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After sending Jane home in the evening, Qin Yue drove her car around and found a perfect place to see her room.

At this time, the light in the room has been on. In the warm yellow light, there are some slim figures passing by. It's very reassuring to watch them.

Qin Yue stood downstairs and looked at her quietly, watching her come and go, her tiny figure cast mottled shadow on the window, how he hoped to look at her like this But before long, Jane closed the curtain and turned off the light.

When the lights went out, Qin Yue's heart suddenly emptied. The yearning was irresistible. He was worried about whether she would have nightmares Over and over again, Qin Yue couldn't help but take out her mobile phone and dial her.

With little waiting, the other party connected.

"Hello?" Her voice came from the dark, soft and sweet.

"Not yet asleep?"

"No," she paused, "and you? What are you doing? "

Qin Yue smiled and answered honestly, "I miss you."

He told the truth, and it was true at all.

But Jane at the other end of the phone was very red. I don't know how to answer that. This man is terrible. He always punches straight and doesn't turn at all How can I stand it.

"Jane ran," said Qin Yue again, not responding. O


When she was there, Qin Yue was relieved. She could not help but look more softly at Jianran's room and said with a light smile, "can you do me a favor?"

"Well? What can I do for you? " The soft voice of Jane came to his ear from the handset. She was in a good mood today.

Qin Yue added: "I've been losing sleep recently. Can you just talk to me like this, keep on talking, and don't hang up."

Maybe with her in this way, she won't have nightmares any more.

He just needs to endure this evening for another night. When it's light, he will find a way to take Jane home and get her to him.

However, Jane didn't answer, and there was another silence at the other end of the phone.

The night is quiet, and the silence becomes particularly provocative.

Qin Yue suddenly worried about his abruptness. He was trying to say something to break the bloody silence, but suddenly a chuckle came from the other end of the phone.

Gently, with a little helpless and lovely.

"Mr. Qin," said Jane, "did you coax Mrs. Qin like that before?"

Now it's Qin Yue's turn to be silent. What should he say?


Can Jane eat her own vinegar?


Then Jane Will you be sad for your former self?

In the past, Jianran always said that he had low EQ and could not say nice things. Now he is very agree with him.

Just as Qin Yue was struggling with how to give Jane a perfect answer, there was another chuckle on the other end of the phone.

As if knowing the entanglement of Qin Yue at this time, she said simply: "OK, I tease you."

Qin Yue was relieved and said, "would you like to?"

"Probably." Simply speaking.

"Probably?" Qin Yue didn't understand.

Jane thought for a moment and said, "I'll fall asleep later. Maybe I'll hang up the phone if I'm not careful."

"It's OK," Qin Yue said with a smile, especially gentle. "Anyway, I've been there all the time. I won't hang up."


"Well, trust me."

Trust me - you'll never suffer a little more.

The opposite Jane did not answer at once. After a while, I heard her say "good" in soft and waxy.

Qin Yue's lips, can not help but become more gentle * * drowning: "go to sleep."


"You too."

"Good night."

"Good night."

The phone didn't hang up, just there was no soft voice coming.

There was silence and trance all around. I could hear the sound of simple and gentle breathing. I think I had fallen asleep.

Qin Yue leaned against the car, lit a cigarette, took a smoke, looked up, and looked at her window quietly. Her heart was peaceful.


Qin Yue disappeared for 24 hours and no one could get on him. Everyone around him was worried about him.

The work that must be decided by him himself is even more crowded. Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi have been urged by the people below to hide for a long time.

Before, no matter where Qin Yue went, they would be informed, because they needed to make some arrangements, but this time they did not know where Qin Yue had gone.

When Qin Yue appeared, everyone was relieved at the same time, and immediately wanted to report the work situation. Qin Yue waved to stop it, and said to Liu Yong, "go to reduce Zhengtian to meet immediately, the sooner the better."

He could not tolerate Jane's absence from him for a moment, or her absence from her when she had nightmares.

"Mr. Qin, I'll have someone come to him right away." Liu Yong is also a very smart man. Qin Yue doesn't talk about work. He definitely wants to do something about Jianran, so he said, "we have got the medicine jianzhengtian gave to his wife as you asked. And with the fastest time to send to test, the composition of the drug results have come out

Qin Yue said coldly, "say."

Liu Yong took a look at Qin Yue and said cautiously, "there is a small amount of morphine in the medicine. This kind of thing can be used as analgesic, but it is addictive. This makes the long-term addicts have a serious dependence on morphine both physically and psychologically, causing serious drug addiction, thus causing great harm to themselves. "

Qin Yue: "say the point."

Liu Yong quickly handed in a report: "according to our wife's physical condition, she should have taken this kind of food for two or three years. It's not easy to quit."

With that, Liu Yong took a careful look at Qin Yue, worried that the master would turn his anger on him.

Unexpectedly, after waiting for a long time, Liu Yong did not see the change of Qin Yue's expression, even his eyes were calm, as if this matter was not a big deal.

However, a closer look showed that Qin Yue was holding a piece of hand, which was so tight that he almost crushed it into his hands.

Liu Yong knew that their Qin was far from as relaxed as he saw.

It's afraid that their president is angry and anxious. It seems that the more he looks like a person who is OK, the more painful he is.

It took a long time for Qin Yue to calm down the surging tide in his heart, and he said, "now, experts in this field, I want the most professional people. And "get" Jane Zhengtian for me. "

It's no longer about Meeting Jane Zhengtian. It's about getting Jane Zhengtian.

He can't kill Jane Zhengtian, but there are other ways to make that man's life worse than death.

This time, no matter what means he uses, he must keep Jane by his side, and never let Jane Zhengtian's sinister claws reach her again.

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