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Qin Yue goes to Xiao Ran's side and sits down. He holds her in his arms and pats her back. He asks softly, "ran, tell Dad, what's so sad?"

"Don't want sister, but want mother -" Xiao Ran's face was red with tears, and her body kept twitching.

Hearing Xiaoran say no sister, no mother, Jianran silently takes back her hand that she wants to touch Xiaoran. Her heart is very bitter.

Xiao Ran is a child after all, and his mind will change as soon as he says it. This is what Jane worries about, but she didn't expect to come so soon.

In the morning, when Xiao ran went to school, he was happy to say goodbye to her. When he came back in the evening, he cried and said no to her.

Jane understands that what little ran needs is her mother, and only her mother can give her all the love, not her irrelevant big ran sister.

Jane ran did not want to make Xiaoran sad, turned around to leave quietly, but was seized by Qin Yue, dragged to his side and sat: "stay here, where are not allowed to go."

His tone some domineering, there are some helpless, simply listen to, but not hate, SIP lips, nodded, obediently sat beside him.

Qin Yue wiped his tears for Xiao ran and asked patiently, "but she likes her sister so much, and she loves her sister so much, but if she talks like this, she will be sad, you know?"

"Sister will be sad." Xiao ran cried louder. She didn't want to be sad. She was just so sad that she didn't know what to do.

Qin Yue stroked her daughter's head, kissed her on her crying face, and her voice became more gentle: "well, as long as you tell Dad why you cry, Dad can solve all the problems for ran, but you don't have to be sad."

Xiaoranran sniffs at xiaoranran and says sadly, "Dad and big Ranran elder sister have younger brother, don't, don't want elder sister, want mother --"

today, Lingling elder sister said to her that if Dad married big Ranran elder sister, he would have younger brother with big Ranran elder sister. Later, dad will love big Ranran elder sister and younger brother, and won't love her anymore. She is A poor child without a mother.

Xiao ran feels sad. She likes her sister so much, but she wants to steal her father and have a brother with her father. She doesn't love her anymore.

Why does big ran elder sister want to have younger brother with father? Why not love her? She didn't understand, so she cried all the time.

The more small ran thinks about it, the more sad she feels. Her big sister, who likes her so much, doesn't like her. Thinking about it, she seems to have been hurt by ten million points.

Xiao ran didn't speak very clearly, but Qin Yue knew that someone must have said something in Xiao Ran's ear, otherwise she would not have said such a thing.

He stroked little Ran's head and said, "Ran Ran, you've done something wrong, you know?"

When I heard that I had done something wrong, I suddenly lost my mind, and my tears were pouring down, didn't my father love her?

She has no mother, and her father doesn't want her anymore. She is so pitiful that Qin Yue puts little ran into Jane's arms and says, "well, listen to Dad. Dad and big ran sister will always love you, always love you, understand? "

Xiaoran doesn't understand. She blinks her big, watery eyes and looks at Jianran holding her. "Will sister always love Ranran?"

"Little ran, I......" Jane is not stupid either. Of course, she also knows that Xiao ran can say this. She must have been taught something behind her.

But her position is different from that of Qin Yue. If there is something between her and Qin Yue, it is likely to disperse Qin Yue's love for Xiao ran. She doesn't want to cheat Xiao ran, so she doesn't know how to answer Xiao ran.

"Sister doesn't love Ranran?" Jane didn't answer, but Xiao ran felt that she was a abandoned child, how pitiful she was.

Qin Yue said, "but just now, don't be big ran sister. Big ran sister is angry. If Ranran apologizes to her sister, then she will forgive Ranran. "

"Sister, love her." As long as the father and sister love her together, don't let her become the poor child Ling Ling sister said, don't become a child without a mother and no father, she also loves father and big ran in her sister.

"Ran --" Jane held little ran tightly in her arms, choking for a time.

Seeing Xiaoran crying, hearing Xiaoran say that no one loves her, hearing Xiaoran say that she is a poor child, Jianran feels like her child being bullied, which is so painful and reluctant.

"Well, big ran and small ran are as good as ever." Qin Yue opened her long and powerful arms and hugged her mother and daughter into her arms. She hugged them hard. "The size is OK. Let's go to eat first, and then take the big one to play together after eating."

"Good." Little ran nodded hard, and felt a little embarrassed. He took big ran in his arms and kissed him, "sister, but he loves you."

"My sister loves Ranran, too." Jianran picks up Xiaoran, kisses her on the face, and goes to the restaurant with Qin Yue.

After supper, Qin Yue asked Xiao ran to take Da ran for a walk outside, and he asked the housekeeper to call all the servants in the family.

Qin Yue likes to be quiet. There are only a dozen servants in and out of nuoyuan. At this time, they are all called together. They are all careful and don't know what happened.

Taking care of xiaoranran and Dingling are more careful, so that they are afraid that their words to xiaoranran will be known by the master.

Qin Yue's eyes swept over them one by one, and finally fell on Ding Ling's body. He said in a deep voice, "Xiangxiu, give her some money, and let her go as far as possible."

Qin Yue always dislikes people who bite at the back of their tongue, especially his wife. That is to say, no matter how loyal she was, he can't use it anymore.

Ding Ling said timidly, "Sir, I, I......"

Qin Yue didn't give her a chance, interrupted her and continued: "I'll say it in front of you now. Jane is the only hostess of the family. Her words are mine. If anyone dare to treat her lightly, don't blame me for being rude."

Qin Yue doesn't like to talk to the servants. That's because he is so cold and tall, but he never treats people badly.

Many of them have been working beside him for many years. He doesn't like talking, but he is polite to them. He has never been angry with him.

This is the first and only time.

After the disappearance of Jianran, Qin Yue was transferred from the United States. They didn't know the former Jianran or Xiaoran's mother.

Now they understand how important this simplicity is to their master.

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