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The car stopped steadily. A staff came to pick it up. Qin Yue waved to them and so on.

The passenger's seat Jane is still asleep. She doesn't sleep very hard. She seems to be frightened several times along the way, shaking with fear.

In the past, when Jane fell asleep, many times she slept until dawn and had nightmares, but few times.

Now, almost every night, it's a nightmare. He heard her crying hysterically and asking for help, but he couldn't help her.

He can't even hold her in his arms and tell her not to be afraid of him.

In the fake car accident three years ago, those people forced Xiao ran out of her stomach.

Although he didn't see it with his own eyes, he would be like a knife in his heart when he thought of it, and his viscera would be broken in pain.

At that time, Jane had a big stomach. She couldn't do anything. She couldn't resist. She couldn't escape. What a despair and fear.

Thinking about this, Qin Yue can't help but take a cold breath, watching Jianran's eyes become more gentle and watery, calling her name in a low voice: "Jianran --"

seems to hear his call, Qin Yue sees Jianran's eyebrows move, and can't help but stretch out his hand to touch her to prove that she is really his side.

But before her outstretched hand touched her, her long eyelashes blinked twice and opened her eyes slowly.

Qin Yueyang's hands were frozen in the middle of the air. After a pause, he received them. In a soft voice, he said, "wake up."

"Well." Jane nodded her head in a dazed way. It took a while to reflect where she was and why there was Qin Yue around her. "Where are we?"

Jane just woke up with a voice that was indescribably lazy, lovely and a little confused.

Qin Yue suddenly thought of the little ran at home. When the little baby woke up, she was also confused. There were too many similarities between them.

"Bihai villa." Qin Yue looked at the confused Jane ran and couldn't help but smile, "it's almost dawn, I'll take you to a place."

"OK," she nodded

Qin Yue handed the car key to the staff, turned around and naturally went to take Jianran's hand. Just as he was about to touch her, she instinctively hid for a while and let him seize the space.

He put out his hand again and quickly grasped her. He held her hand firmly and forcefully. He could not let her break away.

This time Qin Yue held her hand, but Jane didn't want to take it back. She decided to enjoy the day with him, and she would not hesitate.

Thinking of this, Jane can't help but look up at Qin Yue, and inadvertently ran into his gaze at her. O

he looked at her and suddenly leaned over to her. He quickly closed his eyes in fright, but he could hear him smile in a low voice. He reached out and lifted the pieces in front of her forehead to the back of his ears. He said softly, "little fool."

Jane opened her eyes and saw his smile, which seemed to light up the darkness before dawn, bright and bright.

Jane stared at him in a daze, only to feel that the dark part of her heart was illuminated by his smile. It's warm and reassuring.

With him, will there be no more endless darkness?

Jane asked herself this in her heart.

At the same time, I gave myself the answer in my heart. Yes, with him, there will be no more endless darkness, and no more nightmares that haunt her forever.

In the east of Bihai villa, there is a large private sea area of Qinyue, which is the best place to enjoy sunrise in Jiangbei City.

The sun has not yet risen from the coastline, the sea wind is a little strong, and the wind is a little cold on the human body, so she holds her arms unconsciously.

Qin Yue wanted to hold her in his arms and help her warm, but he was afraid of scaring her like this and hiding far away from him.

Thinking that he wanted to take off his white shirt, Jane grabbed his hand to stop him.

The action was so natural that Jane didn't realize how many women there were. Her delicate face turned crimson again.

It's a beautiful sunrise, but at the moment their eyes are only on each other, as if nothing can be inserted into their world.

"Qinyue, did you come here often before?" She knew that some things should not mind, but she still mind. She wished that she was the only one he brought here to see such a beautiful sunrise.

"Well, often." During the three years of Jane's absence, he often came here, sitting all night, looking far away and missing the people in his heart.

Occasionally, it seems that I can hear her shouting from the sound of the waves --

Qinyue. I'm really happy. I don't feel so happy.

Every time he comes here, Qin Yue seems to be able to hear Jian Ran's cry in the middle of the night, but she has long been away from him.

In short, do you still have an impression that I drove you to here that night many years ago to accompany you and hear you shout out your happiness towards the sea?

"Oh." Jane murmured in a low voice. She didn't know why she cared about it. She wasn't who he was.

He used to bring his wife. Isn't that normal?

Jane is not willing to think about those things she will care about, close her eyes and snuggle up quietly in the arms of Qin and Yue.

Qin Yue stroked her back, gently, as if to coax a child to sleep.

For a long time, as soon as Jane fell asleep in Qin Yue's arms, she suddenly heard Qin Yue's low and deep voice: "if you like, we can often come later."


Will she and he have a future?

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