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Jane didn't know how she was, how could she be so sad, as if she hit Qin Yue on the face and hurt in her heart.

Obviously she was violated by him. He took her as a substitute and slapped him. What's she to blame for?

Just because she didn't understand the emotion, her heart was flustered and disordered. After fighting Qin and Yue, she fled in a panic.

She didn't know where she was going to run. She rushed forward randomly until a strong hand caught her.

"Jianran --"

when she looks up, she looks up at his deep eyes. Her voice is deep and dumb, which makes people feel more painful.

A few days ago, Jian ran was treated like this by Qin Yue. That time, he also looked at her with such eyes. When he looked at her like this, she felt more like she had done something wrong.

At the same time, Jianran also understood that Qinyue once again saw another person through her, the mother of Xiaoran who he loved deeply, and his dead wife.

A sense of inexplicable desolation poured into Jane's heart, I don't know when tears filled her eyes, and a drop of tears slipped silently from the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly saw Jane to shed tears, Qin Yue's heart all pulled to a piece.

Jianran seldom cried. In the memory of Qin and Yue, the number of times Jianran shed tears was very few, so every time she shed tears, he was at a loss.

Especially now, he scared her to cry, and he didn't know how to do it to stop her tears.

Qin Yue pressed her into his arms and pointed to her belly to wipe away her tears: "Jane, I didn't mean to scare you, I just Just angry. You promised to eat with me, but because another man broke the promise. I'll be jealous if you do that. "

Similar words, Qin Yue once said, at that time he said he would be jealous, only because she hung his wife's identity.

Now he is jealous because he has her in his heart.

Jane pursed her lips, blinked back the tears that were about to fall out of her eyes, and said, "I don't want to eat with you, not because of others, but yourself."

He wrote a piece of paper that was so fleshy and disgusting that he didn't know it?

"Because of me?"

Qin Yue thought about it carefully. From last night's phone call to today's message, he never did anything to her. He really didn't know where he had done wrong?

"If you really want to pursue me, you should go step by step, don't send any flowers, and write such vulgar notes," she said

"What flower? What note? " In addition to feelings, Qin Yue's reaction has been keen in other aspects. Soon he understood the meaning of Jianran's words. It seems that someone sent flowers and notes for him.

But it will be so boring and even make people feel bad. Apart from Qin Xiaobao, Qin Yue can't think of a second person.

"You don't know?" Looking at Qin Yue's appearance, it's not like lying. The main thing is that Jane really doesn't want to believe that such a note will be written by Qin Yue.

Qin Yue shook his head. Even though he knew who did it, he could not say it at this time.

Qin Xiaobao is his sister. In other words, what she does is probably inspired by him. In order not to let Jane misunderstand him, he continues to pretend that he doesn't know anything.

Hum -

Qin Yue's personal mobile phone suddenly rang, and he said, "I'm sorry, I'll take a call first."

Jianran stopped at the beginning, calmed her mood for a while, and then heard Qin Yue's extremely gentle voice: "well, but I'm waiting for my father there. I'm going to be obedient. Don't look far away. My father will take my sister with him."

Qin Yue hung up the phone and looked at Jianran again. "Xiaoran is waiting in the nearby Baihe Hotel, waiting for me to take her sister."

"Let's go." Jane took the lead.

Qin Yue kept up with her and sighed in her heart that it was a profound knowledge to catch up with girls. It was more difficult to talk about business than shopping malls.


Little ran knows that she will have lunch with big Ran's sister today, and she will bring little Mian to room 1808 of Baihe restaurant and wait early.

But she waited for a long time and didn't wait for Dad to bring big Ran's sister, so little ran was in a hurry to call dad to hurry up.

Listen to my father said that she would bring Daran's elder sister to the door soon. She ran to the door and blinked at the elevator.

The elevator has been driven several times. She is not the one to wait. She is so disappointed.

When she was so disappointed, the elevator door opened again with a Ding Dong. This time, she saw her father and big Ran's sister coming out of the elevator for the first time.

"Elder sister -" ran to her quickly, because she was too small and ran too fast, and fell on the carpet with a plop.

"Little ran." Jane ran rushed over and picked up Xiao ran. "Tell elder sister, did you fall anywhere?"

"But it doesn't hurt." Small Ran Ran holds the face of simple ran and quacks.

"Don't run so fast in the future." Jane looked at little Laurie, her heart soft again into a pool of spring water.

She holds xiaoranan in her arms, and her eyes are on her body. She can't move: "xiaoranan, how can you be so popular?"

I really want to make this little Lori my own child, so that she can accompany her every day and never be separated.

"But it's beautiful and lovely." Xiao Ran has always been very confident. These confidence may have been learned from Qin Xiaobao. Anyway, he thinks he is the most beautiful and invincible in the world.

"Wang, Wang, Wang..." One side of the continuous sound also appropriately, said that there is it here, do not have a small master, it was ignored.

"Long and lovely." Jane picked it up and rubbed its head. "Little guy, how can you be so popular?"

"Mianmian is Ranran's sister, Ranran is lovely, Mianmian is lovely." Big ran boasts small and continuous. For small ran, it's like boasting about himself. That small look is very happy.

When the mother and daughter met, they always ignored him so thoroughly. Qin Yue shook his head and said, "take big sister Ranran back to the room quickly. Don't let her go hungry."

Small Ran Ran: "sister, you and ran sit together."

Jane ran: "well, my sister likes to sit with ran."

Continuous: "wangwangwang......"

Qin and Yue still didn't find the chance to interrupt.

It's room 1808 of Baihe restaurant, which has their common good memory.

Qin Yue even clearly remembered the serious appearance when Jianran taught him to peel wrasse and pee shrimp, and the blush of her face when he kissed her secretly.

The past is vivid, but it has long been different.

But it doesn't matter. Jane comes back and sits in his body again. He can hear her and touch her. Even if she only has a small ran in her eyes, he is satisfied.

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