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"Huh?" Qin Yue rubbed her chin lightly on her head and said in a low, sexy and gentle voice, "then tell me, what makes you happy?"

Jane blinked and said sweetly, "because when I was bullied, you came back in time to help me, so I am very happy. "Two five eight in the Wen" Jane to him sweet smile.

If he comes back too early, she may not see Mr. Qin and his assistant. She may not remember the past without being stimulated.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue rubbed her hard, only when she was comforting him.

This silly girl, no matter when she thinks about him, why not think about herself more?

At this time, he is by her side, she can vent all the emotions, rather than bear everything alone.

In that way, she will make him more distressed.

Jane lay in his arms and said softly, "Qin Yue."

Qin Yue rubbed her head: "huh?"

She looked up at him, blinked her big beautiful eyes, and said, "can you promise me something?"

"Qin Yue nods:" you say

"Promise me first."

"First of all."

"Then I won't say."

"Well, I promise you."

Hearing his promise, Jane chuckled and pressed down her little nervousness and shyness. She tiptoed up and kissed him at the corner of her mouth.

After stealing the kiss, she wanted to run, but Qin Yue dragged her back. He hugged her and whispered: "Jane ran, tell me, what happened?"

"Nothing. I just want to kiss you She just wanted to kiss him, that's the simple reason.

"Is it?" Qin Yue obviously didn't believe Jianran's abnormal behavior. He pushed her out of his arms, held her shoulder and looked at her quietly.

When she came back, she was a person with incomplete memory, so she was not as close to him as before. Even though they had already had a relationship, she had not offered to kiss him.

Three years ago, before they separated, she was naughty, obviously shy, but always kissed him like this.

Thinking of this, what did Qin Yue think of all of a sudden? Did he simply restore his memory? Did he simply think of him?

He was too excited to ask. He just looked at Jane and asked her with his eyes. He hoped that she would give him a positive answer.

"Mr. Qin, don't you like me kissing you when you look at me like this?" She knew he liked it. She made fun of him on purpose.

"I like it." Qin Yue dare not directly ask her if she has recovered her memory. She is worried that she will always ask after her, which will make her feel pressured and disgusted. He didn't want her to feel a trace of depression and discomfort.

"Shall I go somewhere with me?"


Jian ran didn't say where he would accompany her. Qin Yue readily agreed. No matter what the situation was, he would accompany her as long as she asked him to accompany him.

In the past, Jianran has almost spelled it out, but she didn't tell Qinyue, because she didn't know how to tell Qinyue what your grandfather did to me.

No matter how unforgivable Qin Laozi has done, he is always Qin Yue's grandfather. They have a blood relationship that can't be broken, so Jane won't have the heart to give Qin Yue to do this difficult thing.

He didn't want her to be hurt in the slightest. She didn't want to. She also wanted to protect him from being in a dilemma.

Qin Yue's ability is very strong. No one outside can hurt him. Only blood and family can hurt him.

The place that Jane asked Qin Yue to accompany her was mengkejing City, where they lived when they were newly married. She said that she wanted to go here and have a look to see if she could think of something more. In fact, she wanted to live a simple and ordinary life with him again.

Every day when she comes back from work, she is busy cooking in the kitchen, cooking and waiting for him to come back. She didn't realize how good that feeling was before, but now she is full of happiness.

Jian ran pushes Qin Yue into his study and says, "Mr. Qin, go and do your work first. I'll tell you to eat when I've cooked. "

"Jane, are you..."

"What is it?"

She knew what he wanted to ask, but she pretended not to know. She blinked her innocent big eyes and looked at him innocently.

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