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All of a sudden, Qin Yue felt a black cloud floating over his head.

Xiaoran doesn't go, and Jianran doesn't go. It's obvious that the goal of Jianran is Xiaoran, not him.

Qin Yue reluctantly shook his head and said, "but, tomorrow at noon, my father will invite my sister to have dinner."

"Dad and sister are here, but they are going." Hearing about big Ran's elder sister, little ran immediately changed her mind and climbed up a little. She held her father's head in her little hand and kissed him on the face.

Dad is not a bad dad. Dad knows that she likes her sister, so he tries to help her find her sister for dinner. Dad is a good dad.

"Mr. Qin, please tell Xiao ran. I'll see you at noon tomorrow." There was another simple voice on the phone, and then she hung up.

Qin Yue only felt a piece of black cloud floating over his head.

There is no doubt that he was despised by the big ran and the small ran of his family.


The next day.

Arriving at the company early in the morning, Jane received the rose again.

There is still a card on the bouquet, and there is a sentence on the card:

simply: "..."

I want someone to tell her that this is not Qinyue, at least not the mature and stable Qinyue she knows.

But apart from the Qin Yue she knew, there was really no second Qin Yue.

After seeing this card, even if there is Xiaoran, Jianran doesn't want to have lunch with Qinyue at noon.

What about swelling?

You can send a message to Qin Yue, saying that you have to work overtime at noon. Can't you have dinner with him?


Cheng Ye's voice came from the door. She looked up and said, "Mr. Cheng, morning"

Cheng Ye looked at the rose on her desk and said, "Jane, have a lunch together at noon."

"Good." She was worried that she could not find a suitable reason to refuse Qin Yue, which was no reason to send it to her home automatically.

Leaders invite us to dinner. There must be business to talk about. She can't find any reason to refuse leaders.

After Cheng Ye left, Jane immediately took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Qin Yue: Mr. Qin, I'm sorry that I can't have lunch with you.

After sending out the message, Jane took a breath of relief, and now she can work with ease and concentration.

When Jane's message arrived, Qin Yue was in the conference room, listening to the final plan of a major project.

See the mobile phone screen is a simple two words, Qin Yue's lips slightly up, we can see that boss is in a good mood.

But just after boss read the message, we found that the atmosphere changed from spring to winter in an instant. It was so cold that people shivered.

Qin Yue raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "Liu Yong, how is the acquisition plan of PM company progressing?"

"President Qin, Shengtian's professional team is negotiating with PM, and should be able to hear the good news next Monday," Liu Yong reported

In fact, it is not so easy to acquire a multinational company. It takes a lot of time just to go through relevant procedures.

But for Shengtian, none of these problems is a problem. If their professional team comes out, we can make sure what is difficult to do.

The crux of the matter is that the current meeting is about another very important item.

A big project that has been prepared for nearly a year and invested a lot of financial and human resources. It is also one of the biggest projects of Shengtian this year. How can the president mention something out of touch at such an important meeting?

Many high-level people in the conference room don't understand the situation, but Liu Yong and Xu Huiyi must be clear. I'm afraid that something happened there again.

"Continue." Qin Yue said with a gloomy face, and the meeting that was temporarily interrupted was resumed. This time, everyone was very careful and afraid of bumping into his mouth.


Jane is very busy in the morning. When she is busy, the time always passes quickly. If Cheng Ye didn't call her, she would not know it was lunch break.

The location of Cheng Ye's appointment is a western restaurant. He said that he had something to do outside in the morning. At this time, he had already gone to let Jane go.

Jane knows that this western restaurant is a newly opened one near the company. She received a flyer a few days ago, but she hasn't been there.

When you step into this restaurant, it's romantic to see the decoration. It should be more suitable for lovers rather than talking about work.

Jane asked the service staff. The service staff took her to shuiyunxuan, a private room ordered by Cheng Ye.

The waiter knocked on the door and said politely, "Sir, the guests you are waiting for are coming."

When the door opened, she simply returned to the service staff with a polite smile and looked at the room. She saw something wrong.

It was Cheng ye who was supposed to wait for her here, but now it's Qin Yue.

Qin Yue is still wearing her usual white shirt and black trousers. She stands tall and straight. Her eyes are slightly narrowed under the golden mirror frame and she is quietly looking at the door.

In Jane's heart, she couldn't say what she felt. At first she was shocked, then she was inexplicably excited, and then she was at a loss.

It took a long time for her to find her voice: "Mr. Qin and Mr. Qin, why are you here? Is total Cheng also asked you? "

Does Cheng ye ask her to have dinner and talk about business, which is related to Qin and Yue?

Qin Yue didn't respond to her, and at the same time, he walked around her and closed the door behind her. Then he locked the door. He took a fright and stepped aside two steps to open the distance from Qin Yue: "what are you doing locking the door?"

"Jane, what did you promise me last night? Uh huh? Qin Yue approached her step by step, his deep eyes fixed on her face, as if he wanted to stare her face out of a hole.

"I......" She promised to have dinner with him, but in the morning she also sent a text message to cancel it. Didn't he see it?

At the next moment, Jane is dragged into her arms by the man in front of her. Her face hits his strong chest - it hurts so much. He turns around and presses her on the wall. The rainstorm like kiss falls on her forehead, brow, bridge of nose. At last, she stays on her red lip and breaks into a deeper communication with her.

"Hmmm......" Jane wants to push him away, but she can't.

She knew that he would be so out of control that she must have been his dead wife again.

Jane swung her fist and landed it on his back. She wanted to stop him from going on, but it didn't work at all.

He stood in front of her, as steady as a mountain, so that she could not breathe, she could not move him.

After a long kiss, Qin Yue let go of Jianran. As soon as she let go, she raised her hand and fanned to him.

Slap -

a slap on Qin Yue's face, but she did not feel the slightest pleasure, but felt some heartache.

She took a look at him, bit her lip, opened the door and ran away.

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