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"I'm pregnant."

Sure enough, this was the most effective way. All his movements came to an abrupt halt, but his big hand around her waist clamped her even harder, and coldly ordered her, "Say it again."

Alice didn't lie, she was really pregnant, just as he said. The time before the end of the period, she was pregnant unexpectedly.

She found this in the past few days. Her period hadn't come and she also felt vomited and had no appetite to eat.

"I'm pregnant."

Benjamin finally let go of her, stood in front of her, and smiled coldly and sorrowfully, "No wonder he caught up to save you even for his life. It turns out that you are pregnant with his baby. Alice, can you two still make me feel sicker? "

Why did he think of her this way, Alice couldn't believe her ears! He thought that the child in her stomach was Dr. Ran's.

"Benjamin, what are you talking about? This is our child."

How could Benjamin believe what she said? She was obviously not pregnant at that time, and she wanted to lie to him, was it because Dr. Ran died so she chose him?

Benjamin nodded, "It's mine. So I could decide whether it could stay." He pointed to her belly.

Alice instinctively protected her flat belly with both hands, and watched the strange Benjamin vigilantly, "What do you want to do?"

Benjamin smiled sadly, "What I want to do, I don't want this child, so tomorrow and you go to hospital and kill it."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Alice watched him go upstairs, but with a helpless grin. She thought to herself, maybe the heart in his body really didn't like anymore.

Alice had been cleaning all the living room and dining room before preparing to go to rest. It's late at night, and she felt a little tired. Standing at the stairs, she didn't know if she should go up?

Which room should she sleep in in this villa?

Forget it. He was just discharged from the hospital. He should take a good rest. She would sleep on the sofa in the living room this night and wait for tomorrow, if he still decides to let her stay here, she would ask him which room is hers.

Alice curled up on the sofa, took his coat on the side of the porch hanger and covered it on her body. But when she finally fell asleep, she wake up in the middle of the night.

"Get up!"

Alice was still confused. She always hated people disturbing her when she slept soundly. She grabbed her hair and murmured, "Don't touch me, I want to sleep."

As soon as she lay down on a leather sofa that was so warm, she felt that her scalp was hurting because someone caught my hair too hard.

Alice pushed hard at the unreasonable Benjamin and shouted at him, "Benjamin, what are you trying to do?"

She was so angry. Benjamin had no waves, but just asked her coldly, "Who asked you to sleep here?"

Alice was going to be mad at him. If it wasn't for pregnancy, she could be angry. She must have hit him like crazy and scolded him.

"You didn't tell me which room is mine before going to bed. Could it be that I have to sleep at the door, so I won't interfere with you?"

Benjamin still held her coldly, she was still angry, and how could she have to be angry in front of him.

She only heard him say, "You are my wife, and we are husband and wife. You think which room should you sleep in?"

Alice certainly understood what he meant, and she retorted him, "Then I would rather sleep here."

As soon as she was about to lie down again, Benjamin directly stopped her with a long arm, picked her up horizontally, and walked upstairs. "Benjamin, please let me go down. Don't hurt your child."

Speaking of child, he couldn't wait to throw her on the ground now?

"Anyway, you are going to the hospital tomorrow to do abortion."

Alice angrily stared at the ruthless Benjamin, "If you dare to touch my child, I hate you forever."

In the bedroom on the second floor, she didn't know if he deliberately did not throw her on the bed, although it was not gentle.

He walked over to the closet, opened the door, and there was a row of women's pajamas inside. He took one of them, and flung it lightly on her, looking down at her, "Forever?! Good."

Either love or hate, no matter what, Benjamin was still in Alice's life, mixed up for a lifetime.

Benjamin went to bed, and Alice wanted to go to the bathroom to change her clothes. Before she got to change, she was ordered by him, "Change here."

Alice didn't want to toss with him in the middle of the night. Anyway, there were his child in her stomach, and she changed here and here.

He turned his back to her. The whole process was quite gentleman, without turning back, and without any movement.

Alice changed her pajamas and opened the quilt. The bed and the quilt were warm.

She didn't want to touch him. She was too comfortable in the bed, and she stretched her frozen legs. As a result, her cold feet accidentally touched his warm feet.

She had just wanted to hide. His two feet were like big crab's pliers. He clamped her feet at once, and she was not allowed to escape.

"I'm not cold." In fact, she was to be angry with him, why he suddenly treated her so badly.

Benjamin only felt that his heart was fighting with his body, and he hated the behavior that he wanted to help her warm her feet.

He said to her behind in a cold voice, "Alice, starting today, no matter how I treat you, you are in this villa, and stay with me."

Alice no longer struggled, and stubbornly asked him, "Do you hate me?"

There was bitterness at the corner of Benjamin's mouth, "Shouldn't I?"

Sure enough, he blamed her and hated her, "Actually, at that time, Dr. Ran ..."

The angry Benjamin interrupted Alice's explanation again, "I said, you are not allowed to mention that person."

Alice moved her almost warm feet, "Then you have to sleep in a bed with me."

Benjamin snorted coldly, "Did you really not see it? I'm insulting you."

"While insulting me, don't you think you're dirty yourself?" Alice.

Benjamin said lukewarmly, "Oh, I am a man who escaped from the dead, it doesn't matter, I can live. It doesn't matter if I'm happy or not. What's important is that I don't want you to be happy.

Alice said to him, "Benjamin, you have become a devil."

Benjamin didn't care about her new title, but he accepted it, "Yes, I do come from hell."

Alice had a dream that she was in a maze, and not knowing how she could find no way out. When she was most exhausted and wanted to give up, a masked man in black appeared in front of her. She could not see him, let alone the expression on his face.

He reached out to her, but didn't speak. Alice thought he was going to take her out. Her hand was about to touch his hand, but the man in black turned abruptly, and his long arms wrapped her neck.

Alice wanted to run away, but she couldn't make any sound. She felt it was difficult for her to breathe, and it became more and more difficult, as if something was blocking her mouth...

At the last moment, she was suddenly awake, opened her eyes and began to breathe, and the ceiling in front of her was obviously strange, but she could still feel familiar and warm in this room.

Something was still on the neck, she lowered her eyes, and sure enough, it was the person lying beside her.

She remembered that she was reluctantly left in this room last night, which was, in his opinions, the wedding room.

With his arms around her neck, it's no wonder she dreamed that way.

Turning around to see that he was still asleep, she felt that this guy was a super invincible handsome guy, and even the way he slept was very refreshing.

He breathed warmly on his pillow, thinking that this person would eventually become her husband. Alice felt very happy, but she also felt that there was a logical accident.

The words he and Chuck said last night, whether those were out of truth or anger, made Alice understand that the marriage between them was destined to be difficult.

Unconsciously, Alice's face was closer to him. Anyway, after becoming a husband and wife, she had a sleep together for the first time in the same bed, and now there was a little guy in her stomach.

He kept his mouth shut and she wanted to kiss him secretly while he was still asleep, and quietly said to him, 'Darling, good morning.'

There was always a gap between imagination and reality.

She felt hurt as soon as she stretched her neck, and she couldn't kiss him.

Opening her eyes, and turned around. She was taken aback. This gut was staring at her with a pair of bottomless eyes?

Alice thought, forget it. He was already her husband, and no matter how many times he kissed she wouldn't break the law.

He said coldly, "You shall not touch me without my permission."

What did he mean?

It's too hurt. Alice opened the quilt and looked dissatisfied. She got out of bed and muttered with arrogance in her mouth, "Well, you cannot touch me either."

Benjamin, who was still lying on his side, looked at Alice, who was screaming away, and he knew what it felt like.

Turning around, and lying flat, he closed his eye and exhaled a long suffocation in the heart.


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