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"Little baby, tomorrow is children's day. Your father and mother left you at home. Is it really good for them to run out to the waves?"

This is the nth time for Qin Xiaobao to say these words in front of Qin lelan, and then he sighs a long time, feeling that the whole world is not good. O

Qin Xiaobao was thinking about how to knock down Zhan Nianbei. Suddenly, he received a call from brother Mu and asked her to go home to help look after Xiao Ranran.

Although she likes xiaoranan very much, Qin Xiaobao is not happy to disturb her pursuit of zhannianbei.

Brother and sister-in-law both have children. They spend more time together later. Why bother to embarrass her single dog.

"Little aunt, but she doesn't like listening." The little aunt has been nagging for many times, but Xiao ran feels that her ears are about to cocoon.

She decided to go to play with brother lie, let brother lie sleep with her at night, and don't want little aunt to sleep with her.

Xiao ran slides down from the sofa with two hands on his back. With a small step, he looks like a little adult and runs to find her brother.

"Little Ran Ran, don't even you want to dislike your little aunt?" Qin Xiaobao chases Xiaoran back and says, "Ran Ran, please accompany her. If you don't accompany her, she will be moldy."

"Fine, little aunt, but I forgive you." Xiao ran decides that there are a large number of adults. The little aunt is not sensible, but she can't be. So she doesn't care about the little aunt.

Qin Xiaobao hugs Xiaoran and kisses her again, saying: "thank you, little baby. You'd better treat your little aunt. If you grow up and no one likes you, she will accompany you."

"No, little aunt." Xiao ran decides not to pay attention to her aunt any more. How can I say that.

She's so cute and cute. How could no one like her? I don't like her at all. I don't want to have a little aunt.

Qin Xiaobao pinches Xiaoran's face and says with a smile, "little aunt is playing with you. She is so lovely and beautiful as we are. There are countless people she pursues when she grows up. How can she not like it?"

"Little aunt, ten hundred and ten thousand yuan." "Small Ran Ran stretches out a hand, sweet a smile, soft ground says," small aunt gives money. "

"How much is a hundred and ten thousand dollars?" Qin Xiaobao calculated, but he didn't know. He poked Xiaoran's forehead. "Little financial fan, you should remember the account first. When you grow up, the little aunt will give you back the money."

"Here comes the old father and son, miss." Xiang Xiu, the housekeeper, rushed to report.

Hearing grandpa Qin coming, Qin Xiaobao said, "where is Grandpa?"

"Xiaobao." Then grandpa Qin's voice came from the door.

"Grandpa, here you are." Qin Xiaobao jumped up and rushed to give grandpa Qin a big hug. "Grandpa, Xiaobao miss you so much."

Grandpa Qin rubbed Qin Xiaobao's head and said, "I haven't seen my Xiaobao for several months. My Xiaobao is more and more beautiful and moving."

Qin Xiaobao smiled: "Grandpa, Xiaobao knows that he is very beautiful, but you don't need to praise me like this. I'll be proud if you keep boasting. "

Grandpa Qin laughed and said, "you are our treasure. What's the matter with pride?"

Qin Xiaobao is also a very cheeky person, who is almost embarrassed by grandpa Qin's praise. She quickly shifts the topic: "Grandpa, you can't only see me, but also our little ran."

Qin Xiaobao jumped back and picked up Xiao ran. "Grandpa, look at Xiao ran. Does she look more like my brother or my sister-in-law?"

Grandpa Qin looked at Xiaoran and reached out to touch her, but before he met her, Xiaoran burst into tears.

"Little baby, what's the matter with you? This is Grandpa Zeng, not a bad guy. Don't be scared. " Qin Xiaobao hurriedly coaxes Xiao Ranran.

Small Ran Ran Ran saw many strangers, never saw her afraid of life, Qin Xiaobao never thought that when she saw grandpa Qin, she would cry so sad.

"Ran Ran wants dad, ran wants big sister, don't have grandpa..." Small ran cry very sad, crying while calling dad, she just don't want Grandpa.

"Grandpa, don't be sad." Qin Xiaobao coaxes Xiao Ranran and says to Grandpa Qin, "it's easy for a child to forget things. She saw you in the new year. She may have forgotten in the past few months."

Grandpa Qin smiled and said, "Xiaobao, is Grandpa so narrow-minded? Grandpa is in his eighties, how can he be angry with his little great granddaughter

"But I want Dad..." Small Ran is still crying, almost exhausted the strength of the whole body in crying, crying in the dark.

Qin Xiaobao kisses Xiaoran and comforts her: "but baby, my father is busy working outside and will come back to accompany Ranran when he is finished."

Grandpa Qin said, "Xiaobao, you should first take the child upstairs and coax her to sleep. Later, grandpa has something to say to you."

Qin Xiaobao was in great difficulty and said, "Grandpa, you haven't had dinner yet. I'll ask Xiangxiu to prepare for it. "

Grandpa Qin said, "grandpa has eaten. Take the child upstairs. "

Qin Xiaobao hugs Xiaoran upstairs first, but can't see Grandpa Qin. Xiaoran's cry stops abruptly. She wipes her tears with her little hands, flattens her mouth, and says with great grievance, "don't have Grandpa."

"However, Grandpa Zeng is your father's and little aunt's grandfather. He is a very kind old man and he likes you very much. Why don't you like him?"

Qin Xiaobao really can't understand what's going on in the brain of this little devil. How can he not like her kind and lovely grandfather?

But some truth, the child is still young, Qin Xiaobao does not know how to explain to her. It's not early now. She'd better put Xiao Ranran to sleep first.


In the living room on the first floor, the servant poured tea for Grandpa Qin.

Grandpa Qin waved to them to step back. As soon as they left, he followed the assistant beside grandpa Qin for two steps. He bent over and whispered in Grandpa Qin's ear, "Grandpa, this is the best and easiest way to implement if you want to let the young master stop tracking down."

Grandpa Qin glanced at the assistant and said in a cold voice: "Xiaohe, no matter whether the child is close to me or not, she is still my Qin's child. My Qin family's child, are you able to move? "

"I don't know how to measure." Assistant Xiaohe shook his fist, lowered his head and stepped back.

For a while, he couldn't figure out what the old man was thinking. Why couldn't he use this method to solve the problem?

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