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Qin Yue pretends to be matchmaker and Gu Nanjing's betrayal. Jian Zhengtian indirectly kills the enemy of his alma mater

These strange and terrible things constantly hit Jane's brain nerves, shocked her, frightened her and upset her.

She was shocked and looked at Ling Feiyu. She said something for a long time: "Feiyu, are these things you said true?"

Ling Feiyu said these things, but there was no memory at all, she was worried that these things were all made up by Ling Feiyu to cheat her story.

She was very afraid that she could not remember the past, and that her memory would be deliberately distorted. She was afraid of too many things.

Hearing Jianran's question, Lingfei's heart ached and hugged Jianran, saying, "however, I'm cheating all the people in the world, but I can't cheat you."

Once they were so close and good friends, they would think of each other when they did anything, but damn it, they forgot everything in the past.

Lingfei's words are sincere, but she can't believe them completely. To be exact, she can't easily believe anyone now.

She doesn't believe in jianzhengtian, Qin Yue or lingfeiyu.

Seeing that Jane didn't believe it, Ling Feiyu was a little worried, then said: "however, I swear by my life that every word I said to you is true. If there's half a fake word, I'm not going to die. "

Jane didn't want to cheat Ling Feiyu. She smiled apologetically and said, "Feiyu, I'm sorry not that I don't want to believe you, but that I'm worried about too much."

Father not only feeds poison to himself, but also indirectly injures mother's murderer. These facts are too terrible to be believed by Jane.

In the past three years, Jane Zhengtian has been with her, taking care of her and accompanying her In the blink of an eye, all of this has changed, asking her how to believe.

As long as one day does not think of the past, there is simply no way to believe what one person said.

Ling Fei said, "however, it doesn't matter. I can wait until you think of the past. "

It doesn't matter. I can wait until you think of the past.

What familiar words.

Jane still remembers that Qin and Yue said similar things.

Is it only those who really care about her can say such things and be so patient?

Because they really want her to be good, they can't bear to deceive her or force her to move forward or stop with her.

What Ling Feiyu just said to her, she still needs time to digest, so she needs to be quiet and think about it.

When she came out of the studio, Jane looked at the sky with the scorching sun. The sun shone on the earth as if it could scorch people.

Jane took two deep breaths to calm her mood.

Maybe there are too many things in these two days, and Jane's mood is calmer than before. After listening to Lingfei's words, she can quickly recover her calmness.

Jane thought about it, and she was going to choose some cloth, go home to make clothes for Xiao ran, let herself be quiet by other things, and then think about how to go next.

"Jianran --"

a voice of Qin Yue suddenly came from behind. Then she looked back and smiled at Qin Yue's caring eyes and said, "Mr. Qin, it's a coincidence that you are here."

Every time she went, he would show up on time. Coincidence happened too often. She wondered if he had installed a tracker on her.

"What happened?" Qin Yue came to her side and rubbed her head. "I heard Lingfei saying that you are here. I came here to pick you up and go home together."

It was Ling Feiyu who called to let him know. If he didn't say it, she might suspect him.

Jane knows very well that it's not good to be a soldier, but she can't control her mind.

She smiled apologetically at Qin Yue and said, "Mr. Qin, if you have nothing to do, you can accompany me to a place."

Qin Yue nodded, "OK."

"You don't ask me where I'm going," she said

"Wherever you let me accompany you, I will accompany you no matter where you go." No matter what the situation is, as long as she lets him go, he will not have a complaint.

Jane ran: "what if I take you?"

Qin Yue: "then I'll see who dares to buy me."

Jian ran: "it's also said that who has the money to buy our president Qin da."

Qin Yue: "you."

"Me?" Jane pointed at herself with a look of surprise.

Qin Yue added, "I will give you President Qin Da free of charge, and I will not accept any money."

"People don't know how to cherish things that don't have money," she said with a smile. "So president Qin, you can't give yourself away for free."

Qin Yue said, "then you can make a price at will. You can say as much as you like."

Then she raised her hand, compared one two, another five, and finally one zero, and said, "what do you think of the price, Mr. Qin?"

Qin Yue knew that she was teasing him, but he nodded: "is the price too high?"

Jian Ran has just learned some news from Ling Feiyu. She is too calm. Qin Yue doesn't know how to persuade her.

If she wants to make trouble, he will accompany her.

Jane took the initiative to hook up his arm and said, "Mr. Qin, in fact, these two hundred and fifty are tips for you. You'd better belong to me for free."

Qin Yue hugged her waist and said, "listen to you."

Jianran takes Qinyue to the cloth market. She carefully selects several pieces of cloth to make clothes for Xiaoran, which is also a children's Day gift for the little guy.

After buying the cloth, Jane wants to go back to where she lives, because only at home do she have the tools to make clothes.

Qin Yue said, "what tools are needed? I'm going to get people ready now. When I get back to nuoyuan, I won't be short of it. "

When boss let go of such forthright words, there was no reason not to let him play handsome, so he gave Qin Yue the tools to use.

When they got back to nuoyuan, all the electric sewing machines were ready and a small workshop was set up for her.

"Is this the legendary speed of Shengtian?" she exclaimed

Qin Yue shrugged: "Miss Jane, are you satisfied with the speed?"

"I'm very satisfied. I'm very satisfied." Jane smiled at him and said, "Mr. Qin, I'm going to start work. You can also do your business."

As a qualified fashion designer, the steps of cloth cutting, sewing and so on are all simple. It's not difficult for her to finish the whole dress alone.

She drew the draft before she brought it, and began to work earnestly and attentively, leaving Qin Yue aside.

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