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Shengtian group's development in that year was very good, but after Qinyue took over, it developed faster and became a global well-known group enterprise.

He held Shengtian tightly in his hand for so many years. After so many years of painstaking management, did the old man say that he could take it back.

All along, Qin Yue is not a man who can abide by the rules in his work. If the old man dare to mess around, he has nothing to do.

"Qin Yue, you have to be angry with me, so you are willing to do it?" Grandpa Qin roared, coughed with anger, and shook his body twice. He called Qin Yue's name again, instead of "Mu Zhi".

Qin Yue remained unmoved and asked in a cold voice, "I'm still saying, what's the secret between you and Zhan Nianbei? In order to protect Xiaobao, in order to put Xiaobao into me, you can arbitrarily hurt my wife? "

Only by finding the key to the problem can Qin Yue know why the old man has to deal with Jianran.

Jane is just a weak woman. If it's just because her mother has her in such a situation, it won't make old man Qin's hands so vicious.

"Secret? You want to know that secret? " Grandpa Qin patted his chest and said, "I'm afraid you'd rather not know when you know."

"If you don't, I'll know. I'll tell you the last time." Qin Yue looks at Grandpa Qin, his eyes are cold as if he is looking at a stranger. "If you dare to move a hair again, I will let you know what kind of person I am."

Compared with cruel and cruel means, he has never done less in Qin and Yue in recent years, and he thinks he can't do worse than grandpa Qin.

From childhood, Qinyue has always been the most sensible child in the hearts of the elders, and has never done anything to disappoint them.

After taking over Shengtian, he put all his energy into the management of Shengtian, and never had a day of his own holiday.

His purpose is to develop Shengtian better, so that Grandpa, father, mother and sister can live in peace.

It's definitely an accident to meet Jane.

Almost without consideration, he decided to marry Jianran, which was also the most impulsive thing in his life.

However, he never thought that the grandfather who admitted that he had always respected would do such things in private.

The old man took Jane away from him and injected her with the kind of medicine that might kill her.

At that time, the old man thought about how his grandson would lose his wife? But have you ever thought that you can take out the baby before it's full term and die at any time?

If the old man has a grandson in his heart, if the old man still has a little affection in his heart, he will never choose such a ferocious road.

Even if, to say the least, Jane is a man who has nothing to do with the old man, what about Xiao ran?

Xiao Ran is the blood of the Qin family. She's only over three years old. She's just a child who doesn't understand anything. However, his old man's hand reaches out to Xiao ran when he doesn't pay attention.

"Why do you have to be her? As long as it's not him, you have all the women you want. And Xiaobao, you grew up together. She can't compare with that woman? "

After that, the old man Qin coughed violently again. He only felt that he was angry by Qin Yue, but he didn't realize how much his words hurt Qin Yue's heart.

Qin Yue smiled and said, "Jane has many shortcomings. She may not be as energetic as Xiao Bao, but she is the most special one in my heart."

Sometimes, Qin Yue even spits blood because of Jane's stubbornness and stubbornness. He would like to catch her and beat her hard, but he still wants to be with her.

When he is with her, he will feel very relaxed. Many things don't need to be explained by him. She can understand. She will stand beside him and give him a hug.

To all, he is powerful, strong enough to be invincible, as if he was destined to play the role of protector.

Only Jane is different. She is so weak, but she still wants to protect him.

It's not just to protect him. In the face of danger, she hurt herself so badly to save him. Now, the scars on her legs have not all disappeared.

Thinking of the scars, Qin Yue was even more distressed by the scars on Jianran's abdomen. When she was warm that night, she suddenly saw the scars on her abdomen. At that moment, his heart seemed to be pierced by thousands of arrows, and his flesh and blood were blurred.

So long an ugly scar, almost cut the whole abdomen.

At that time, they took xiaoranan from her stomach and injected him with the almost fatal medicine. They didn't even think of leaving her a living.

If it wasn't for Jane, he wouldn't even see her ashes.

Thinking of Jianran's injuries, Qin Yue still finds it hard to breathe, and still wants to tear her body to pieces.

But the one who hurt her is his closest grandfather

Knowing that he couldn't get any information from the old man's mouth, Qin Yue didn't waste his breath any more.

He looked at the old man for the last time, which was the last time he looked at him as a grandson. He would never be the one who would see the old man again, and he would not be polite if he hurt the people he cared about.

"Moji, you want to leave your grandfather for a woman? Leave the identity of Qin's successor behind? "

Behind him came grandpa Qin's old but still loud voice. Qin Yue didn't go back. He continued to stride away.

If a person wants to get the respect of his younger generation, he must first have the appearance of his elder generation. He can do those things. In Qin Yue's heart, he is no longer his grandfather.

Looking at Qin Yue's head and not going back, the old man was so angry that he beat his chest and feet. He did all this for his good. In order to protect the children he raised from childhood, was he wrong?

"Don't be angry, old man. Don't be angry." Assistant he, who has been waiting for him in the distance, rushed to support Mr. Qin and comforted him, saying, "young master is also confused by love for a while. When he wants to understand, he won't blame you."

Grandpa Qin said angrily, "for a while? Three years have passed. He hasn't figured it out yet. It's called a moment. "

Assistant he looked at the old man's appearance and couldn't help but get excited. He couldn't help but say: "old man, little miss

Hearing what assistant he said, and thinking of what Qin Yue just said about Xiao ran, the old man suddenly thought of something.

He looked at assistant he and said, "you're going to think about that kid?"

Assistant he immediately explained: "old man, I didn't want to hurt little miss, just..."

Grandpa Qin was so angry that he trembled all over: "go!"

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