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"Little madam, the old man wants to see you, but he can't eat people. What are you afraid of?" Assistant he grabbed Jianran's wrist and buckled it, trying to bring her back to the Lord Qin. The voice of assistant he pulled Jane back from her long thought. She bit her lips and raised her hand to fan to assistant he.

Her slap was quick and fierce, which was totally unexpected to he assistant. He didn't realize that he had been beaten by this woman until he got a hot slap on his face.

"You -" he raised his hand and wanted to give a simple slap, but when he thought of his identity, he reluctantly took back his hand.

Jane bit her teeth and tried to keep her trembling body steady. Soon her mood became stable. She glanced at assistant he, then turned to old man Qin, who was looking at him.

Lord Qin's eyes were cold and insidious, as if he wanted to push her into a situation that could never be undone, so he would be satisfied.

In front of him, the old man, who used to be full of loving faces, is gone at this moment. Because she is the only one here, he doesn't have to pretend.

They have calculated before, but they know how insidious these two people are.

It was they who made her lose her previous memory. They made her leave her husband. They made her have no mother after her baby was born. If you want to straighten out the things these two people have done before, you can't help but draw their sinews, peel their skin, let them rebuild and learn how to be human.

But Jane understood very well that there was no way to fight with these two men only by her own ability.

The servants in the family should be supported by the old man. At this time, there are only three of them in the huge living room. If they do anything to her, she still has no resistance.

Simply put down the fear and fear in her heart and wipe the cold sweat on her forehead. She can't be tough, so she can only think of ways to let them go.

Assistant he added: "the old man is here today to talk about a deal with you."

"Talk to me about the deal?" With a cold smile, Jane said, "I am a person who has no memory of the past. What else do you want from me?"

Assistant he said: "your mother should have left you one thing many years ago. It was your biological father who left it to her. You just give it to us. How do you live in the future, no one will disturb you."

"Just say what you want. Don't play charades with me here. The simple memory of "258 Chinese reading network" is still incomplete. She wants to think of something special left by her mother for a while, but she can't remember it at all.

In other words, even if it comes to mind, it is also a gift from her father to her mother. How could she give her mother's relics to others, especially the two people in front of her.

"What your mother gave you, what she gave you special orders for." Assistant he said, paying attention to Jane's look, trying to find some clues from her eyes, but he was disappointed. In Jane's eyes, he saw disgust as well as disgust.

Assistant he wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by the old man. The old man slowly stood up and gave a slight cough. In his loud voice, he said, "Jane, don't worry, think slowly, think of telling us."

He is still a tone of the elder speaking to the younger. If people listen to him, they will not feel different.

But Jane listened to another meaning. The old man was threatening her. As long as she handed over what they wanted, everyone would be better off. If she didn't, they would have time to spend with her.

What's special about the things left by her mother? Is it worth the Lord of the Qin family to ask her to hand them over?

Grandpa Qin got up and left. However, when he looked up, he saw Qin Yue who did not know when he was standing at the door.

He is still the white black match that he often wears in the past two years, white shirt with black trousers, standing upright and upright, just standing there and doing nothing, but his powerful breath field will still be too overwhelming.

Qin Yue called the security personnel and said in a cold voice, "let's see the guests off, old man. When he is old and in poor health, he will be asked to keep him in the farm. If he is not well cared for, I will ask him. "

It's a set of official sayings that the old man is in bad health. Qin Yue really means that the old man should be watched. He can't be released without his permission in the future.

If it wasn't for Grandpa Qin to come home to find Jianran's trouble today, Qin Yue wouldn't have used it.

Once this method is used, it will officially announce that the relationship between him and grandpa Qin has come to an end. I'll see you later. No one is who he is.

"Moji, you want to control my actions?" The old man snorted coldly and said with a smile, "don't forget that you are brought up by me and taught by me. I know your way of doing things very well. If you want to control my actions, I'll see if you have that ability in another 20 years. "

"Please go back! Watch it for me. " Qin and Yue didn't look at the old man directly, but they were still so brief.

He has been in business since he was about ten years old, but now he has become the most famous and youngest business legend in the world. Does his lovely grandfather think he will get such a high reputation just because he took over Shengtian?

"Good, good, you grow up, wings are hard, you can Cough... " Although it is not the first time for Qin Yue to turn against him for a woman, Grandpa Qin will still be angry.

Assistant he hurriedly helped old Qin and worried: "don't be angry, old man. If you are really angry, you can only watch Sheng Tian you worked hard to fall into someone else's hands."

Assistant he said this to Qin Yue, but Qin Yue ignored it and looked at them coldly.

Qin Yue did not look at Jianran until the two men were sent away, and his eyes became tender and watery for a moment.

He strode to Jianran's side, rubbed her into his arms, and said softly, "Jianran, don't be afraid, I'm here."

Jane rubbed hard in his arms, then stretched out her arms and tightly wrapped them around his thin waist: "I'm not afraid. I'm very happy. "

Qin Yue raised her chin and asked softly, "are you sure you are happy?"

Jane Dudu mouth, said: "I am not stupid, of course, know that they are happy."

Happy old Qin brought assistant he to see their faces and faces, so that she finally put together those fragmentary memories.

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