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Breakfast was prepared by Alice. It was a matter of course for someone to eat, ang without saying thank you.

Alice looked at him wore a well-dressed suit and looked like a boss, and asked him curiously, "Are you going to work?"

Benjamin didn't look up at her. The answer was a little more complicated, "Go to the company with me later."

Alice asked in a puzzle, "Why?"

Benjamin looked at Alice with a cold face, "Because from today on, you are a new member of my studio."

Alice probably understood that he asked her to go to his studio to work, but ... the time was not right.

"I can't go for a while," after thinking twice, she said, "No, I won't go."

Benjamin glared at her, "You want to be a rich wife at home?"

Alice was very confident, "I can support myself and my children by writing novels. Don't worry. I will never spend you a penny."

Her words made Benjamin even angrier, but she smiled angrily. "Children? I have forgotten it. Kill it as soon as possible."

Alice was not going to listen to him. He was angry, but it was enough. She turned around and left, but was pulled back by Benjamin.

The big hand clamped strongly on her small chin, which forced her to look up to his cold eyes.

His thin lips were tight and slow, "Alice, don't play with my temper. You don't deserve it."

Alice hated him for being like this. She turned her head to break free from his restraint, but his strength was too great, and she was simply powerless.

She was short of breath. Then she suddenly thought of an idea, and she raised her leg kicked his sensitive place. Even the most powerful man cannot stand this pain.

It turned out to be very effective, he had to let go of her. His tall and slender figure bowed slightly, and even if she could not see the distorted expression on his face at this moment, she could imagine his pain at this moment.

Alice stood almost three meters away from him. "Benjamin, let me go to your studio to work, but I have the conditions."

Benjamin looked up at her. She almost destroyed him just now, and even stood there aggressively to talk to him about the conditions.

He squeezed eyebrows, sneered, and said nothing, but his indifferent eyes seemed to disdain to speak to her, and listened.

You can ask me to go to work, and you can ask me do anything. You can even bully me, it doesn't matter. But you can't move this child. It is my life."

Alice stubbornly looked at him, and seemed to be warning him that if he moved the child in her stomach, she would fight with him.

But the more she did, the more he hated her. It was her life. Alas, it was because Dr. Ran went out and rescued them.

Benjamin smiled coldly, "It is your life, so my life is nothing to you."

He stood upright, and passed her coldly, sitting next to the shoe cabinet in the porch. He said coldly, "Why are you still standing there. You will be deducted for being late."

Alice was speechless. She promised to go to work, but did not say she would go today, but in order not to mess with him, she had to go.

However, "The bowl hasn't been washed yet." She accidentally added a bit of coquettishness.

At the entrance, Benjamin looked at her expressionlessly, "So, in the future, you have to get up early. Not a woman like you would get up so late."

Alice went to the porch unhappily, muttered, "It's like you've seen it."

Alice put on her own shoes and saw that he didn't mean to leave yet. "Aren't you hurry? Why standing here?"

She was just over-pampered. Even though he was now cold like a statue and bad like a devil, she was not afraid of him.

Benjamin didn't spread the warm voice of deterrence, "Help me wear shoes."

Alice looked at him silently. After confirming that she didn't hear wrong, she thought that it would be OK, and she would help him to wear shoes, a trivial matter.

Previously, at the university, she never woke up early. Sometimes, he helped her wash her face, he helped her comb her hair, he tidied up her schoolbag, and naturally he helped wear the shoes.

At that time, she was pampered so much. In the future, Benjamin will never be that Benjamin again.

She seriously helped him put on his shoes, and his eyes staring at her.

Suddenly, Alice looked up and asked him, "What were you thinking about when you helped me wear shoes?"

Benjamin shifted his eyes away instantly, and his shoes were already put on. He stood up, took the car key, opened the door, and left.

Alice followed him. On the first day of work, she didn't know what to prepare, and he didn't what she should prepare.

However, she was going to the hospital for a checkup today. It seemed that she can only wait until the weekend.

When boarding the car, Alice sat in the co-pilot without hesitation. She fastened her seat belt herself and waited for Benjamin to start the car.

"Benjamin, when I helped you wear shoes just now, I thought, I would like to help you wear shoes for a lifetime. Would you like to accompany me for a lifetime?"

Benjamin's big hand holding the steering wheel suddenly clenched. Didn't she feel shame for saying these words?.

When he was going to die, why didn't she think about accompanying him for the rest of the life?

His life, when she got on another ambulance, was over.

When she decided to have another person's child, he and she will not have a lifetime at all.

He did not speak because there was no answer to this question.

Alice pouted, unhappy with his cold appearance, but still said, "I know you would."

After saying this, she didn't know how he thought about it, but she felt hurt in heart. She even felt that she was a little wronged.

Until he arrived at the studio, he was silent all the way, and he always treated Alice as air, and Alice comforted herself that air was also very important anyway.

The studio was on the 23rd floor of the tallest building in New York. There was no doubt that he was the boss.

Alice thought about a dozen ways to introduce herself on the way, and after Benjamin spoke, she found that she thought too much.

He introduced her, "Alice, my childhood neighbor, working in the design department."

Alice opened her mouth, and looked at this guy who had cleared the line with her as soon as she entered the studio. His neighbor when he was a kid?!! Then they slept in a bed last night. Why didn't he talk about it?!!

After a simple morning meeting, he went into his office arrogantly, leaving Alice alone.

Alice never thought that at the moment, she became an encyclopedia for all women in the studio.

"Alice, has the Chief been so handsome since he was a child?"

"Alice, the chief must have been a school bully when he was a kid, right?"

"Alice, you must have a picture of the Chief when you were a kid. Could you share it?"

Alice really wanted to pat the table and stand up, and announced loudly, "That man is mine. You women are not allowed to touch him."

But she didn't dare. She was afraid that she would cause trouble on the first day. She was still afraid of Benjamin's indifference now.

Alice greeted her female colleagues with smiles. "Our Chief had been the most handsome guy since childhood, but he seemed to have a ... girlfriend."

The small expressions of female colleagues were instantly lost, "Ah? What a pity."

A woman said, "Our Chief is so good that it is normal to have a girlfriend, but they might break up one day."

All the girls nodded, "Yes, yes. Even if they got married, they might divorce within a few days."

Alice looked at them with a look of disappointment, not knowing what to say..."

A gaze was set in the direction of the chief's office. The man who was her husband was too eye-catching and too easy to be hooked up by those women. So she had to show out all his disadvantages so that she could ruin his perfect image in the eyes of women.

Suddenly she thought it would be nice to come to work with him.

She spent a whole morning working on the drawings heard from a few colleagues in the office who said that he was not working here every day.

She also learned that this studio was set up half a year ago.

It's time for lunch. The door of the chief's office had been closed for three hours from the morning and had never been opened again.

Alice wondered whether he had slept in these three hours, but there was no movement at all.

Also, she didn't go into the secretary room closest to his office. She was curious that why the secretary didn't report the work process to the chief.

Most importantly, that secretary was beautiful, and, in the winter, was her tight V-neck bottoming shirt too low?

Alice looked at the beautiful secretary with good shape who twisted her butt and went to lunch with other colleagues.

Seeing that there was no one in the office, she was sneaky and nervous, and entered the chief's office like a thief.

As soon as the wooden door opened, Benjamin knew that she had come in, because no one except her would come in without knocking.


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