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Kyoto, the capital of a country, is very prosperous. O

looking up, there are skyscrapers everywhere.

After getting off the taxi, she could not find the southeast, northwest, and could not imagine that she grew up in this city.

Streets, buildings, pedestrians, how strange to look, as if she had never lived in this city.

Jane took a deep breath, raised a smile and told herself, "Jane, it doesn't matter."

No memory today does not mean that she has no memory tomorrow. As long as she works hard, she will be able to remember the past.

When she came to Kyoto this time, her goal was very clear. She went to find the poor and hateful sister Jane Xin who Ling Feiyu said was growing up with her.

Before she came to Kyoto, Jane ran found a way to meet Jane Xin. She said she wanted to meet her, and she agreed without any hesitation.

"Jane Xin..."

Jane read the name several times in silence, it seems that she has some impression, but still can't remember the little things about Jane Xin.

Jane learned from lingfeiyu's mouth and some materials found on the Internet that Jane Xin had been destroyed and had been mentally disturbed.

Later, she recovered from her mental illness and began a new life. At present, she holds some shares in a slowly rising company in Kyoto. O

if she didn't listen to too many bad things about Jane Xin before, but only to the later stories, Jane would still think that Jane Xin is a very inspirational girl.

Jane shook her head, no longer thinking about what she had done in the past, just hoping to get some information from her.

Every building around looks like it's about the same size, but Jane can't find her company after turning around with the mobile phone navigation.

After that, Jane had to send a message to Jane Xin - I'm here, but I can't find your company.

After the information was sent out, Jane received a call from Jane Xin very soon. Her voice was similar to Jane's imagination, very gentle and pleasant.

She said, "where are you? I'll find you."

Jane looked around, reported the name of a prominent shop on the left, then hung up the phone and waited for Jane Xin.


After hanging up the phone, Jane didn't leave immediately, but went to the floor window of the office and looked at a convenience store downstairs.

On the right side of the convenience store stands a tall woman in a cap, white shirt and jeans. She is looking around. She must be familiar with her surroundings.

A few years later, the woman is still so good-looking, tall and slender, with good skin. She looks like a girl who just came out of the school. She can't see that she is a mother of a few year old. O

the woman who should have died three years ago, the woman who has won her countless times Jianxin thought that she would never see again in her life. She didn't expect that she would come back alive and take the initiative.

Start a new life, and make some achievements in work. The past unforgettable things are gradually forgotten by Jane Xin.

As long as no one reminds her again, she will almost forget what she has experienced in the past.

But just as she was about to forget these things, the fugitive Jane Zhengtian came back with the one who should have died.

Nowadays, Jane Xin, the last person she wants to see is Jane ran. Seeing Jane ran will remind her of how miserable her past has been in front of Jane.

Obviously she didn't want to see Jane, but she promised to see Jane again. She wanted to see what Jane would look like if she had no past memory?

Lost all memory?

Jianxin narrowed her eyes slightly, expressing some doubt.

Jane's mind is smart. Maybe she didn't lose her past memory at all. She was just acting. As for who to show, she couldn't guess.

Three years ago, Jane died in a car accident and saved her baby.

When she heard the news, she was still in the mental hospital. At that moment, she was so happy.

The woman who has been blessed by the God of fortune, who has been much luckier than her, is also blessed by the God of death.

At that time, she looked up and smiled for half an hour.

But when she was happy, she felt extremely sad again. Suddenly, some tense nerve was released and her heart was empty.

Gu Nanjing, Jane ran, and she grew up together. Now they are all gone, leaving her alone.

At that time, she felt that she realized the meaning of the sentence that people often said. Life is short, so she should have fun in time.

Life is only a few decades, you strive for more, until later will become nothing.

After understanding this truth, Jane Xin thinks that God treats her well, destroys her appearance, but still leaves a life for her.

Gu Nanjing and Jane ran are young, but they are all dead and ashes. Only she is alive, and only the living can continue to change the world and live the life they want.

Why does Jane bring Jane back when she thinks everything is getting better and better? Why did they come to ruin her peaceful life?

Jane Zhengtian, who had ruined her life, was even shameless. She cried out to her good daughter, asking her to come back to him. Their father and daughter glorified Jane's family together.

Ha ha -

it's ridiculous. Only the old man who is inferior to * * has such a thick skin. He may have forgotten the ugly things he had done, but she never forgot them.

However, she did not refuse Jane Zhengtian, but agreed to Jane Zhengtian's request. She just wanted to see how long jane Zhengtian could jump.

If you want to see Jane Zhengtian with your own eyes, you can't save anything in the end.


Jane waited for a long time before waiting for her.

Jane didn't find the photo after plastic surgery on the Internet, but she recognized it at the first sight when she appeared.

From Lingfei's words, Jane learned that she grew up with Jane Xin and lived together for so many years. She was familiar with her bones. She didn't need to look at her appearance, as if she could feel that the other party was the one she was looking for.

"However, after so many years of absence, you are still the same as before, still so beautiful, and have not changed at all."

Like her long lost sister, Jianxin greets Jianran and hides her true emotions well, which is invisible to ordinary people.

She nodded: "hello"

she was not sure whether she had kept a certain distance from Jane before her memory was restored, as Ling Feiyu said.

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