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What a sad thing it is for a person who has no past memory.

But as she said it, she smiled again. It was still her usual gentle smile. Her eyebrows were light, her lips were slightly raised, and her light smile was very beautiful.

Before, Qin Yue always thought that her smile was very beautiful. Until now, he realized that it was a smile that Jane was hiding her real emotions.

Looking at her smile, Qin Yue only felt that someone was holding a knife and cutting through his heart. Pain was not his only feeling.

"Jane, your father doesn't understand you, but I do. I know how upset and scared you are. " He said.

Because he was as scared as she was, afraid that he would never find her again in his life, and that he would sleep on drugs for countless nights.

"You know me?" Jane shook her head and smiled bitterly. The person he knew should be his "Jane ran", not her.

"Just trust me." It seems that back then, she did not believe that he could deal with Gu Nanjing, and now she did not believe that he could feel her pain.

"Can I really believe you?" The mouth is still asking, but in Jane's heart, she tells herself to believe him. He deserves your trust.

All of a sudden, Jane thought of the picture that suddenly appeared in her mind when she was shopping today, and of the Qin Yue that appeared in the picture. O

the Qin Yue wears the same glasses as the Qin Yue. He looks almost the same in height and figure. The only difference is that the Qin Yue wears a silver gray suit and holds her white shirt.


Why does she see such a picture?

Jane still wants to think about it, but her body is more and more uncomfortable, and her heart is more and more afraid, anxious and powerless. Many senses attack her, which makes her panic and uneasy.

She wanted to take Qin Yue's two bites -

to have this idea. Her action was a step faster than her thought. She opened her mouth and bit Qin Yue on the shoulder. Across the thin white shirt, she bit him, tore and bit him, like a wild animal with wild hair.

Before long, the bright red blood stained Qin Yue's white shirt red, while Jane also tasted the bloody sweet taste.

However, she did not stop. She was still biting, biting and pulling hard. It seemed that she was venting her loneliness and fear to him.

The more red blood flowed, the more it slowly fainted and dyed, turning Qin Yue's white shirt into red.

Obviously, it hurt a lot, but Qin Yue didn't even frown. He was willing to let her bite him.

Compared with her caesarean section, her loss of past memory and her three-year life, the little pain of her biting him is nothing. O

holding Jane and getting on the car, her biting action didn't stop. Qin Yue still didn't stop it. After telling the driver to drive, he looked down at her in his arms, his eyes were as gentle as the moonlight on his head.

Even if he didn't stop, he reached out and stroked her head gently, as if he was comforting a wounded animal.

"Simple -" I will never let you be afraid, never let you bear the lonely night alone, never let you feel lonely and afraid.

After a long time, it was almost home, but Jane let Qin Yue go, and she was too tired to sleep in Qin Yue's arms.

Qin Yue tightly hugged her with one hand, gently stroked her frown, and called her name in his heart.

He didn't believe that there was so-called love in the world before he met Jane, or more accurately before Jane disappeared.

In his opinion, two people's marriage is to choose a partner to live with. As long as their personalities fit well, they look good. There are no big problems in life. No matter who becomes his wife, he can accept it.

It wasn't until three years ago that Jane ran suddenly disappeared from his world. At the moment when he heard the sad news, he felt heartbreaking pain. He didn't know that the reason why he didn't have time to fall in love before meeting Jane was not that he didn't really have time, but that he didn't meet the person he wanted to care about.

He realized that the reason why he would choose Jane to get married with her was not only because their personalities were compatible, but because he didn't want her to be taken home by other men.

If not, why did he bother to get rid of her blind date and sit down with her.

But his EQ is low. When he wants to understand, she is no longer around him. He looks for her all over the world. After three years, he finds nothing.

Now, he knows his heart very well. He doesn't want anyone but Jane in his life.


In short, the dependence on morphine is much more serious than Qin Yue estimated.

At this time, the simple lying on the * * not only has a cold sweat, but also has a very unclear mind. From time to time, she will say something vaguely in her mouth.

Today, I gave Jianran a general physical examination and a blood sample. The expert's advice to Qin Yue was natural abstinence.

Natural abstinence refers to a kind of method of detoxification, which is to cut off the drug supply of addicts, eat the same food and take care of the addicts as ordinary people, so that the addicts' abstinence symptoms will subside naturally and achieve the goal of detoxification.

This method is characterized by no drug administration, the disadvantage is more painful.

Qin Yue also listened to several other methods of abstinence. After careful consideration, he decided to take the advice of experts.

Although the process of this method is painful, as long as you stick to it, you will not become addicted after you quit, and it will be more helpful for your recovery.

He took a towel and wiped the cold sweat on Jane's forehead. He held her hand tightly, as if to give her strength in this way.

Seeing her suffering so much, Qin Yue hopes that he is the one who bears all this, not so thin and delicate.

I don't know how long it took for Jane to get better. She opened her eyes powerlessly, and her consciousness gradually closed. She also saw Qin Yue around her clearly.

When he saw the bloodstain on his shirt, Jane's eyes widened and her heart hurt inexplicably: "are you hurt? Is the injury serious? How was it hurt? "

"I'm not hurt. It's the paint I accidentally got." He smiled at her, reached out and touched her head. "Is it hard?"

Jane shook her head gently: "it's not uncomfortable, it's just that I don't feel all my strength drained."

Qin Yue drew back his hand and said, "close your eyes and lie down for a while. I'll let someone get something to eat."

Jane smiled weakly. "OK."

"Well." Qin Yue pulled up the quilt to cover her, got up and left.

"Qinyue --"


"Nothing." Jane shook her head again.

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