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"What? Zhan Nianbei, will you try again? " If he dare say no more, Qin Xiaobao decides to beat him.

Qin Xiaobao seems to forget that she was just beaten by Zhan Nianbei. If she wanted to fight, she was not his opponent at all, but she dared to speak in such a provocative tone, which proved that she didn't get enough, and her skin was still itching.

"If you ask me to say it ten more times, I'll have the same answer." Zhan Nianbei laid Qin Xiaobao down on the sick man and said, "if you don't want to get well, and you want to see people with this pig head all the time, then you can make trouble, just pull out the needle and smash the potion. It doesn't matter. Some of the military hospitals are smashing you. If it's not enough, I'll send it to you. "

Qin Xiaobao raised her hand and rubbed her eyes hard. She thought it must be her own eyes. Otherwise, she would never take a fancy to Zhan Nianbei.

Yes, he is a rascal, a bastard, a ruffian He doesn't look like the commander of Jiangbei military region.

Usually he looks like a dog. He is really handsome in a military uniform, but he has a bad heart and no friends.

She is also kind and kind-hearted. Seeing that he doesn't hurt and no one loves him, she is very kind and loves him. Who knows that this stinky bastard doesn't appreciate it.

He thought that a girl as beautiful, intelligent, considerate and brave as she was could be found?

"Who wants to be a pig. I don't want it. " Qin Xiaobao glared at him fiercely. "Hurry up and ask the nurse to come over and refill me. If my face can't be restored and I can't act again, then you will be responsible for raising me all my life. "

Zhan Nianbei beckoned the nurse who had been waiting at the door of the ward for a long time, and said, "give Miss Qin another hanging needle. Anyway, she likes to make trouble. Only two more stitches can make it right. Let her know the pain, and she won't pull out the needle randomly."

Qin Xiaobao: "..."

Bear with patience

for a few more days, she will let Zhan Nianbei know her strength. To let Zhan Nianbei know, no matter how he resists, it is impossible to escape her palm.

Just what kind of way does she have to think to get Zhan Nianbei to be arrested and marry her?

She tried the method of qiangfu, but it didn't work at all, because she was not as strong as him, and her body wasn't as strong as him. At last, she hurt herself.

Then go to the Central Committee to apply to his superiors and ask them to sympathize with their subordinates. If they are in their thirties and are still single, they will appoint a wife for them.

But this method is obviously not good. Zhan Nianbei, a bastard, never plays cards according to the rules. How can he marry her at the command of his superiors if he thinks it's one. O

Qin Xiaobao's dark eyes turned and thought that there was an evil idea in his mind. If she could not use hard attack, she could use soft attack.

First try to make Zhan Nianbei dizzy, so that he can't resist, and then cook the raw rice. Then he can't even think of rice.

Zhan Nianbei stands aside and looks at Qin Xiaobao's crafty eyes. Then she knows what's wrong in her mind.

She lived in the Qin family since she was a child. She lived in the Qin family where rules and etiquette were observed. When she was a child, she could listen to her wooden brother.

When he first saw Qin Xiaobao, he was about five years old, not much bigger than Xiao ran.

Qin Xiaobao, who is about five years old, is cute and invincible, but she is not as lively as her peers. She listens to brother mu for everything.

I don't know what kind of psychology it is out of. Maybe Zhan Nianbei can't stand Qin Yue's cold appearance all day, so he snatched Qin Xiaobao from Qin Yue and played with him.

He took Qin Xiaobao to the sea to fish, he took Qin Xiaobao to the mountain to fight pheasants, and he took Qin Xiaobao to fight with people -

it can be said that Qin Xiaobao will have the wild nature that he is not afraid of today. He came out all by himself.

I don't know when, he moved other thoughts to this little girl. It's not his uncle's niece anymore, but the feelings of men to women.

When he found out this feeling, he didn't care much about the identity between the two people. Qin Xiaobao was only his sister's adopted daughter, and he had no blood relationship with her. He could marry him home at any time if she wanted.

No one would have expected that when he had this idea, he knew a secret, a secret that should have disappeared with the passage of time.

Because the secret let him know, he and she can never be together.

But he couldn't say to her that if she did, she would have asked for the bottom of the story

So he began to alienate her, to ignore her, not willing to pay attention to her, I hope she can stay away from him, to find the happiness that really belongs to her.

But this wench has far more perseverance than he imagined. His coldness didn't make her step back, but more and more frustrated and braver.

It was so persistent that people could not bear to refuse her again, but whenever he wanted to get close to her, there was always a voice in his ear to remind him.

-- Zhan Nianbei, everyone can be with Qin Xiaobao, but you can't

think about it. Zhan Nianbei '.

"Zhan Nianbei, I'll tell you. Anyway, I'm still young. I'm just in my early twenties. I'm still the same age. But you're different. You're over thirty."

Qin Xiaobao decides to talk to Zhan Nianbei and give him a thought lesson. Maybe he can get through with her. Her evil methods will not be used.

She looked at him, cleared her throat, and continued, "although men are not as old as women, you are still over the best age, so don't carry it anymore, accept me."

"When I'm young, I'll give you more children to Zhan's family after marriage, so as not to let the incense of Zhan's family burn off."

"Well think about it. I'm the only one willing to lose money in this business. If you look for other women, they will definitely dislike you for being old and not fierce enough. Maybe when can't bear the lonely red apricot wall, when you don't know the situation was wearing a green hat, you cry you

"Don't come to me when you cry. Although I like you, I don't accept second-hand goods that others don't want. So your best choice is to follow me as soon as I'm interested in you. Don't hesitate any more. "

Qin Xiaobao was particularly emotional when he said this. It seemed that Zhan Nianbei was such an old man that no one wanted him. Only she could save him.

Zhan Nianbei: "Qin Xiaobao, you don't have to worry about my life. You'd better take care of yourself. But I'll tell you the truth, no one will marry you. "

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