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Jian Zhengtian took a few breaths in succession, taking this action to reduce the body's pain. After a few seconds, he looked at Qin Yue again.

He stared at Qin Yue's calm face for a long time. Qin Yue's heart was so strong that he couldn't explore his mind from the surface.

He studied Qin Yue secretly for a long time. The only thing that could make Qin Yue's face show flaws was that there was only Jianran, Qin Yue's only weakness.

This soft rib of Qin and Yue was tightly held in his hand. How could Jane Zhengtian be reconciled if he didn't let this soft rib play the biggest role.

After a while, Jane Zhengtian said again: "as for the secret, it doesn't matter to me whether you say it or not, but after you know it, it will be more dangerous for everyone to know about it. At that time, the man Qin tried to protect for so many years, I'm afraid he will never be able to protect it again."

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "Liu Yong."

Hearing Qin Yue shouting himself again, Liu Yong, who had been guarding Qin Yue's back, immediately stepped forward and rubbed his hands. His intention was very obvious.

"Don't, don't, don't..." "I can't tell you the secret. If you really want to know, you should ask your good grandfather Maybe ask Zhan Nianbei, now in charge of Jiangbei military region. The answer they gave you must be more detailed than I said. O " Why didn't Qin Yue expect to hear the three words" Zhan Nianbei "at this time? After a little hesitation, then to the sentence that Jian Zhengtian just said, he soon had a decision in his mind.

Since the secret is a secret, it may not be true even if it is learned from Jane Zhengtian's mouth. It seems that only other ways can be considered.

Qin Yue asked again, "what do you want?"

"What I want is very simple. I want money, I want power, and I want status..." "Qin Yue, you have all these things. If you don't agree to them, it depends on how important Jane is in your mind."

"In the afternoon, I'll call Jianran and tell her that you're going to do something in Kyoto." Qin and Yue did not continue to ask Jian Zhengtian, but gave him another task.

"What do you want to do?" Although I know that Qin Yue dare not kill himself, but after being repaired like this, Jian Zhengtian's gas flame is much weaker.

This kind of violent torture, in addition to a life, is more painful than death. He's not a fool. He knows that he's going to suffer from hard work. He has to bear it when he has to.

When he got everything he wanted, the Jane family recovered its former scenery. Then who would treat him like this.

"You don't want money, power and status?" Qin Yue looks at Jane Zhengtian like a clown. "I'll give you what you want, as long as you follow my instructions."

Money and power are not so important to Qin and Yue, and they are not worth mentioning compared with simplicity.

If Jane wants these things, he will be kind and give them to Jane.

As for whether she can keep it, it depends on how capable Jane Zhengtian is.


Jane went back to work one day later and continued to receive a bunch of roses.

In the envious eyes of her colleagues, she went back to her office with roses in her arms.

Knowing that the flowers were not sent by Qin Yue before, knowing that the words of meat and hemp were not written by Qin Yue, it's not so exclusive.

Instead, she wanted to see who was playing a trick on her, and what else could the man have written that made her lose her skin?

So Jane took it apart.

There is still a poem on the card, but the handwriting looks more powerful than before, more like a man's handwriting.

No signature.

After reading the poem, Jane's heart pounded against her heart window as if she were going to knock a hole and run out.

Her delicate and beautiful face is even scarlet, just like the sunset when the sun is setting. It's fascinating.

This flower should not have been sent by the one who played tricks on her. In addition to the one who played tricks on her, Qin Yue is the only one who can think of sending her flowers.

How can this man touch her peaceful heart lake so lightly?

This kind of feeling has never happened to her in these three years. Just listening to him, her heart seems to be no longer her own.

"Jianran --"

at the door of the office, Cheng Ye's voice suddenly came. She instinctively hid the card behind her and smiled awkwardly: "Mr. Cheng, Zao"

Cheng Ye looked at her and said: "how are you? If you have any discomfort, go home and rest for another two days. Come back to work later. "

"Mr. Cheng, I'm fine."

Jane can't understand. When is her health going bad? Even if it's not good, it's a regular old problem, and there's no need to rest.

Cheng ye said: "yesterday you didn't come to work and your cell phone couldn't work. I called your father's cell phone and asked. He said that you were ill, because of worry, he forgot to call the company to say

"Oh, I'm fine." I want my father to help me lie. My boss cares about me so much. It's really embarrassing.

"If it's OK." Cheng Ye smiles and looks at the flowers on Jianran's desk. He wants to say something several times, but at last he doesn't say anything. He nods to Jianran and leaves.

Her mind is simple, and she doesn't see anything in Cheng Ye's eyes. After putting the bouquet in place, she starts to work.

Recently, she was in charge of the order of Qinyue. In fact, she also understood that Qinyue didn't really want to find her to design clothes, but she was just like his wife, and he found a reason to approach her.

Since Qin Yue's order was not in a hurry, she took advantage of her work time to design several sets of children's clothes.

Xiaoran has a talisman to give her. She also wants to give Xiaoran a gift, but Xiaoran has nothing missing. She wants to design, cut and sew several clothes by herself.

Although the gift is light, it is also her heart to Xiao Ranran.

Just when Jane bowed her head and was busy drawing the design draft, so busy that she didn't have time to drink the water, the mobile phone on the table suddenly rang.

Seeing the mobile phone number displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, her brow rose slightly unconsciously, and she smiled softly: "hello?"

"What are you doing?"

Qin Yue's deep and sexy voice reached her ears.

"At work."

"What would you like for lunch? I'll have people prepare in advance. "

He asked so directly that people could not refuse, but she didn't promise to eat with him.

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