at her standing in front of him, his expression indifferent, and he didn't seem to answer her question.

Alice just wanted to speak again, and there was a rhythmic knock at the door, "Well."

Then there was a nice and soft female voice, "Mr. Chief, I'll bring you lunch."

Alice was so frightened that she squatted down and then hidden behind his desk like a little mouse. If someone found her in the chief's office, she became the enemy of the entire studio woman.

"Come in." Benjamin responded with simple words.

Miss Secretary came in with lunch, and Alice could only hear the crackling of Miss Secretary's high-heeled shoes that was no less than ten centimeters.

The secretary should put the lunch on the short table next to him, and then said to Benjamin, "Mr. Chief, I bought you braised shrimp, cumin lamb, white rice, and two vegetarian vegetables. They would lose the fragrance if they got cold. "

Benjamin replied indifferently, "Put it there."

The secretary's voice sounded a little disappointed, "OK."

It was just that she didn't hear her going out, Benjamin looked up at the secretary, "What else?"

The secretary smiled eagerly and greeted him. "Chief, please eat first. I will help you organize your desk."

Because Alice was a little tired of squatting in the hole in the table, she sat directly on the ground and heard the words of the secretary.

Benjamin's indifferent voice spread calmly in the large office, "No, you shouldn't have eaten yet."

Miss Secretary was surprised. Did the handsome Chief want her to stay with him for lunch?

She nodded hard. "Well, not yet."

But it turned that, "Then you go out to eat." said Ben.

The secretary murmured, and then there was the rattling sound of walking, this time she gradually drifted away, until the wooden door of the office opened and closed, the sound of high heels was blocked out of the door.

Alice scorned under the table before she came out, "I have never seen such a stupid Chief. Didn't you see that the secretary want to accompany you for lunch?"

Benjamin, who was sitting on the executive chair, stepped back, and held him coldly. "You remind me, should I call her back again and accompany me for lunch."

Alice got out from the desk and looked like an angry little wife in front of him, "Don't you dare!" Even the fool can see the secretary wanted to have something relationship with this guy.

Benjamin got up and went to the bathroom in the lounge to wash his hands. Then he didn't even say a word of politeness, and sat down on the sofa to eat lunch.

Alice didn't mean to go away, and she couldn't just stand here and watch him eat.

She walked over and sat beside him, and politely took away the chopsticks he had just held. "You can't eat so much anyway. I will help you to avoid wasting food."

Benjamin glanced at her, and his old face remained unchanged. Before she ate, she bit her chopsticks in her mouth and waited for him to open the food.

As soon as the cumin lamb was opened, Alice reacted, and the chopsticks were lowered. The smell made her retched. "What's the smell ..."

Covering her mouth and nose, she ran to the lounge.

Ben's eyebrows were very tight. This was her favorite cumin lamb. He specially asked the secretary to buy this, but the result was...

He didn't eat much in the morning, but at least he didn't see her so-called pregnancy reaction. Now...

It seemed difficult to ignore the fact that she was now a pregnant woman and pregnant with other man's child.

When Alice came out of the lounge, she saw that the window was open, ventilation was open, and the cumin lamb had been closed.

She sniffed, and she didn't have the disgusting taste she had just before. She just walked over and still sat beside him. He was slowly eating the lunch, but she didn't know what to say.

Benjamin said coldly, "What's wrong, didn't it satisfy your appetite?"

Alice shook her head and mumbled her mouth with some grievances. "I don't have chopsticks." He used the chopsticks that she had just bitten.

Benjamin took a spoon and put it in front of her. He was not talking, and continued to eat his meal.

Alice stooped and picked up the spoon. There was only one portion of white rice. Holding it in his big hand, she stretched out the spoon and scooped a large spoon in her mouth.

Benjamin turned her head and looked at her, really afraid she would stun.

Her face was so bad. Was it because of the nausea just now?

There was a block in his heart, and he put his rice in front of her, and only ate food.

Alice finally swallowed all the rice and wanted to eat a shrimp, but she didn't want to peel the shrimp.

She glanced at him secretly, and he didn't mean to peel for her.

So she put down the spoon, took a shrimp and peeled it seriously with her head down. He liked shrimp most.

Well, just gave him the food first, put it in the rice, then put the rice and shrimp on the spoon, sent it to his mouth, "It's for you."

Benjamin looked down at the rice in the spoon and the peeled shrimp, and instead of opening his mouth. He said coldly, "You don't need to please me."

Please him?

She just wanted to give him a shrimp, just that simple.

Alice asked him impatiently, Eat or not?"

Benjamin didn't look at her. He put down his chopsticks and ate nothing. He got up, found a cigarette and a lighter in the desk drawer, and stood by the floor-to-ceiling window.

Alice felt that she couldn't stand he had become what he was now, even if she had experienced hardship for three years.

The spoon in her hand was thrown directly in the direction of his standing, "Asshole, don't you see that I'm upset?"

It would be fine if the body was uncomfortable. Every pregnant woman will be like this. What she can't stand was that he made her feel uncomfortable.

She couldn't eat anyway, so she just got up and left.

Standing at the floor-to-ceiling window, Benjamin was smoking, listening to the sound of the back door being slammed hard, the hand holding the cigarette was shaking slightly.

Upset?!! Did she really know what it felt like to be uncomfortable?

Before leaving work, Benjamin walked out of the office, and then left without saying anything. He appeared in the eyes of everyone, and caused a sensation in the office.

These guys didn't understand that their behavior is like idiots, so he sneered at them, and continued his work.

That person did not show up until after work hours, and the staff in the studio seemed to be accustomed to his hastily coming and going.

Standing downstairs from the skyscraper, and then looking up, Alice didn't know which floor was 23rd floor.

She took the phone out of the bag and dials his number. Fortunately, he answered.

"Where did you go?"

Benjamin coldly issued a syllable, "Home."

Alice almost opened her mouth and cursed, and he went home first.

First, she took a bus. To be honest, she was not very familiar with that address. In the villa area, the bus was definitely not directly accessible. So she had to find a taxi again and again. She finally got home two hours later.

What's even more annoying was that she didn't even have the keys to this home, so she had to stand at the door and ring the bell. She didn't eat a few meals at noon. Now she can eat a whole chicken when she was hungry.

As soon as the door opened, the grievances on her face disappeared suddenly. He had changed into a smokey gray outfit, and it looked like he had taken a bath.

The most important thing was that he was still cooking at home. The fragrant smell made her feel hungry.

Benjamin was only responsible for helping her to open the door, then turned around and walked in without saying a word. As long as she can eat a fragrant dinner, Alice didn't mind anything.

The flat shoes on the feet had been taken off half, and then the entire body was as if immobile for a moment.


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