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Seeing Jane as a frightened deer, Qin Yue let go of her and smiled: "it's still lovely."

I still remember one time when she fed him snacks and he also held her fingers. She was also shy.

At that time, they were not young ran. Now she is more than three years old, but her shy character has not changed at all.

"Villain!" Jane put out her hand and pinched him, but she didn't use too much force. She didn't know why. She thought he must have suffered less than her in the past three years.

It can be seen from his sincere eyes that he cares for her from the heart.

But her father's eyes were always kind, as if she was the one he cared most about in the world, but in the end?

she simply shook her head and didn't want to think about it again.

Time can verify everything. Qin Yue's concern for her is true or false. She can't verify it, so let time help her.

He can pretend for a while, but not for a lifetime.

Jane sat back at the table and peeled some fried corn.

Qin Yue, who was busy in the kitchen, looked at her from time to time, frowned at her from time to time, sighed softly from time to time, and his heart was not well.

"Jane, look around the house." Find something to keep her busy, and there's no time for her to think.

Jane wanted to look around for a long time, but she was embarrassed to open her mouth. Hearing this, she immediately agreed.

Jane turned a circle in the living room. The decoration layout here is similar to that of nuoyuan, but the area is not so large.

And what attracted her eyes in an instant was the small house near the balcony. In a faint moment, she seemed to see a white Pomeranian dog rolling and playing there.

"Wang, Wang, Wang..." It seemed that she was found. The Pomeranian raised his head and barked at her. He wagged his tail affectionately and seemed to welcome her back.

"Mianmian?" the name in the deep memory blurted out, but when Jane looked at it carefully again, there was no "mian" at all in the empty small room.


is xiaoranran always with her, or another continuous in her memory?

simply don't know, the more you think about it, the more confused you are, the more confused you are.

"Jane, come and help me."

Qin Yue's voice pulled Jianran back from the dark world in time again. She took a deep breath and went to him: "what can I do for you?"

Qin Yue looked at her anxiously: "Jianran, what just thought?"

Jianran shook her head: "nothing."

She must have something to think of, but she won't say it to him.

Qin Yue stared at her, hesitated for a while, and said, "Jane, I'll help you answer all the questions in my mind."

"Qinyue, can you tell me something about xiaoranan?" she wants to know everything about xiaoranan. Her mother has missed her child's growing up time for more than three years.

She doesn't even know how she gave birth to her I hope I can make up for all the love I didn't give my children before.

Qin Yue: "do you think Xiao Ran is cute?"

simply: "yes. When I first met the little guy, I was still wondering who could have such a beautiful and lovely child. "

Qin Yue said with a smile: "of course, because she is our child. Father is so beautiful, mother is so beautiful, how can children not look good. "

"No one can boast of himself like this," she said

"Qin Yue shrugged:" I just accidentally told the truth

When Jane heard this, she couldn't help laughing and said, "Mr. Qin, did you amuse Mrs. Qin so much?"

when she heard Jane's words, Qin Yue's heart suddenly ached. Before, he was too rigid and never knew how to say something nice to her.

When they were together, most of them were her saying that she was trying to make him happy, and he just accepted her warmth.

After that, he will be in charge of talking and amusing her.

Qin Yue said, "well Is Mrs. Qin happy? " when he said it, he was very careful, for fear that Mrs. Qin's three words would touch the simple scale.

"Happy." Unexpectedly, Jane nodded her head, but said regretfully, "but I can't be Mrs. Qin now."

She paused and looked up at Qin Yue, her eyes brimming with water: "Qin Yue, would you mind if Mrs. Qin couldn't remember the past?"

"No. We can start all over again, as long as you are by my side. " For the first time, he was so straightforward.

Jane was stunned, but she didn't know how to answer. She moved her eyes a little flustered and looked out of the window, but said, "ah, it's raining."

The weather in may changed as soon as it was said. It was still clear for thousands of miles. Suddenly thunder sounded, and then it began to rain heavily.

Many passers-by on the road have been drenched in soup, but they all quickly run to the surrounding buildings to find shelter from the rain.

Jane looked at the passer-by across the window, as if she saw herself walking in the rain, drenched in the rain, walking all the time, walking all the time, not knowing where to go, not knowing where is the harbor where she can stay.

Because she has no home, no root, no one to rely on --

"simply --"

Qin Yue's voice comes from her side again, low and deep, just like the rain outside beating her heart.

Jane suddenly woke up and smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry! I'm lost again."

"Just don't hide everything in your heart. Don't carry everything on your own." Qin Yue patted his chest, "this is the harbor you can stop at any time."

"Mr. Qin, I'm hungry."

He is still a stranger to her because she didn't find the memory of the past. In some words, she really doesn't know how to speak to him. She can only transfer the topic abruptly, and can't do anything for the pain in Qin Yue's eyes.

She would like to know why her father fed her poison? She would like to know why she lost her memory. Qin Yue should not know that.

She still remembered that he said that when he came back from a business trip three years ago, she had disappeared and only saw her ashes.

When Xiao ran took it out of her stomach three years ago, Qin Yue was not there, so he should not know what happened during that time.

And want to know what happened in that period of time, I think only she thought of the past, can fully understand.

In these three years, as long as she doesn't think that she is a person who has no past, her life is peaceful.

How did Qin Yue spend the three years without his wife?

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