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Push open the rusty door and walk in with care.

"However, you are back"

in a trance, the familiar gentle and kind voice rings again in Jane's ear.

Jane stopped and looked around, but she saw nothing, and there was no sound in her ear.

Jane ran went on inside, came to the main house, pushed open the door, and there was a thick and pungent smell of mildew. Spider webs were everywhere in the house.

Jane stood at the door and saw a young woman holding a little girl, not a room full of cobwebs.

The little girl's face was muddy and dirty like a kitten, but the woman didn't dislike it at all. She took the towel and gently wiped the little girl's face.

"However, my aunt has just cleaned the floor. Where are you going to bring back the mud?"

"However, my mother will hold you to look in the mirror and show you how dirty your face is."

"However, girls should be quiet and not mischievous."

"Ran Ran......"

The gentle voice of a woman fills her ears and warms her heart.

Mother loves to be clean. She used to help the servants clean the house together. The floor was wiped over and over again, and the wooden floor was bright enough to be a mirror.


Unconsciously, Jane thought of these things in her mind, thought of her mother, thought of her special love for cleanliness.

Think of the mother always will be young she cuddle in the arms, smile to tell her. Girls should be gentle, beautiful and clean

Mother's voice could be heard clearly, and her young face could be seen clearly gradually.

Many familiar scenes poured into Jane's mind. She remembered that she was called Jane, and her mother always called her to be so gentle.

But she only found back the memory of her mother when she was young and when she was young. She still couldn't remember how her mother died.

"Mom..." Jane closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Then she came back. Come back to see you. "

Jane continued to walk in, with the feeling up to the mother's room, the room has been occupied by spider web and dust, where there was the mother lived when the appearance.

Mother hiding in the room crying is also a long time ago, is the memory of Jane's mind, now the mother is no longer.

But how did mother leave? Is it really related to Jane Zhengtian as Lingfei said?

Jane still can't remember, but she's not in a hurry. She's already thinking of something. It's a good start.

She believes that as long as she works harder, she will remember all the past memories.

Jane continued to wander in this house full of spider webs and dust, and continued to search for memories, but it had no effect.

At the end of the corridor on the second floor is a utility room.

The door of the room is closed tightly, and Jane knows from the three words on the door that this is the sundry room.

She stood in front of the door for a while. After several considerations, she raised her hand and twisted the handle, pushed the door in.

There are no windows in the room. It's dark in the room. It's full of all kinds of sundries. The smell of mildew is heavier than the outside.

Simply press the button to turn on the light on the wall, but I'm sorry that the water and electricity here have been out of use for a long time.

Jane took advantage of the light from the door. She walked here and looked there. Before long, the door suddenly closed. She heard the sound of the door being locked. There was no light left in the room.

After being trapped in the elevator of the hospital for a night, the claustrophobia and darkness became the fear of Jane.

She rushed to the door almost at the first time and tried to open the door and rushed out, but the door was locked from the outside and she could not open it.

The door couldn't be opened, the room was dark, and Jane couldn't go out. The past terrible experience stimulated every brain nerve of Jane.

She clapped at the door and shouted for help at the top of her voice, "is there anyone who can open the door and let me out..."

She cried for a long time until she was hoarse, but no one opened the door for her.

It's like she went back to the night she was trapped in the elevator a few years ago. No matter how she shouted, no one came to save her. She spent nearly half the night in the narrow and claustrophobic elevator.

If those people find her later, she may die because there is no oxygen in the elevator.

Once again experience similar things, there is no one around, simple fear can be imagined.

She curled up in the corner, holding her legs in her hands, shivering, shaking her upper teeth and knocking her lower teeth. She had already lost the ability to think.

I don't know how long later, the door was kicked open, the door fell to the ground with a bang, the dust was flying freely, and the room had light again.

"Jane ran --"

Jane heard someone calling her name, so she was familiar with the warm voice, low and deep, which was the best voice she had ever heard in her life.

She opened her mouth and tried to respond to him, but found that she had already been hurt all over the body, and could not even call out his name.

Qin Yue quickly glanced into the room, walked to her side two steps, hugged her trembling body: "Jane ran, don't be afraid, it's OK."

Being held in Qin Yue's arms, Jane found that she had already become a pile of mud, but she would be afraid again because of him.

She can remember little about the two of them, but she will no longer doubt his intentions for her, and will no longer hesitate to think about his inner feelings for him.

If he has ulterior motives for her, he can never give her such a sense of security.

Even if she can't remember the identity of his wife before, it's not surprising that her heart is close to this man again.

Such an excellent, considerate and gentle man, how can important people be indifferent to him?

For a long time, Jianran raised her head from her arms. She looked at Qin Yue's worried and distressed eyes, and her heart ached. =.

"Qin Yue," she said, "I'm sorry I won't worry you again."

Whether they can remember their past or not, they simply want him to be his wife, let him take her hand, and never let go.

"It's OK. Let's go back first." Qin Yue kissed her forehead, picked her up and strode out.

Sitting in the car, Jane looked back at the place where she had lived.

The sky gradually darkened, no one lived in it for a long time, and it was full of weeds. This small building gives a feeling of unspeakable desolation.

When he shoved Jane into the car, Qin Yue told the driver to drive without saying a word. His eyes were gloomy and he seemed to be angry.

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