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Molly came to add fuel and vinegar, "Ben, I have said before, she didn't love you at all..."

As the chief physician of Benjamin, Penny didn't want to see her patient dealing with these messy things soon after he recovered.

"Well, what patient needs most now is quietness, and rest. Everyone, please go out."

Joan and Molly put some of the daily necessities on the table, Alice reluctantly glanced at Benjamin, and he didn't want to see her at all.

Including Penny, when the four were about to leave together, Benjamin said coldly, "Alice, I have something to tell you."

Even though his voice was cold, Alice was very grateful for his words. Turning back, looking back, a pair of tearing eyes looked at him lying on the hospital bed, because of the surgery, his face got thinner.

His bed was remote-controlled. He pressed the remote control himself to keep him in a semi-lying position. Alice tried to step forward to help him, but he avoided it.

Alice stood in front of the hospital bed and looked at him. He didn't know what to say, Benjamin said coldly and warmly, "How about your Dr. Ran?"

Alice looked at him and frowned. Even though it was still unacceptable, she still chose to tell the truth, "He is dead."

Benjamin frowned, and did not seem to think that it would be the result. No one told him about it, because few people around him knew Dr. Ran.

And Penny who knew Dr. Ran also said nothing.

Alice's sorrow made Benjamin very angry. He snorted coldly and made people chilling in a cold tone, "Dead?"

Alice looked at him with a frown, "Can't you do that?"

Her words made him want to laugh even more, and strangely said to Alice, "My dear wife, what do you want me to do? Like you, weeping your face in front of your husband for another dead man?"

"Benjamin, do you know ..."

Penny, who had been outside without leaving, walked in. "You can't yell at my patient. His heart rate has just returned to normal now."

Alice looked at Penny, and then looked at Benjamin, who was half-lying on the hospital bed. At this time, even Joan and Molly followed.

"Alice, I ask you to go out!" As a mother, Joan, of course, was very concerned about her son's health. The villain Molly fueled, "What are you still waiting for?"

She thought that when Benjamin was discharged from the hospital, she could slowly explain everything to him, but she did not expect that he would hate her so much.

On the day of discharge, Chuck, Janice and Jim all came because the rebirth of a good friend was a good day to celebrate.

Alice will also come because he received a call from Benjamin early in the morning, and his tone was still cold. "Your husband is discharged from the hospital. Wouldn't you come as a wife to pick him up?"

She certainly will go and pick him up, of course. His health was her greatest wish.

Because Janice liked Dr. Ran and knew that Dr. Ran had died to save Alice, she really couldn't like Alice.

After being discharged from the hospital, Benjamin invited friends to visit the castle villa that he had carefully designed for many years, and announced that he and Alice had married early.

Everyone was surprised.

"Really?" Jim picked up the red book thrown by Benjamin on the table, and there were really two-person photos of them and their names.

Alice didn't know why Benjamin suddenly announced this. His attitude towards her had changed noticeably, not even looking at her eyes as before, but he told everyone that they were married.

This marriage was decided by him from the beginning, and perhaps the purpose of the marriage was not the same as the reason announced now.

Janice rolled her eyes at Alice, "Bitch." Since she had been married with Benjamin, how could she pretend to be innocent and pitiful every day, and to seduce a doctor? As a result, the doctor was killed to save her.

Chuck was more mature than their minds. He didn't speak, but he could see the changes in Benjamin and Alice's silence.

Jim said. "I know that you two still would come together in the end. If Benjamin can't get you Alice, his life would have no hope. Just this villa, he has designed for not knowing how many days and nights for you, just to give you a princess dream. "

Benjamin glared at Jim.

Jim smiled, "Ben, you are good to be together. To be honest, you are not normal if you are not together. Let's be blessings from buddies."

Alice felt familiar when she entered this villa today. He had been designing this villa all the time. This villa was really designed for her.

At that time when he called her wife, the villa belonged to her. She was too stupid to know about this.

On the terrace, Chuck and Benjamin were smoking, and Chuck took away the cigarette between Benjamin's fingers. "You have just been discharged from the hospital, take care of yourself."

Benjamin smiled coldly, and re-lit one, "Isn't I not dead yet, The God knew that I will not die, so he won't accept me."

The two leaned on the guardrail of the terrace. From where they stood, they could see the scene in the living room. Jim was teasing Janice. Janice was impatient with Jim, while Alice was sitting quietly on the corner of the sofa, who seemed like looking closely at the design of this villa.

Chuck asked Benjamin, "What are you going to do?"

Sure enough, he couldn't hide his emotions in front of Chuck, and said indifferently, "I don't need to report to you what I do to my wife."

Chuck kindly reminded, "Don't do anything wrong. Dr. Ran died because of her. At that time, her choice was only because she was grateful for his saving her."

Speaking of that, why was he so blocked in his heart? He wanted to vent his yelling, especially now that he can still see Alice sitting in the living room like a fool. He really wanted to ask loudly now. Ask her, '"Why didn't you choose to get in my ambulance?"

What he hated was that it might be that he finally gave her a glance, shook her hand, and finally coaxed her so that she wouldn't be scared after losing him. She cried ugly.

But what about her?

Benjamin turned around, stopped looking at her, and smiled lonely, "Oh, since I like her, it has been a mistake."

Chuck sighed and advised him, "Ben ... don't make you regret."

Benjamin sneered, "But the last thing I regret now was that I loved her Alice."

Not in love, but loved.

Alice, who just walked into the terrace with a glass of honey water, and stopped like a stone as she heard his words.

Alice just appeared on the terrace, and of course she heard Benjamin's last sentence.

When Chuck heard a sound, he turned around and saw Alice standing outside. "Alice ..."

Benjamin turned his head, the coldness in his eyes narrowed slightly.

Alice's forced wry smile and sadness can only be hidden in her heart.

She said, "Don't smoke, you are just discharged from hospital."

In fact, she came to make Benjamin not to smoke, and gave him a cup of water. What Benjamin said just now made her think that she didn't have the power to control him.


At the end of the party, there were only two people in the whole villa: Alice and Benjamin. Alice was packing between the dining room and the living room. Benjamin had his hands around his chest and his single leg was hooked on the other straight leg, looking at her coldly. She was busy.

Alice only noticed him when she held up her head. She thought he had taken a bath and rested. She stopped her movements, and looked at him, "I'll simply clean it, you go to rest first."

Suddenly, he was like a cheetah that had been hunting for a long time, with his hands clasped on her shoulders with a strong hand, and a turning movement pushed her against the hard wall. He didn't care how much his strength was.

Before her eyebrows tightened because of pain, his kiss got stronger, like a beast vowing to swallow her alive, leaving her powerless to fight back.

She was hurt by the lips he kissed, and she wanted to push him away. He was so cruel that he had bitten her lips because of her refusal. He was a vampire who couldn't wait to drain her blood.

"Benjamin ..." She finally pushed him away. No, it was he finally let her go.

Staring at the bright red on her lips, his bloodthirsty sneer sounded even colder, "My kiss was so hateful for you."

Any woman would resist such a cruel kiss. Alice pushed him away and decided to ignore him.

Who knew that he didn't intend to stop there, holding her arms with his big hands, and dragging her back again without mercy, "I won't let you go?"

Alice felt that Benjamin was too strange. Even without her in his heart, his brain was his own. This way Benjamin was too bad for her, and she didn't want to ignore him.

"I know you blame me, blame me for getting in Dr. Ran' s ambulance, blame me when I cared more about him. But ..."

"Dong!" Was the sound of Benjamin's fist slamming against the wall of Alice's earlobe? He gritted his teeth and glared at Alice, who wanted to explain, and said coldly, "Don't Explain! Don't bring him up again in front of me! "

"But ..." Unless she explained, he would never know why.

His kissed came again, even stronger than the previous one, even with predatory plunder. He no longer satisfied a kiss at all, and he even tore her clothes off, trying to plunder more.

"Benjamin, don't do this ..." Alice cried anxiously.

He reminded her viciously in her ear, "You are my wife, and if I want, you have to accept."

Alice couldn't stop him. She had to tell him, "I'm pregnant."


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