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Jian Ran has to admit that Qin Yue is a man with a powerful way of flirting.

He can make her blush and heart beat for half a day if he opens his mouth to say a word casually.

She quickly bowed her head to eat breakfast, pretended that she had not asked anything, pretended that she had not heard anything.

But Qin Yue didn't want to give up so easily. He continued, "I pursue you. I have nothing to do with anyone else. I just want to pursue you."

Jane ran: "..."

This man -

is always so direct and always so sudden, which makes her helpless.

"Dad likes ran and Da ran." Small ran also helps dad speak in time.

Don't think that children don't understand anything, but they can understand it in their hearts. Just look at their father's expression, then they can know that their father is very happy. Dad is happy, and so is she.

Jane ran: "..."

It's not only Qin Yue that makes her unable to parry, but also the little baby in his family.

"Small Ran Ran said:" ran want to be a big ran mother

It's not like Xiao ran would say this at such an old age. Qin Yue is dissatisfied with her eyes. It's a matter of adults. How can we use children.

"The little aunt said that her mother had come back from the sky, but there was a mother." When Xiao ran had already forgotten what her aunt had told her, she was told not to say it was taught by her aunt.

Hearing Xiaoran's saying, Jianran's heart was sour again. She couldn't bear to refuse the child at all, but she couldn't help but refuse.

Xiao ran will always grow up, and later will understand that no one, even if he looks like her mother, will be able to replace her biological mother.


Jane lived in nuoyuan temporarily. The reason is very simple. She helped Qinyue design a three member dress.

Qin Yue went to work, but Xiao ran went to kindergarten, and Qin Xiaobao didn't come back. In such a large nuoyuan, she was the only servant, and there was no one to talk to.

There is a studio beside the garden on the east side of nuoyuan. The studio is a transparent glass house with complete painting tools. It can be seen that Qin and Yue are specially prepared for people.

Jane ran came to the Qin family for the first time to enter the master bedroom. There are also easels in the room. So she understood that Qin Yue must have prepared these things for his wife.

The name is the same and looks like the same. Now, even the hobby of painting is the same. In addition to the pictures that appear in her brain from time to time and the memory she lost, as well as the scars on her abdomen -

no matter from which point of view, this is not a coincidence. Is she the "Jane" Qin Yue thought passed away?

Thinking of this, Jane suddenly felt that it was difficult to breathe. She clenched her fists tightly.

She told herself that she could no longer hide in her shell as she had in the past and pretend that nothing had happened.

She must find a way to find her own memory, even if the past memory is not good, but it is also part of her past. To find it back, she can be regarded as a complete person.

But how can she find it?

At least she needs to find some clues.

Who can give her a clue?

Simply close your eyes and think about it carefully. My father is the one who knows her past best, but he doesn't want to mention the past, so my father must cut off this clue.

Then she can only think of others. Qin Yue can't, Xiao ran can't, Qin Xiaobao can't, think about it, and Jane thinks of Ling Feiyu.

Although we didn't spend a long time together, Jianran could feel the deep friendship between lingfeiyu and Jianran.

I'm not sure lingfeiyu here is the best breakthrough to help her find back her past memory.

Jane tries to recall what Ling Feiyu said to her. She said that they were good friends and came to Jiangbei together from Kyoto -

they came to Jiangbei together from Kyoto, and her father said that they had something to do with Kyoto. Is this related to her past?

In this day's time, Jane didn't do anything serious. All she had in mind was about her past.

Qin Yue didn't go to work at the company, but he and a group of experts were trying to alleviate the pain of giving up morphine.

Later, he and Xiao Qinghe met several internationally famous psychological masters, hoping to find a way to help Jane recover her memory.

After that, it was not early. He didn't go anywhere. He went home directly because there was Jane waiting for him.

When the servant said that Jane was in the studio, Qin Yue came to see her for the first time.

Still a short distance away, he saw Jane sitting in the studio in a daze, and did not know what he was thinking?

He didn't go in to disturb her, but stood at the door and looked at her quietly. He was very satisfied to be able to look at her like this when he came home from work every day.

It may be that his eyes were too hot to be found by Jane. She turned around and smiled softly at him: "you are back."

"Well, I'm back." What a simple and plain dialogue, but Qinyue has been expecting three years.

He used to leave work later than her. When he got home, she would say - you are back.

Just as Qin Yue wanted to say something else, the servant hurriedly came: "young master, little miss has been crying, how to persuade are not good, please go to see."

"What happened to Xiao ran?" The questioner is not Qin Yue, but Jianran. She looks more anxious than Qin Yue.

Qin Yue grabbed her hand: "don't worry, let's go and have a look."

"Well." Jane nodded and Qin Yue led her away.

They haven't come back to the living room of the main building yet. The cry of Xiaoran has reached their ears. Qin Yue subconsciously clenched her hands: "it's common for children to cry. Don't worry too much."

"How can I not..." Be aware of your overreaction, and simply swallow back what you said later, trying to calm yourself down.

"Whoa, whoa..." Xiao ran sits on the sofa and wails. No one is allowed to get close to her. Sister ailing can't take care of her. Neither can her favorite brother.

She may have cried for a long time. Her eyes were swollen like two peaches, as if she had been wronged.

Jian ran shakes off Qin Yue's hand and rushes forward with an arrow. She wants to hold Xiao ran in her arms. However, Xiao ran struggles hard: "no elder sister, but no elder sister."

She cried and wiped her tears. She was heartbroken and heartbroken. Her poor little appearance seemed to bully her all over the world.

"Little ran..." Jianran sees xiaoranan crying so sad, and her heart is breaking. But because xiaoranan resists her, she doesn't know what to do.

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