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"Xiaobao, thank you!" Although she can't remember Qin Xiaobao, Jane can feel that Qin Xiaobao really cares about her and xiaoranran.

"When you come back, I will return Xiao ran to you. She will be accompanied by you. I can also rest assured to go out." Qin Xiaobao added.

She always spoke in such a disordered way. Qin Yue could not help frowning and said, "take Zhong Kun with you."

"Brother, thank you for your concern. But you'd better put your mind on my sister-in-law and Xiao ran. I'm an adult. "

Qin Xiaobao is joking, but his heart is sour. When he heard Xiaoran say that his mother came back, he was obviously happy, but he couldn't help being sad.

Xiao Ran has been waiting for more than three years. She is so big. Today, she knows what it is like to have a mother. Who is responsible for all this?

Recently, Qin Xiaobao has been very lazy, not very lazy. He mainly wants to show her the way of acting. Several similar scripts that the agent showed her have been pushed out by her.

She would rather play a traitor, No.3 and No.4 girls, but she didn't want to take that silly white sweet role.

Life is just a few decades, why always keep the same things, to constantly challenge themselves, life will live colorful.

Of course, Zhan Nianbei is an exception. She is determined by her heart. There is such a man in her life to keep her. She is happy. "Polaris, where are you going?" Qin Xiaobao sat in the back of the car and said nothing. It seemed that he had something on his mind. Zhong Kun waited for a long time before he asked.

"Go anywhere." For the first time, Qin Xiaobao didn't know where to go.

The heavy rain had just stopped, and now it was sunny again, but she felt uneasy.

It's not uneasy, just feel empty, don't know where to go?

My brother waited for more than three years, and finally his sister-in-law came back. What about her?

She has been pursuing for so many years, seeing Zhan Nianbei at her side, but she can't touch him. She is thrown away by him and watched her escape from him.

Even her self-confident people began to doubt that Zhan Nianbei was not married at such an old age just because there was another person in his heart, not because of her.

But it was only a moment when Qin Xiaobao was lost. Soon, Qin Xiaobao started to fight again and said, "Zhong Kun, I asked you to prepare the medicine for me. Are you ready?"

Zhong Kun: "Polaris, what do you want that medicine for?"

Qin Xiaobao glared at him and said, "what do I want you to do? What do you do? What do you do so much?"

After a moment's hesitation, Zhong Kun gave her a box: "this kind of medicine is not good. Don't give medicine to people randomly. Two fifty eight Chinese. 2.58zw. C a m the fastest update "" many things. " Qin Xiaobao took the medicine and patted Zhong Kun on the head. "I find you are more and more wordy. If you go on like this, how can you find a wife?"

Zhong Kun: "..."

When Qin Xiaobao was bored to sit, stand and lie down, a strange phone number came in.

didn't pick up this strange phone before. She might have been too busy today to know where to go.

After connecting, a nice male voice came to Qin Xiaobao's ear from the handset: "Polaris, I want to invite you to have a cup of coffee, I wonder if you would like to enjoy your face?"

"Son of a bitch, you dare to call my aunt to see if I don't kill you." Qin Xiaobao is a man who remembers revenge, so when she hears the voice, she can tell who it is at the first time.

That night, Pei Shao, the mayor's son, looked like a dog. He didn't expect to do all the dirty work.

Qin Xiaobao is thinking about how to get revenge. The son of a bitch has come to his house. Does she refuse to drink coffee with him?

Of course not!

Do you want to give her the medicine? She just got it in her hand. She will let him taste what it is like to be given the medicine.

Qin Xiaobao smiled, smiling brightly and innocuously, and said, "Pei Shao called me personally to ask me for coffee. I was flattered. How could I not agree?"

"Miss Polaris, I'm flattered that you'll promise me coffee." On the phone, the man's voice sounds very pleasant.

"Pei is short of praise." Qin Xiaobao said politely, but he couldn't help turning a big white eye. He said to himself, "my aunt will let you know what it's like to be flattered."

After the end of the call, Qin Xiaobao received a message from the mayor's son, and then told Zhong Kun to drive to the appointed place.

Mr. Pei asked Qin Xiaobao to meet him in the downtown area. There is nothing special about the coffee shop, which belongs to the level of mass consumption.

Zhong Kun didn't know that Qin Xiaobao was drugged last time. Qin Xiaobao didn't let him follow him, and he didn't insist. He sat in the car waiting for her.

"Polaris, here." As soon as he stepped into the cafe, Qin Xiaobao saw that Mr. Pei waved to her.

She instinctively pulled her cap and covered herself up, hoping that she would not be recognized, or she would be surrounded by crazy fans.

"I'm sorry to have kept Pei waiting!" Saying sorry, Qin Xiaobao didn't mean sorry at all.

Sitting down opposite to Mr. Pei, he said, "help me order a cup of ground iron without sugar."

"I don't know if it's our destiny. What I just ordered for you is ground iron coffee."

Mr. Pei stared at Qin Xiaobao and said with a smile, it was totally different from the man Qin Xiaobao remembered that night.

"Pei Shaozhen believes in fate?"

"Why not?"

"It's a pleasure!"

"Polaris, you always like to surprise me and show me that you are different from other women." Mr. Pei, with his hands on his chin, stared at Qin Xiaobao and said affectionately.

This man's appearance is really good, coupled with the constant discharge, it's estimated that few girls can resist, but Qin Xiaobao doesn't eat his set, she teased the sexy curls, and said: "I also think I'm different from other women, Pei should be careful, but don't fall in love with me, I have someone I like."

"I won't love you, I just want to" go up "you." The man suddenly came close to Qin Xiaobao, saying that the evil spirit was incomparable.

This is so explicit, but who is Qin Xiaobao? In order to pursue the war and read the north, this cheek can be said to be too thick.

She still smiled faintly, also close to Mr. Pei, and said: "Pei Shao wants to go up to me, then we need to see if you have that ability?"

However, Qin Xiaobao couldn't help being disgusted. When he said this to Zhan Nianbei, he felt so cool. Hearing this man, he felt like vomiting.

Wait, dare to prescribe medicine to her, she must let this grandson also taste the taste of being drugged, and let him know who is the third person that Jiangbei City can't provoke.

Qin Yue and Zhan Nian are the top two in the north, and the third is her Qin Xiaobao!

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