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As soon as the lunch break arrived, Jane received a call from Qinyue again, saying that she would wait downstairs.

People are waiting for her downstairs. She can't refuse even if she doesn't want to go. Besides, she wants to have lunch with him in her heart.

During the lunch break, there are many people coming downstairs, but Jane saw Qin Yue at the first sight in the crowd.

It is often heard that people use the word "stand out from the crowd" to describe how excellent a person is. In short, the word is not enough to describe how excellent Qin Yue is.

Even if it's ordinary clothes, as long as it's worn by him, it seems that he can wear different tastes. People who see him will stop for him.

Look, several female colleagues saw that Qin Yue's legs couldn't move, and they looked at him directly, which looked like they would like to knock Qin Yue down.

Suddenly, Jane was unhappy, as if her belongings had been coveted by others.

He stepped up to Qin Yue's side, smiled and said, "Mr. Qin, wait a long time."

"Just arrived." His eyes looked at her tenderly, and he held her in his arms with his long arms extended. He didn't care about the countless eyes around him staring at them.

Every time I think of the crimes Jane Ran has suffered in these three years, I think that she not only lost her previous memory, lost her husband and children, but also was controlled by her mother's enemy, Jane Zhengtian, who lives like a * * and has endless heartache in Qin Yue's heart. O

"Qin Yue, don't do that." Jane pushed him, but he hugged her more tightly. She was so strong that she could hardly breathe.

Qin Yue holds her, buries his head in her ear and calls her name: "Jianran, Jianran..."

Over and over again, his voice was deep and dumb, as if he loved her, as if there were many complex emotions that he could not see simply.

Inexplicably, there were some heartache and heartache in Jane's heart. The action of rejecting Qin Yue stopped, and he raised his arm and carefully wrapped it around his thin waist.

She wanted to say to him, "don't be afraid, I'm here."

But she did not speak.

Because she didn't understand what he was afraid of, was he afraid of losing "simplicity" again?

"Jane -" he called her name again.

"Mr. Qin, if you call me that again, I may be angry." Jane pretended to smile freely.

Maybe even she doesn't know what she likes about Qinyue, is it because he is considerate to her or envies his love for her wife?

"Jane, you can be angry with me, hit me, scold me, whatever you want..." As long as you don't leave me, don't let my life you don't have you, let me take good care of you, you just want to go to heaven, I'm willing to build a ladder for you.

"Ah I just want you to let me go. There are many people watching. " This man, the technique of flirting is really not covered.

People look so good, sound so good, and have so much money, the key is so considerate and gentle, as long as he wants, the hearts of girls all over the world will be aroused by him?

It's really stressful to be with such a perfect man that many people covet.

I don't know if Mrs. Qin used to feel insecure when she was around him? Do you have to watch out for him every day?

Otherwise, he might have been abducted by another woman.

"Let's go and eat." Qin Yue also felt that his reaction had been over, calmed down her mood quietly and led her away.

"Well." Simply nod.

The dining place is still the old place, room 10, Baihe restaurant.

But it's just a meal. It's a waste to have such a good room every time. But it's impossible to squeeze with many people considering Qin Yue's identity.

When she arrived at room 10 of Baihe restaurant, she knew that today was not two of them, but another one.

This man, whom Jane had seen before, is Xiao Ran's uncle. She probably remembers her name, like Xiao Qinghe or something.

Xiaoran's mother is also called "Jianran". She doesn't understand why her brother is called Xiaoqinghe?

"Miss Jane, we meet again." Xiaoqinghe always looks like a crane, "more beautiful than I saw you last time."

"Mr. Xiao is more handsome, too." Simply speaking.

Jane can't hate this man, even though he always talks in an informal way.

Xiao Qinghe said with a smile, "which one do you think is better than Mr. Qin?"

"Mr. Qin, of course." Jane wanted to answer this way, but she couldn't hurt people's self-esteem too much. She cleverly chose a circuitous way of answering, "well, what do you think, Mr. Xiao?"

Xiao Qinghe made a very surprised expression and said: "of course it's me. Is there any dispute? "

Jane ran: "..."

Well, confident people are the most handsome.

Qin Yue took a look at them, and his heart tasted something.

When Jane first met him, she was polite and polite to him, but she was so open to Xiao Qinghe. This blood relationship is really a strange thing.

Although he and Jane are not related by blood, they are the two closest people. Who can compare with him? But Jane is not close to him.

"Ah, our Mr. Qin seems to be jealous. Miss Jane, I'd better stay away from you. If you like me, I must be killed by Mr. Qin. " Xiao Qinghe said.

Now he is trying to help Jane recover her memory every day. Qin Yue dare not do anything about him, so taking advantage of such a good opportunity to * * Mr. Qin Gao Leng can also add some fun to the boring life.

"Poof..." Seeing Xiao Qinghe's exaggerated action language, she can't help but smile. Her smile is brilliant.

"My brother-in-law, you see, Jane smiled. I'm better."

The word "brother-in-law" suddenly hit the simple brain wave, as if it had seen such a scene.

Her head was numb, and a picture flashed before her eyes Brother in law, brother in law, big belly woman

Then the clear picture flashed away again. When she wanted to deepen her impression, her mind was blank again. There was nothing left.

These days, there are always some strange pictures in her mind. When she wants to catch them, she can't catch anything.

Xiao Qinghe added: "Miss Jane, I tell you that Mr. Qin is a man who only knows how to pretend to be cool in front of others. In fact, he is a very considerate man. You will know how good he is after you have a lot of contacts with her."

"How cold is he?" she asked

As for the character of Qin and Yue, Jane has never been too cold.

There is no doubt that he is a good man who is considerate of his wife. Is it just that she can have fantasies about him?

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