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When he came back from his business trip, his wife was gone. How desperate was Qin Yue then?

was that what she had seen these days?

he had such a little hope on his own. He was praying day and night that his wife would come back to their father and daughter?

Qin Yue rubbed her head and said: "if you are hungry, sit down first, and the food will be served immediately."

Now the biggest problem between them is not that Jane can't remember the past, but how to let Jane open her mouth to tell him the things in her heart.

Qin Yue also understood that it was not easy for her to say what was hidden in her heart.

She has no memory of the past, and just learned that her closest and most trusted father cheated her. She would subconsciously close the door of her heart, and would not let people get close easily.

The meal was quickly served. Qin Yue took off his apron and went to Jianran's side to sit down. "Today, I have something light. I'll give you a change some other day. "

"Mr. Qin, did you cook for Mrs. Qin before, or did Mrs. Qin cook for you?"

it's just curious that men of such status as Qin Yue live in clothes and open their mouths. How can they cook, and their cooking skills are good.

"When I was just married, it was Mrs. Qin who was cooking. I was in charge of washing dishes." Speaking of these things, Qin Yue was also very embarrassed. He broke a plate when he washed the dishes for the first time. He still remembered the simple expression at that time.

"You are in charge of washing dishes?" she repeated this sentence, and some pictures emerged in her mind. The clumsy man was washing dishes in the kitchen.

Bang -

it seems that there is a sound of plate breaking in her ear, which pulls Jane out of the whirlpool of memories and makes her tremble slightly.

"What's the matter?" Qin Yue saw Jianran's stagnation and put one hand on Jianran's shoulder, trying to give warmth and strength in this way.

Jane looked at him and suddenly asked, "have you broken the plate?"

"yes." Qin Yue nodded and said excitedly, "Jianran, do you think of anything?"

Jianran rubbed his temple, trying to think of more, but he still couldn't remember anything, even the paintings he just saw disappeared.

"Don't worry. It doesn't matter. Eat soup first." Qin Yue always sees through Jane Ran's mind easily. She is worried, but he can't.

Help her to find her memory, only slowly, he can not give her too much pressure, not to let her dislike.

Xiao Qinghe has observed Jane, except for the possibility that her head was severely damaged, she can also roughly rule out the memory that Jane lost due to mental stimulation.

In addition to these two possibilities, Xiao Qinghe can't think of any other reason for her to lose her memory.

There may be drugs, but they don't know what drugs are so powerful. They are still studying and hope to find out the reason as soon as possible.

Qin Yue filled a bowl of soup for Jianran. She took a sip and said, "Mr. Qin, it's a little salty."

"Salty?" Qin Yue quickly scooped out a mouthful and tasted it.

"Poof --"

seeing Qin Yue's tense appearance, she burst out with a smile: "Mr. Qin, I'm teasing you. Can't you see that? " once upon a time, Qin Yue simply amused him with such a naughty tone. For a while, Qin Yue was a little crazy, but he didn't react for a long time.

Jianran raised her hand and waved in front of his eyes: "Mr. Qin, is there anything on my face?"

she is smiling. This smile is not like the one she pretends on purpose, it's a little playful and cute. This kind of simplicity is what they were at the beginning of their marriage.

There was nothing on her face, but Qin Yue felt that there was something on her face, with his most familiar memory, the most familiar face that was easy to be shy.

Can't help it, Qin Yue reaches out and clasps her head, pushes her to herself, lowers her head and kisses her gently.

He kisses tenderly, as if to give simplicity to all the good things in the world.

And Jane did not escape.

Two people touch the forehead, the tip of the nose against the tip of the nose, lips and teeth, can feel each other's breath and temperature at the nearest distance.

Jane's heart was pounding. Her face was red and hot. She wanted to avoid him, but she didn't want to avoid him.

It's a complicated psychology.


Two people's dinner, full of toss and turn for nearly an hour to finish.

Qin Yue is in charge of washing dishes. She sits in the living room and watches TV, but her attention is not on TV, but on the heavy rain outside.

Father and mother are not around. The weather is thunder and rain. Is Xiaoran afraid when she is alone at home?

does she feel that her mother is not around, and her father doesn't want him?

children in their three years old are most sensitive. She can't let Xiaoran have such an idea, or she will feel guilty all her life.

Although there are many people around Xiaoran, they are not her favorite dad. She will not be used to it.

What should I do?

I want to go back to Xiao ran and take care of her.

Thinking of this, Jianran looks at the kitchen and is coming out of the kitchen. He asks, "what's the matter? What are you thinking?"

Jianran says, "I'm thinking about Xiaoran and whether she will miss you alone at home."

Qin Yue came to her and sat down, hugged her in his arms, kissed her on the forehead: "don't worry, there is Xiaobao at home to take care of xiaoranran. Xiaobao knows how to make Xiaoran happy. Xiaoran won't be bored. "

"But --"

"no but. Today we are back to the time when we just got married. It's not a small time, so don't think about it. "

"I'm still worried."

No matter what, Qin Yue didn't say it either. He hugged Jianran's head and kissed her fiercely.

Sometimes, words don't work, and action is more effective than anything.

It's said that today is their time and their world. No matter who or Xiaoran is, he doesn't want to be disturbed.

He pushed Qin and Yue, but the man was very strong. He looked thin in his clothes, but his flesh was very strong, as if he had been exercising all year round.

Maybe he did exercise. There was a gym in nuoyuan, but she didn't see him exercise.

Later, Qin Yue kisses deeper and deeper, and the kisses are so simple that he has no ability to think at all. His head is so confused that he seems to see another Qin Yue kissing another Jian ran in a trance.

It's the same bullying, which can't be resisted. It's like sucking her soul away.

Unconsciously, Jane reached out her hand and gently embraced Qin Yue's lean waist, trying to respond to his kiss.

The more she kissed, the more familiar she felt it, as if he had kissed her like that.

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