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Although it is said that children's tempers come and go quickly, some words have a great influence on them.

Especially in this period of time, when I went to kindergarten, I saw that other children have mothers, but my mother didn't know where to fly, so I was puzzled.

The little aunt said that when she grows up, her mother will fly back. She feels that she has grown up now. She is over three years old and is a big child. But why hasn't her mother come back?

Little ran blinked his big eyes, looked at Jane, and asked naively, "does sister know where Ran's mother has gone?"

I didn't expect that Xiao ran would ask suddenly. She was a little stunned and didn't know how to answer.

She thought about it carefully, squatted down beside xiaoranan, held her face, and said seriously, "Ranan's mother has gone to heaven, and may never come back. But my mother will surely see Ran Ran in heaven and grow up healthy, healthy, happy and happy. "

"Mom will see Ranran," small Ranran asked excitedly.

In the memory of xiaoranran, I don't know what mother looks like or what mother is. I only know that children have mothers, and she should have mothers.

"Yes." Jane nodded and picked up ran. "In addition to mom, but also dad, a little aunt, an uncle, a lot of people are in pain."

"Ran Ran has a sister and a brother..." Xiao ran looked back and saw her brother who had been following her.

Brother lie told her that he would protect her all the time and beat all the bad guys for her, so she was not afraid of anything.

"But do you want to play with brother lie?" Jane saw little Ran's mind and asked thoughtfully.

Small ran forced a little bit of small head, soft waxy said: "but ran and strong brother to play together."

Jane let go of little ran and rubbed her head. In a soft voice, she said, "let's go."

"Good." Xiao ran turned around and ran to her brother. Her legs were not very open, but they were her fastest speed.

The big boy opened his arms to catch the little ran, and then he picked her up, gently rubbed her head, and turned away.

Looking at their backs, Jane was reluctant to take back her eyes for a long time.

"What are you thinking?"

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice suddenly came to her ears, drawing back her simple thoughts.

She turned around and smiled at him, "where did you find such a big boy? I think he is sincere to Xiao ran. "

When Jane lived in nuoyuan, she saw the big boy several times. She didn't hear a word from him or see him smile. She always had a cold face, but she just saw the big boy smile at the little one.

Although the smile is not obvious, but Jane still saw that it is a good thing to have such a big boy to protect little Ranran.

Qin Yue said, "that's not what I found. It's what Xiao ran found."

At the beginning, Qin and Yue were not very relieved to give Xiao ran to an unknown person to take care of her. They always let people secretly observe her.

After a period of observation, it is determined that lie really has no other intention and is willing to accompany xiaoranan, just to repay xiaoranan's help.

He felt that his daughter was quite accurate in looking at people. So soon he found a loyal guardian, so he could save a little bit later.

"What did Xiao ran find? She's so young, where can I find her? " Jane went on questioning, unaware that she had too much control.

"No small ran." Qin Yue held up her hand and said softly, "how about going with me?"

Jane shook her head: "I'm so sleepy. Want to have an early rest. "

I don't know how. I took a nap for two hours at noon. Now it's not too late. Why is she so sleepy again.

Not only sleepy, but also weak. Last night, the restlessness and restlessness suddenly came into my heart.

However, thanks to Xiaoran and Qinyue, she can suppress her fear and anxiety.

"It's still early. I'll have a rest later." Qin Yue said.

Jane didn't know why she was in such a situation, but Qin Yue knew it, so he wanted to take her for a little longer, distract her from the pain of drug addiction.

But he knew very well that the addiction was not so easy to give up, and it would take a long time to get over.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue grabbed Jianran, who was going to leave, and held her in his arms as he pulled her hard. "Accompany me."

"Qinyue, I and we haven't officially communicated." She always felt that the steps of falling in love should not be so fast, but she could not control her behavior.

I've come to live in someone's house before formal communication. I'm hugged and hugged. A good girl should not be so casual.

Qin Yue pushes her out of her arms, grabs her shoulder instead, looks at her and says seriously, "Jane ran, can you promise to be my girlfriend?"

Er -

How can this man do this? She said that he immediately asked her to be her girlfriend before formal contact.

Should she agree or not?

Once again, her body came out of her again, her mind was still tangled, but she nodded heavily to Qin Yue.

As soon as Jane nodded, Qin Yue bent over and kissed her fiercely. He led her into their beautiful world.

Jane instinctively wants to hide, but when she thinks that she has nodded her head to be his girlfriend, and then hides, it seems a little pretentious, she carefully tries to respond to him.

After a long kiss, when Qin Yue let go of her, she saw Jianran's blushing cheek and was in a good mood. She lowered her head and kissed her face hard. Then she pulled Jianran into her arms and hugged her: "Jianran, you are mine again."


"You" used in Qin and Yue.

Many coincidences remind Jane.

Not long ago, she heard Qin Yue talk about his dead wife. When he came back from a business trip, his Jane was gone. What he saw was a box of ashes.

So is there a possibility?

Qin Yue's Jane didn't die, but forgot all the memories before. He was taken by his father to another place, where he didn't know her name, so Qin Yue couldn't find her?

Her memory also began when Qin Yue lost his wife, and her abdominal injury was like a caesarean section.

Is she really the "Jane ran"?

Is it Qin Yue's dead wife?

If she is really that simple, then why does she want to leave Qinyue?

Or who let her leave Qinyue?

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