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Jian Zhengtian continued with tears: "the Qin family wants children, and they don't want their children to know that they have such an ordinary mother, so the best way is to let you die, so they inject you with a * * prescription to deal with spies. Their purpose is to let you die, but you are not meant to die. You have survived. "

Jian Zhengtian's words are eloquent, and she can't help but waver. But again, if they are true, why does Qin Yue want to approach her? Why tell her that Xiao Ran is their child?

If the Qin family only wants children, what kind of women do they want based on their status and status? If he wants to give birth to a large number of children, why does she?

Although Jane has doubts in her turbulent heart, she shows nothing. She calmly looks at Jane Zhengtian and sees his eyes twinkle. She dare not face her at all.

Jane took a deep breath and asked, "what happened when my mother died because of you?"

Jane Zhengtian didn't expect that she would suddenly mention the cause of her mother's death. She was a little flustered, but soon calmed down.

He was also a very cunning man, and soon came up with a way to deal with it. He wiped his old tears and said sadly, "however, you would rather believe a person who has nothing to do with you than me?"

Jane ran: "..."

Jianran admits that she believes in Qinyue and lingfeiyu more, but she can't open her mouth. She worries that she has wronged jianzhengtian.

Seeing that Jane didn't say anything, Jane Zhengtian knew her hesitation and said, "since you don't believe me, I have nothing to say. Just I want to tell you, no matter where you go, don't forget, Dad here will always be your haven. "

Leaving the words behind, Jane Zhengtian got up and left. She had just walked for a while and almost fell to the ground, as if she had been greatly hurt.

Seeing the appearance of Jane Zhengtian, Jane can't bear to continue to ask.

She is a person who has no memory. She guesses about the past and listens to others. She has no way to know the truth.

To prove the truth of these things, and to know what happened three years ago, she is the only one who can recall the past.

But she knew nothing about the past. How could she find it again?

For her past, her father, Jane Zhengtian, shut up. Ling Feiyu said a lot, saying that they grew up in Kyoto.

Then can she ask for some information from Ling Feiyu and go back to Beijing to have a look, which may help her find her past.

With this idea, Jane can't wait to find Ling Feiyu. Whether it's true or not, she always has to confirm it.


At the same time, Qin Yue has just heard the dialogue between Jane Zhengtian and Jane ran, and his eyes are as heavy as the dark clouds from the sky.

Guess that it's a kind of mood to be injected with the potentially lethal medicine, and then a complex sad mood after confirmation.

His simplicity, if not for his great fortune, might have disappeared three years ago, leaving him and xiaoranan forever.

He just thought of the sufferings that Jane ran had suffered, and her heart would be torn like someone else's, and her pain would be bloody. However, Jane, who had experienced all the terrible plots, how helpless and scared she should be.

He immediately took out his cell phone, turned to Jane's phone, and stopped when his fingertips touched the dialing key She shouldn't want to get any calls at this time.

After thinking about it, Qin Yue did not call Jianran, but called Xiao Qinghe's cell phone: "Jianran is injected with the kind of medicine you said, and you want to find a solution as soon as possible."

Qin Yue asked people to put Jane Zhengtian back. He didn't stop her from meeting him. He just wanted to hear the news from Jane Zhengtian's mouth.

Qin Yue got the information he wanted. Of course, he heard that Jane Zhengtian threw dirty water on them.

In fact, it's not all dirty water. Maybe what his respected grandfather thinks is what Jane Zhengtian said.

Now, he's just worried, in case Jane believes Jane Zhengtian's words

Xu Huiyi knocked on the door and interrupted Qin Yue's Thoughts: "President Qin, the meeting will begin soon."

Qin Yue nodded and held back the complicated mood in his eyes: "OK."


Jane came out of her home, walked out of the community and stopped a taxi, ready to rush to the studio to find Ling Feiyu.

It's also good luck. In the past, it was hard to wait for a taxi on this road. Today, just out of the community, a taxi came slowly, just like waiting for her.

Getting on the bus, Jane reported the address, looked out of the window and thought about many things. After returning to Jiangbei, the people she made friends with said more than three years before.

This kind of feeling is very good, will not let her feel that she is a strange person again, will not be like before again, even in the crowd, also feel that there is only one person.

Just when Jane was in a trance, the car braked so hard that she, who was sitting in the back seat of the car without safety belt, jumped forward, hit the back of the chair and bounced back.

She touched her aching head and was about to speak. The driver in the front seat made a silent gesture, and then raised a A4 paper with words to show her.

Miss Jane, please don't talk. Keep reading. You are equipped with GPS tracking eavesdropper, and your words and deeds are controlled by others. If you don't believe it, you can take off the amulet you are wearing and open it.

"I......" Why believe you?

Jane ran just said a word and swallowed it hard. She looked at the driver and looked at him quietly. She wanted to know how the other party knew that she had a bug on her and why she wanted to know?

But the taxi driver didn't have any expression, and his eyes were even calmer, like a professional trained person.

Jane bit her lips, and with a little tremble of uneasiness and contradiction, she took off the amulet that Xiao ran had given her on her neck.

When she took it off, she held the amulet tightly in her hand. She was afraid to open it because she was afraid.

Although her reason told her that she could not fully believe in Qin Yue, her emotion was biased towards Qin Yue, and she could not help but believe him.

If there is a tracking bug in the amulet, it is Qin Yue who borrows Xiaoran's hand and her love for Xiaoran The meanness of that man is conceivable.

Jane took a deep breath, shook her hands to open the amulet, turned it over in a pile of iron sand, and found a very small instrument.

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