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"But that man was your friend just now?"

Back in the ward, I saw my father asking anxiously, and she nodded honestly: "he is the father of the little girl I told you before."

"However -" Jane Zhengtian looks at Jane and stops talking. She seems to have a lot to say to her, but it's hard to say.

"Dad, if you have something to say, just say it." Jane then stood up and said, "I'm your daughter. Is there anything I can't say to me?"

Jane Zhengtian touched her head and sighed: "your mother left early, and we were left to live together. If you have any more problems, my father will not live."

Jane said, "Dad, why do you say such a sad thing suddenly. I'll be fine. I will accompany you well and honor you. "

"Dad knows you're a good boy, but -" Jane Zhengtian shook her head, and then said with a long sigh, "that man is the head of Shengtian group, so big Shengtian group is his, we are not one of the world's people with him."

"Dad, I know. I've got the right balance." She nodded her head and drew a line of sadness in her heart. She couldn't tell what it was like.

So quickly promised that Qin Yue could pursue her. In addition to her curiosity about Qin Yue, her most important consideration is xiaoranan. She loves xiaoranan.

Qin Yue suddenly said that she wanted to pursue her. It was so sudden that she had no psychological preparation.

She had only met him a few times. Why did Qin Yue pursue her? She knew very well that she only thought he was on the rise. As long as he wants to understand that she is not his wife, he will naturally let go.

"But you don't understand what Dad means." Jane Zhengtian stood still, looked at Jane ran, and said, "my child, sooner or later, my father will leave you, and I have to have a man to accompany you on your way to the future. No matter who the other party is, I just want you to see and polish your eyes to see if he is really good to you. "

Jane understood her father's worries, so she obeyed and said no more.

After dinner, Jane ran around the green area downstairs Since she recovered from a serious illness, she has always been in the habit of keeping moving. Every time she sweats like rain, she can always think clearly, as if all the troubles have been let out.

To be honest, Jane Zhengtian's words set off quite a stir in Jane's heart. Now her mind is full of that tall and handsome man. When she closes her eyes, she will think of his eyes with stars. They seem to have gone through a long time, spotless and full of infatuation.

But This relationship doesn't belong to her, does it?

Jane had no reason to feel a rush of restlessness. She could not tell why she was so tangled in her heart. She even had no idea about running.

In desperation, she had to fold back home and decided to cool down for a moment.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at the scar on the abdomen like a centipede, she could not help but reach out and touch it with her finger.

She didn't know how the scar on her abdomen was left.

She asked her father once, but he sighed and said nothing, and then she never asked again.

Suddenly, Jane thought of what Qin Yue said to her today. He said that his wife was seriously injured in a car accident, so as to save her child.

In other words, Xiao ran did not give birth naturally, but by caesarean section.

Then she and Xiao ran

Jane shook her head quickly. The hole in her brain is too big. How could it be related to her.

Back in the room, the cell phone on the head cabinet was buzzing. Jane walked over to have a look. It was Qin Yue's cell phone.

Looking at the phone number on the screen, she frowned slightly, waited, picked up the phone and answered, "what's the matter with you?"

"Sister, are you not happy to call you?"

The voice of Xiao Ran's soft Nuo Nuo reached Jianran's ear, and she immediately laughed. The voice became gentle unconsciously: "my sister is thinking about Ran Ran, but she called my sister. She is very happy."

The tone of Da ran's answering the phone was not very friendly. The sensitive little guy heard it and thought that her sister was not happy to receive her phone. She was a little sad.

But immediately heard big ran sister said, small ran instantly happy to smile: "sister, Ran Ran ate a lot of strawberries, full stomach."

"However, do not only eat strawberries, but also eat rice and vegetables, so that you can grow more and more beautiful in the future." Listening to Xiaoran's voice, Jianran seems to be able to imagine her lying on * *, touching her belly and kicking her feet.

If only Xiao ran was in her arms at this time, how nice!

"But..." Xiao Ran's mouth is flat and pink. It's so tangled and sad. Eating strawberries can't grow beautiful, but she likes strawberries very much.

See small ran tangled quickly cry, Qin Yue will hold small her to the bosom: "that but want to be beautiful or want to eat strawberries?"

"But if you want to be beautiful, you also like strawberries." Little ran lay on his father's body, not wrongly said.

"However, you can eat strawberries, but also rice and vegetables, so you can be more beautiful." Hearing their father and daughter's interaction, Jane's face was also unconsciously smiling.

"Mm-hmm, but listen to my sister."

"All right. But I'm going to bed. " Qin Yue snatched the mobile phone from Ran's hand. "Let dad talk to my sister."

Small Ran Ran stared at the beautiful big eyes and looked at Qin Yue angrily.

Whimper How can dad do this? She has a lot to say to her sister, how can dad rob her cell phone.

Jane ran: "..."

She just wants to talk to xiaoranan, not to talk to xiaoranan's father, and asks president Qin to return her cell phone to xiaoranan.

Qin Yue didn't notice the dissatisfaction of big ran and small ran at all. He said to himself, "Jane, let's have lunch together tomorrow noon."

"Is there xiaoranran?" Asked Jane.

If there is a small ran, she agrees. If there is no small ran, she doesn't think about it at all.

Qin Yue looked at his daughter lying on her back and said softly, "but will you have dinner with dad at noon tomorrow?"

"But don't eat with dad." Xiao ran gives Qin Yue a proud little look.

Dad is not obedient at all. He robbed her cell phone and told her not to talk to her sister. She asked Lingling to take her to find her sister and have dinner with her tomorrow.

Hearing Xiaoran's saying that he didn't want to be together, Qin Yue was very happy. Xiaodian light bulb was very sensible, but he heard Jianran's saying over there: "Xiaoran won't come, so forget it."

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