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Jian ran looks at Qin Yue quietly. Wearing a white shirt, he stands straight with his chin slightly raised and his eyes slightly focused. Looking straight ahead, he looks like a perfect sculpture.

However, what Jianran saw was not only Qin Yue's noble temperament and good-looking appearance, she seemed to be able to see into his heart, as if he was surrounded by endless loneliness and pain, so lonely and helpless.

In Jane's few memories, she didn't fall in love and didn't know what it was like to love.

She has heard that love is like a double-edged sword, which can be both the armor and the weakness of each other.

Now, Qin Yue, who has lost "Jianran", is a man who has no weakness, but also lost his armor. That "Jianran" has given Qin Yue the best things in the world, and when she disappeared, it destroyed Qin Yue's everything silently.

Today, Qinyue is still so dazzling in the crowd, but he looks like a layer of thin ice, too cold to be approached.

In brief, Qin Yue's most desperate and helpless thing was that before his business trip, his wife smiled and said that when he came back, they were separated by Yin and Yang, and never had a chance to meet again in his life.

But for Qin and Yue, those are the things of the past, and now there are more cruel things for him.

His wife was right in front of him. He could touch her as long as he reached out, but she didn't remember him.

An invisible high wall, blocking him and her on both sides of the wall, can hear each other, feel each other, but can't touch each other.

Buddha said that there are eight hardships in life, life, old age, illness, death, love and separation, resentment for a long time, not to ask, not to let go.

Love can't leave, can't ask, can't let go -

Qin Yue suddenly laughed, the laughter was low and deep, the eyes narrowed slightly under the golden eyeglass frame, as if there were tears flashing.

Jane looked at his smile, but she felt worse than watching people cry.

"Our child has survived, is growing up healthily, is very lovely and sensible, she is almost all the fun in my life." Qin Yue looked sideways at Jianran and continued, "when the mother of the child is pregnant with her child, she told me that when the child is one year old, we will take a group of family photos, and then take a group of photos when the child is one year old..."

But there will never be a chance to complete a family portrait!

Jane can't help but think of it for Qin Yue.

Qin Yue's deep and magnetic voice tapped her heart window again and again. She even wanted to go up and hold his clenched fist to give him a little strength and comfort.

But Jane didn't do that, and she didn't stand for it -

she didn't even know what Qin Yue thought about bringing her to see his dead wife?

When she had a lot of uncertainty, Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "she has been away from me and my child for three years. After three years, should we forget her? "

He was asking Jianran, but Jianran believed that Qin Yue had his own answer in his heart. He didn't want her answer, so Jianran didn't answer.

Jane didn't speak, but she was thinking about Qin Yue. If you live, you should look ahead, not live in the past.

If Qin Yue's wife, quanxia, knows it, she probably doesn't want to see him in such pain. She certainly hopes that he can forget the past as soon as possible and start a new life with his lovely little ran.

"Jianran --"

Qin Yue suddenly shouted "Jianran". Jianran didn't know whether he was calling his wife or calling her, so she didn't answer.

"Give me a chance to pursue you."

Qin Yue's low and sexy voice reached Jianran's ear. She was so shocked by Qin Yue's words that her head was buzzing. What's wrong with Qin Yue?

He first told her a lot of stories about him and his dead wife. Before she had digested the sad story, he said he wanted to pursue her in front of her.

Although his wife has been dead for three years, it is not good for him to pursue another woman in front of her.

However, if you think about it carefully, you can understand it. It's because she is similar to Qin Yue's dead wife, so he can do a series of incredible things.

He said he wanted to pursue her, not really, but as his dead wife. He wanted to start again with his dead wife.

Qin Yue's eyes closely follow Jianran. In order to get Jianran's affirmative answer, his palms are sweating in the waiting time.

But Jianran smiled apologetically: "Mr. Qin, although I'm Jianran, I'm me. I have nothing to do with your wife. I don't want to be someone else's double."

The simple answer made Qin Yue feel as if he had been seized by someone, breathed suddenly, and was relieved for a long time.

He stares at Jianran with burning eyes, and solemnly asks again, "Jianran, you are not a double, you are you, so would you like to?"

Jane came back, she forgot all the past, then she is a new Jane. For Qin and Yue, both the former and the present are his simplicity.

He can be three years ago when Jane really left the world, re pursue the new Jane, let them start again.

Knowing that there are many pursuers around Jianran, Qin Yue feels the crisis and has no time to wait. He must let Jianran accept him again as soon as possible.

Even if I can't accept him, I hope I can guard Jane's side and prevent other people who want to pursue her from approaching her.

Jane wanted to refuse at first, but when she looked at Qin and Yue, she didn't say the words she refused several times.

Even she didn't know why. She didn't want to see Qin Yue so sad. She felt guilty for refusing him.

However, in the end, reason prevailed over emotion. She shook her head and said calmly, "Mr. Qin, did I do something that you misunderstood? In fact, I really don't have an idea about you. "

"Jane, I want to pursue you." Qin Yue grabs Jianran's shoulder and says, "I don't want you to admit that you have something to do with me. I just want you to give me a chance, an opportunity that I can pursue for you. "

"Mr. Qin, I really --"

Qin Yue interrupts her and says, "let's get in touch with each other. If in the process of getting along, you think I'm not a good person, not what you want, you can put forward to break the relationship at any time. "

Jane shook her head and said, "this is not fair to you, Mr. Qin."

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