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It's not unreasonable to say that mother and son are connected.

children's day, Qin Ling ran children really did something, but it did not happen in the kindergarten, but on the way to kindergarten.

In recent years, Qin Yue has protected xiaoranan very well. Generally speaking, wherever he goes, he will take xiaoranan.

Recently, I haven't brought xiaoranan with me. First, xiaoranan is over three years old, so I should send her to kindergarten to meet more children and let her learn how to communicate with each other. Second, Qin Yue is busy trying to find a way to get xiaoranan's mother back, so she is ignored a little.

Usually, there are two bodyguards, her own driver and a new nanny for Xiaoran.

The two bodyguards were transferred from the United States by Qin Yue shortly after Xiao ran was born. They have been with Xiao ran for more than three years, which can be said to be loyal. These years, Xiao Ran has been well protected.

Drivers have been trained for many years in Qinyue. Their driving skills are naturally first-class and their psychological quality is better than their driving skills.

These people around Xiaoran are carefully selected by Qin Yue. They are well thought out in all aspects to prevent everyone from panic and confusion in case of an accident, so as to better protect Xiaoran.

Qin Yue picked out the people to accompany Xiaoran, and brought their strengths to the extreme in this accident. So in such a dangerous situation, Xiaoran was not hurt by a single thread, and everyone was very safe.

Speaking of this matter, it is most clear that it happened through nothing but violence.

Although the night before lie stayed at the top of the building for a whole night, the spirit of the next day was not greatly affected. It can be said that it strained every nerve of him.

Because of the reason of his birth, his nerves are always sharp, and many times he can detect the danger that others can't perceive.

The night before the incident, the villa seemed as calm as usual. The security personnel in charge of nuoyuan didn't notice anything unusual, but they noticed it.

It seems that the peaceful nuoyuan has been stared at, and the goal is likely to be xiaoranran.

He didn't know much about the Qin family, and didn't know who was going to do it to such a child.

However, no matter who it is or what its purpose is, he can't take it lightly. He must take good care of Xiaoran.

I thought those hiding in the dark would be more restrained in the daytime, but I didn't expect that they were so blatant that they dared to stop people directly on the road.

They should be observing Xiaoran for a long time, knowing which road sections she will pass every day when she goes to the kindergarten, so they made preparations in advance. Many cars without a sign have been buried in the road section with few cars. Seeing their cars coming, they swarmed up.

Fortunately, lie found the abnormality in advance, immediately asked the driver to pay attention to get rid of them, and informed the two bodyguards in another car about the general situation.

When strong spoke, Xiao Ran's ears were almost up. She blinked her big eyes and listened to strong brother carefully, but she still didn't understand what happened.

Rubs her head fiercely, adjusts his hoarse voice line as far as possible some gentleness, he said: "however, we play a game together?"

Hearing that brother lie wants to play games with himself, Xiao ran immediately becomes interested. He says softly, "what kind of games does brother lie want to play with ran?"

"In a moment, the driver's uncle will drive the car very fast, and brother lie will hold Ranran, but will he be afraid?" said lie

Little ran tries to shake his head: "but ran is not afraid."

She is a very brave child, so she won't be afraid, cry or make brother laugh at her.

"Well, then hold brother Liege." Strong will be a small Ran Ran Ran rub into the arms, a hand to protect her head, said at the same time, "can get rid of those people."

The driver was ordered to step on the accelerator quickly and violently, the speedometer soared rapidly, the car was as fast as an arrow, and soon the car chasing them was far away.

The bodyguard vehicle that was originally behind them rushed to their front after receiving the strong order. With superior vehicle skills and strong psychological quality, they forced the two vehicles in front of them to intercept them, and successfully let the vehicle that Xiaoran sat in first rush out of the encirclement.

After getting rid of the cars that surrounded them, they did not slow down. They continued to move to their destination. As long as they reached Jiangbei military region, they would be safe.

Everything happened so fast, so small that it was like taking a nap in brother lie's arms, and then he was out of danger.

What they met that day didn't seem to be very challenging, but if Qin Yue didn't pick all the elites he was training, and another unknown strong was protecting Xiaoran, otherwise the conspiracy against Xiaoran would not be so easy to end.

Qin Yue had not returned to Jiang and had heard the news. In order not to let Jane worry, he said nothing.

Although there is no evidence, Qin Yue has already guessed who is going to start with Xiao ran. It's time for him to talk to that man in person.

After more than two hours' flight, they finally arrived at Jiangbei Airport.

Qin Yue left for another two or three days, and did not deal with the work at all. The three-day workload was enough for him to deal with it for a long time.

This time, Liu Yong's men did not do a good job. Liu Yong was also punished. Qin Yue went to Kyoto without even his two most important men.

When they arrived at Jiangbei Airport, Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi had been waiting for a long time. As soon as Qin Yue arrived, they reported a lot of work to him for handling. It was very painful for them to see it.

Qin Yue was so busy that he was busy with his work before he got off the plane. However, he took her to see the scenery because she ran to Kyoto.

Now I want to come, I really don't know what to do, which has caused him so much trouble.

If she is more sensible, don't ask her to help him, just ask her not to make trouble again, don't let him distract again, let him work well at home.

Sitting beside Qin Yue, Jane takes a breath quietly, clenches her fist and tells herself to refuel.

They drive luxury business cars. Apart from the drivers, there are not only Qinyue and Jianran, but also Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong in the back seat who are reporting to Qinyue.

Just as Jane quietly cheered herself on, she suddenly felt an unfriendly look at her.

But when she looked up, she saw nothing. Qin Yue's two assistants were reporting their work to him, and no one paid attention to her.

Is it her delusion?

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