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suddenly, the mobile phone in her bag rings. She immediately pulls back her hand, opens the bag and takes out her mobile phone. When she sees that it's from her father, her lips turn to smile: "Dad."

"I'm not in the company today. I came out with a friend."

"Nothing, just the friends we just met, come out and hang out together."

"What? You're out in a car accident? "

"Which hospital are you in? I'll be right back to you. "

Seeing Jianran's expression and listening to her tone, Qin Yue can roughly judge jianzhengtian's position in Jianran's heart.

It has to be said that the father image that Jane Zhengtian has created in front of Jane in the past three years is very successful, which can make Jane so trust and rely on him.

Jane Zhengtian figured out the people's mind very well and knew what kind of image to use to appear in front of Jane in order to control her most easily.

Threats and inducements are temporary. No one can be controlled by him for a lifetime. On the contrary, the image of a loving father gives Jane enough security to lose her memory, so that Jane can be firmly grasped in the palm of her hand.

Under such circumstances, if Qin Yue goes to tell Jianran that your father is not your own father, he is the indirect murderer who killed your own father and mother.

Not only won't Jane believe it, but she may think that Qin Yue is a madman and will avoid him.

Qin Yueming knows Jane Zhengtian's real intention. Of course, he can't commit it foolishly. He can only think of a way to let Jane remember the past things slowly.

He just asked Jane to have a car accident today. I don't know whether it was really an accident or a trick she played?

Jane hung up the phone and Qin Yue immediately said, "is there something wrong with uncle?"

Jane nodded and said in a hurry, "Mr. Qin, would you please take me to Jiangbei first people's hospital if it is convenient?"

Just now, Qin Yue thought that he would have Jianran again. As soon as Jianran came out, he beat Qin Yue back to its original shape and pushed it back to the abyss.

It turns out that in Jane's mind, he is still just a stranger, and she won't pay attention to all his things, even less.

Qin Yue didn't answer, but she thought it was inconvenient for him. She said, "if it's inconvenient for you, please find a place to put me down. I'll take a taxi to the hospital myself. "

"Jane, I will!"

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

Don't say it's to send you to the hospital to see Jane Zhengtian, that is, you let me send you to the door and let Jane Zhengtian stab me twice, and I have no complaints.

But Qin Yue's mind, he can only hide in his heart, but Jane can't understand. All her mind flew to Jane Zhengtian.

Their father and daughter are in Jiangbei for no reason. Their father has a car accident, and there is no one around to take care of him. As the father's only family member, Jane is sure to use the fastest time to take care of his father.

Qin Yue originally planned to take Jianran out for dinner, and then take her to walk the way they had gone together. He hoped that Jianran could recall something. Unexpectedly, the plan was broken by a phone call from jianzhengtian.

Jane Zhengtian, it's unforgivable!


Jane Zhengtian's injury is not serious, not even serious.

It's said that he was frightened to cross the road and didn't get up for half a day when he fell on the ground. The driver worried about something and sent him to the hospital.

The doctor also examined the skin and found no bruises.

Seeing that Jane Zhengtian was ok, Jane took a sigh of relief and finally let go of her suspended heart.

In the past three years, Jane only knew to work and then to work. She was an idiot in life.

She didn't know if she could live like a normal person without her father.

Through the transparent glass window, Qin Yue's fierce eyes fell on Jane Zhengtian.

Jian Zhengtian also looked up at him, and his eyes flashed with pride. He seemed to say to Qin Yue, "the person you most care about is tightly held in my hand. No matter what you do, you should think about the consequences."

Qin Yue looks at him, his thin lips are slightly hooked, like a smile. He is trying to say something, but Jane also looks at him with Jane Zhengtian's eyes, and then nods and smiles at him in the space.

Qin Yue almost immediately changed his face and nodded and smiled at Jane across the air.

He has to admit that Jane Zhengtian has caught his most deadly weakness. As long as Jane doesn't restore his memory one day, he can't take Jane Zhengtian for granted.

Another look at the talking and laughing Jane Zhengtian and Jane ran in the ward. Jane stepped aside and dialed a phone number: "I want you to stare at Jane Zhengtian. How do you stare?"

Liu Yong's voice came from the phone: "President Qin, I didn't know you were with my wife in advance. Jian Zhengtian didn't make any trouble, so we didn't pay attention to him. "

"The next time I'm with Jane, I'll keep an eye on her." Cold to leave words, Qin Yue hung up.

The good date time of the two people was destroyed by Jane Zhengtian's * * and Qin Yue felt uncomfortable.

"Mr. Qin --"

suddenly came a simple polite voice from behind. Qin Yue looked back at her and stressed: "Qin Yue! My name is Qin Yue! "

"Qin Yue, thank you for sending me to the hospital." Jane smiled politely and said, "my father has nothing to do with it, so go back first. I'll go through some formalities for him in a moment. "

Qin Yue: "I've already asked someone to help you with the formalities. You don't have to bother any more."

Jane ran: "I really want to thank you today."

"Don't be so polite to me, Jane." Qin Yue looked at her and said seriously, "you are my future girlfriend. I should do anything for you."

Jane ran: "..."

Qin Yue added, "if you are satisfied with what I have done today, please give me a star."

"Ah?" She didn't understand what he meant.

Qin Yue grabs Jianran's hand, rolls up her fingers one by one, and makes her shake it into a fist: "as long as I get five stars, you must promise to be my girlfriend."

Jane hurriedly drew back her hand: "it's not urgent. Take your time."

As soon as she spoke, Qin Yue dragged her into her arms and hugged her: "I have some other things to do. I need to take a step first. I'll send your father and daughter home. "

Jane shook her head: "let's just take a taxi back. You don't have to bother. "

"You always have to give me a chance to perform, or I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the probation period," Qin said

Jane ran: "..."

How do you feel that this man suddenly seems to have changed? He is not serious, and he is frivolous.

Is it because she looks at people too little?

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