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"Wait for me." Qin Yue smiled and turned away.

Seeing the back of his departure, Jianran was inexplicably afraid that he would not come back as soon as he left.


How could she use the word "you"?

I don't know what happened to me recently. I always feel uneasy and think of some inexplicable pictures.

Ling Feiyu, Qin Xiaobao and Xiao Qinghe are all familiar with each other, as if she really knew them.

Jane hasn't come up with an answer yet. The door is opened. Qin Yue comes in with a small ran who sleeps like a pig: "let small ran accompany you first."

Qin Yue can't see why she wants to talk and stops. She's afraid of staying alone, so he goes back to the room and holds Xiao ran to accompany her.

"Good." Jianran takes over Xiaoran and puts her to her side. All her attention is attracted by the little guy. She has no mind to see what Qinyue is doing.

In an instant, Qin Yue was left out of the cold. His heart was a little sour, but when he saw the reassuring smile on Jianran's face, the acid in his heart disappeared with the wind.

He shook his head and walked away. He had to tell people what they were going to eat, and he had to clean himself up. They could not be frightened.

Little ran was asleep, not aware that he was being held by his father when he was sleeping.

Looking at Xiaoran's red face, Jianran's heart was so soft that she couldn't help but stretch out her hand and play.

Xiaoran is harassed, instinctively reaches out his little hand to pat off the things on his face, grabs them randomly for two times without even opening his eyes, purses his mouth and continues to snore and sleep.

Jianran only thinks xiaoranan is very cute. She kisses and kisses xiaoranan's face with her head down, and all the uneasiness in her heart disappears quietly.

Jianran holds Xiaoran and puts her face next to her face. Before long, she goes to sleep, a warm and sweet dream.

There's no darkness in her nightmares, no one who wants to catch her. Tonight, there's Qin Yue, Xiao ran, and she

Qin Yue, who had changed his clothes and came into the house with pumpkin porridge, saw their mother and daughter's face next to their face, sleeping together.

Qin Yue put the porridge aside and sat beside * * watching their mother and daughter silently, but he didn't have the heart to wake up the sleeping Jane ran.

He pulled the quilt to cover for their mother and daughter, and he sat quietly watching them. I wish I could see them like this all my life.

In the second half of the night, Jane slept very well. She didn't know how long she slept. When she woke up and opened her eyes, she saw a magnified baby face.


Xiao ran, who had already woken up, had to sit beside her sister and wait for a long time. As soon as she woke up, Xiao ran leaned up and hugged her face, which was a big watermark.

"Little ran." Jianran also takes Xiaoran back to kiss her.

"Wake up."

As soon as the wedding was over, Qin Yue's low and sexy voice came to Jane's ear. She looked up and saw Qin Yue, dressed neatly, sitting by the window, reading the newspaper.

"Well." Jane nodded stupidly.

In front of him, Qin Yue, wearing a white shirt, became a man in a silver gray suit. The picture is so familiar, but I simply can't remember when it happened.

Is it because she is possessed by her mother's soul that she can see these pictures that she should not have seen?

Jane quickly shook her head and drove the absurd idea out of her head. She was really enough. How could she think about all these things.

"Still sleepy?" Qin Yue asked again.

"No more sleepiness." Jane shook her head and blushed unconsciously.

"However, you are responsible for washing your sister's face, brushing your teeth and changing your clothes. Dad is here waiting for you to go downstairs for breakfast." Qin Yue said.

"Okay, Dad." Xiao ran Lin likes her father to arrange tasks for her, and will actively complete them, proving that he is also very good.

Xiaoran's small body rolled and wanted to slide down from * *, but because it was too small, he rolled down from * * without paying attention to his grasp.

Jane wanted to catch her, but she was too slow to catch her. She fell to the ground.

Xiaoran falls to the ground, struggles to get up, rubs his butt, and flattens his mouth wrongly: "Dad --"

"are you going to cry for daddy and big Ranran elder sister?" Qin Yue looks at her. It's sad and funny.

"But don't cry." Still big ran elder sister is here, she just won't cry, don't leave bad impression to big ran elder sister.

Jianran looks at Qin Yue discontentedly, and then he holds Xiaoran up: "Xiaoran, tell my sister, where did you fall? Is there any pain? "

Small ran lie prone in the shoulders of Jane ran rubbed twice, said softly: "but no pain, but take sister to wash face."

"OK, but I'll go with my sister." Because he was dissatisfied with Qin Yue's lack of comfort, Xiao ran did not want to see him.

Looking at the mother and daughter into the bathroom, Qin Yue shakes his head helplessly again. It seems that his position at home will plummet.


On the breakfast table, all the dishes Qin Yue asked people to make according to Jianran's preferences, and they used to eat when they were together. He wanted to remind Jianran of something through some details.

But Qin Yue's carefully prepared food didn't attract Jane's attention at all. Her whole heart was on Xiao ran.

These days, even he is not sticky. It's hard to find brother lie at the breakfast table. It seems that he can only see big ran in his eyes.

Is this what people often call mother daughter relationship?

It is clear that none of them knows the identity of each other, but their love for each other is so obvious that no one can replace their mutual position in their hearts.

Being ignored by his mother and daughter all the time, Qin Yue tried to find a sense of existence and put a piece of cake in a simple bowl: "but you can eat by yourself, you don't only care about her, you can also eat a little."

"Good." Jane replied, turning to smile at him.

"Jane, I've told your company's leaders that these days you don't have to go to work in the company, but work at home, and help us design a three member dress."

Hearing Qin Yue's words, Jane was stunned and asked, "Qin Yue, how similar is your wife and I?"

"as like as two peas, no difference, even a smile. I have deceived me for the same time with the same smile." Qin Yue would like to say this to Jane, but he can't. do you scare her again?

So, Qin Yue had to change a saying: "you are you, no one can replace simplicity."

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