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Ling Feiyu said: "with your appearance, learning and the girl who wants to catch up with you, you must have a lot of things, but your vision is too high to see."

"You have wronged me." Xiao Qinghe wiped a pair of fake tears and sighed, "I should never have known Muzhi. Where he is, there are women who can see me."

Qin Xiaobao nodded his head forcefully to express his approval: "young master Xiao, you finally told me the truth. It's true that there are no other men who have my brother. "

As soon as Qin Xiaobao said this, Xiao Qinghe would cry: "do you think about my mood for a while?"

No matter how he wails, there is no one to comfort him.

"I'm finished. Have you checked?" When Jane came out of the examination room, she looked up and saw that there were so many people there. She was surprised and said, "ah, Miss Qin, Miss Ling, you are all there."

Qin Xiaobao said, "yes, it's so clever. Miss Jane has nothing to do this afternoon. How about going shopping with us? "

"What Miss Jane, Miss Ling, Miss Qin?" Ling Feiyu cried discontentedly, "my name is Feiyu, her name is Xiaobao, and I will not beat you."

Jane was sweating wildly. All these people were so enthusiastic about her. They should all be her friends.

So when they see her, they will be as kind and caring as their old friends for many years, making her heart feel warm.

All the time, Qin Yue, who had been looking at Jianran, came to Jianran and raised her hand to the back of her ear. She said softly, "go shopping with them. I'll tell you when I get the inspection results."

"Well." Jane nodded and smiled softly. "You can do it too. But don't be too tired. "

After saying these words, Jane looked back and saw that all the people were staring at her, blushing with shame.

Ah ah -

Qin and Yue are not very familiar with this man. Why do so many people do so many things to her, which makes her forget that there are other people around.

"Jane, let's go first." Ling Feiyu gets rid of Jane in time, grabs her and leaves.

Qin Xiaobao followed closely, turning back to the two men who saw them leave and said: "you two men also go to play with you. Don't worry about us, I will take good care of my future sister-in-law. "

Watching them go far, Qin Yue's eyes just come back from Jianran's body and go to see Jianran's physical examination report with Xiao Qinghe.


Qin Xiaobao and Ling Feiyu are very noisy people. Jane follows them, and her mood is raised by them. Listening to them all the way, her smile never stops.

The two of them protect the simple appearance, just like a magnetic doll that may be broken at any time.

A person walking on the left and the right of Jane, passers-by approaching them, will be stared by them.

Jane just thought it was funny: "you look like this. People who don't know think you're going to kidnap me."

Qin Xiaobao said: "we are to protect you. If you bump into where, go back to my brother will take my life

Jianran can't remember that she was kidnapped when she was pregnant with Xiaoran, but Qin Xiaobao and Ling Fei said clearly, especially when she disappeared three years ago and finally came back. Everyone consciously wanted to protect her.

Jane shakes her head helplessly, but this helplessness is not annoying, but the bottom of her heart is filled with happiness.

In the past three years, she has no friends. Suddenly, there are so many friends who care about her. This feeling is very good.

It's just that when she feels good, Jane feels lost. They treat her as well as Qin Yue.

Because all of them think of her as "Jane" who has passed away

"Jane, Xiaobao, let's go to hot pot after shopping." Lingfei proposed.

In the past, she and Jane ran liked to go out to eat hot pot together. They sweated all over in the hot weather, which was really good.

Qin Xiaobao said: "I'm preparing for a new play recently. I can't eat the hot and hot ones, but I can accompany you."

Jianran hasn't eaten hotpot for a long time, because her father always said it's bad for her health, so she can only bear her greediness. Lingfei said that the greedy insects in her stomach were all hooked up.

So she happily agreed, "OK. Go to eat hot pot after shopping. "

Their shopping place is the largest shopping mall in Jiangbei, the first shopping mall for Qinyue and Jianran.

Jane didn't want to buy anything, but she couldn't walk into one of the shopping malls when she saw the little girl's supplies.

She unconsciously thought of xiaoranran. When she saw the skirt, she would think of whether xiaoranran looked good on?

When she saw the girl's toys, she would wonder if Xiao ran would like them?

In a word, everything is available for Xiaoran at that age. Jianran wants to buy it home for Xiaoran.

However, she understood that Xiao ran didn't lack these things, so she had to suppress the impulse of shopping.

Qin Xiaobao looks at Jane's back, as if he saw a few years ago.

She and Jane went shopping together. Jane had a big stomach. She went to the baby store and walked away. Even though the baby products had been prepared at home, she still bought a lot.

Lingfeiyu is a fashion designer. She can't help but take some professional eyes when she goes shopping to see clothes. There are not many people who can make her see. There's no gain when she goes around.

"Stinky girl, the clothes of those two brands you like are on the fifth floor. Why don't we go up and have a look?" Naturally, Lingfei's words are so simple.

"Good." Jane answered instinctively, and didn't even notice Lingfei's words that she was supposed to be a stranger. How could she know what brand of clothes she liked.

Just as the three of them were going to the elevator to go upstairs, a brand scarf shop attracted Jane's attention.

Jane stood still and looked at the scarf shop quietly.

In a trance, a pair of young and good-looking men and women appeared in the empty shop. The man was wearing a silver gray suit, wearing glasses with gold frames, and his eyes were gently looking at the woman.

The woman in his gentle gaze, red face with a scarf to help the man put on, and then summoned the courage in the corner of the man's mouth secretly kissed.

"Like it?"

"I like it."

As if there were two very familiar voices in Jane's ear, even she could see the man's face clearly.

-- Qinyue

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